10 Things Network Marketing Helps People Achieve

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10 Things Network Marketing Helps People Achieve

Network marketing is a business model that companies use to distribute their products. Find out, 10 Things Network Marketing Helps People Achieve.

  1. Better Health.

It’s a known fact that network marketing companies invest a lot of money into research and development of their products, mainly because they have little investment in advertising because the distributors promote the products.

Thus, the companies pass the profit to the distributors rather than on useless traditional advertising that doesn’t work anymore. The products are top-notch because of this and surpass the quality of most retail products.

  1. Own Business.

Becoming a network marketing distributor means owning your own home-based business. MLM companies are set up that the individual becomes an Independent Business Owner, or IBO for short, when they purchase the company’s products.

Of course, you don’t have to become a distributor. There’s usually two options for you when you sign up to a company, that of a “customer” or that of a “distributor.”

There’s usually a small starter fee for becoming a distributor. Then as a distributor who have full eligibility to earn commissions on your sales and from other distributors on your team.

  1. Entry into Entrepreneurship.

Being a home-based business owner means entering into the world of Ownership and Entrepreneurship.

This is a different breed than your job and you need a different set of business ethos to get your business running and successful.

No one tells you how to work your home-based business and it’s your responsibility to schedule your production periods because there’s no boss. You’re the boss.

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  1. Quit Your Job.

There’s an exciting moment in MLM when your income from your home-based business will surpass the income from your job.

Allow a few months of earning this level of income with your business before quitting your job, but the feeling is out of this world when you can fire your boss.

The speed at which you can fire your boss depends on the effort you put into your home-based business.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and will probably take a few years, unless you are a natural networker and have a large circle of influence with many people, like leadership coaches, social media gurus, etc.

  1. Networking.

Network marketing allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals from around the world.

Even if you’re an introvert, you can create meaningful relationships on the internet without getting out of your comfort zone.

Networking also allows you to find other resources you need for a meaningful life, such as finding someone who specializes in something you’re interested in or find someone who has a service you want.

We always find benefits when we connect with others, whether we admit it or not. Networking is very powerful and that’s the foundation of network marketing.

  1. Branded.

If you become a serious network marketer, you have probably made a name for yourself by having a website in your name, rather than just a product name or some name relative to your MLM company, like my website, erikchristianjohnson.com.

My website is my name, therefore I am the brand and have the freedom to promote anything I like.

If you start a blog and you promote gold and your website name is goldbyjack.com, you’re restricting yourself to gold promotion.

Becoming a brand yourself is powerful. People will begin to look at you as an authority, and not just for one MLM product, but for anything you want to promote.

  1. Empower others.

Being in Direct Selling, you have the power to empower others with your business opportunity or with your life-changing products and services.

There’s so many people in impoverished countries dying for an opportunity like yours.

In fact, it’s almost an act of selfishness if you don’t share the opportunity. We can be proud as network marketers and the more you get uncomfortable and out of our comfort zone and share the biz, the more successful you will become.

  1. Free PR.

As you gain some traction as a business owner and brand, people will start to notice you. It took about two years of sharing this blog on social media for people to start engaging with me.

It’s worth it to remain consistent in content creation and sharing your personality online.

Pretty soon, you will get a following of devoted fans that love what you stand for and want to join you. This is the ultimate goal for any business owner and Entrepreneur.

  1. Richer Life.

Network marketing brings dreams to reality for the average person. No other industry pays you the amount of money MLM does for the amount of education and skill you possess.

You don’t need a Doctorate degree to make $20,000 a month in this business, and you can come from any ethnicity and education and any class.

All you need is drive, consistency and a strong vision that people are attracted to.

  1. Unlimited Wealth.

MLM creates passive, residual income by commissions paid to you by the activity of your entire team or organization.

This is income that comes to you monthly, whether you work or not. Of course, this takes time to generate.

The first couple of years you are looking for “leader-types” who will recruit consistently like you do.

The worse thing to do is stop recruiting and go into “management mode” with your team. No one wants to be micromanaged and they copy you, so if you stop recruiting, your entire team will stop recruiting.

Passive income comes when you have so many leaders in your organization recruiting new reps that you get paid whether they see what you are doing or not, usually over 100 levels deep in your organization.

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