13 Steps To Get Your Career Back On Track

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When it comes to your career, you absolutely need to be happy. Some people will say that careers don’t matter. If it is taking up your overall life that you should be concerned about.

However, we all spend such a long time working, that it is important for us to make sure that we are on a career path that we love.

If you are working in an industry that you hate, or if you are doing a job that you find hard, it is tough. It may feel as if you are just clock-watching all day.

Because so much time is spent at work, you will want to make sure that you love it. And not only that – but your career really can be a source of joy, so don’t you want to make the most of it? Don’t you want to have a rewarding career?

Now, because you are here, it would seem that you do. Because most of us really do want to do a job that we love. And when the world is your oyster (which it very much is), why wouldn’t you want to go after the kind of career that you really want?

Even if you believe that you’re not skilled enough to do the job that you want, you are – or you can be. So that is going to be what we work on today.

  1. Know What You Want To Do

So the very first thing you need to do is to figure out what you want to do with your life. And, okay, that can seem like a really big question, but, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming as it sounds.

In short, it is just a way to work out what you want to do with your days. Do you want to travel or build a home? Do you want a lot of free time on the weekends?

What do you want to do with your days? Do you want to write or sell or communicate? This is how you can point yourself in the right direction.

  1. Narrow Down Your Skills

This is going to be helpful for you to take a look at your skills. What are you good at? Because if you hate writing, then being a writer may not work out for you.

But maybe you are creative and you love design, or you love numbers and facts? Are you into statistics, probability, day trading, or investing? Turn to these mathematical skills and see what career options lay in front of you. If you are good with numbers and can earn employers money, the sky is the limit for your career options.

  1. Turn To Your Passion

But not only that, why not think about the things you love in life. Because you can turn your passion into a career. Whether it is writing or making people feel happier, playing a certain sport or learning about makeup. If there is something that you are passionate about, maybe you want to turn this into a career?

  1. Try New Things

Sometimes, it can also be helpful for you to try new things. Because if there is something you have always wanted to do or try, you need to give it a go to see if you do like it – because this could be the answer that you are looking for.

  1. Look At Side-Hustle Ideas

It is also worth thinking about starting something on the side. Maybe you are interested in passive income opportunities? Maybe you want to build your own empire? Then you are definitely going to want to think about the side hustles that can help you to do this.

You can certainly implement your skillset into pursuing passive income. For example, if you are good with statistics, probability and performance predictions then you could turn these mathematical skills to something like New York Sports Betting and see what passive income you can earn that way.

  1. Ask Questions

But then, you might want to start asking questions. Maybe you need to ask questions of those around you to see what they think you should do?

Or you could even ask questions more at work or be inquisitive with leaders in the industries that you respect to find out if that is the kind of career you would like.

  1. Go Back To School

At this point, you may realize that going back to school is going to help you. And you can do this in person full-time, in the evenings, or even online.

With options like the University of Redlands online teaching program or an MBA or something like that, you can get the skills you need. And if there is a specific career you want that you need a qualification for, this will be your next step.

  1. Do An Online Course

However, sometimes, you won’t need to fully go back to school or do a formal qualification like that. Sometimes you may just need to top up your skills to move into the industry or role that you want. So take a look at the online courses, in anything from writing to sales to marketing, to see if this can help you to get to where you want to be.

  1. Get A Mentor

And then, you may find that it is going to help you if you have a mentor. This is because you may need guidance when you are moving into a new industry or really trying to grow in your career.

This support and accountability can be invaluable. So why not think about finding someone you admire or even a business coach that can help you here.

  1. Start Networking

But not only that, you are going to want to think about how you can network to get yourself into the best possible position career-wise.

If you meet the right people, you may find opportunities or learn something or make connections that could then help you at a later date. So start to network today because you will never know what can happen with this.

  1. Get An Internship

From here, you may be in a position where you need an internship. Because some industries will need you to have more experience before you can get a full-time job. So bag one. Work harder than you ever have before, use your networking skills, and just get in front of all of the people you want to be in front of.

  1. Build Up Your Own Thing

But if you did think about doing your own thing and starting that side hustle, maybe you are realizing that you want to take this full-time. Maybe you want to build your own empire?

Then this is something that you are going to want to really build upon and see if you can make it into your career. It is only going to take the same amount of work that you would put into any of the other points above (and you would use some of them too). So don’t write this one off.

  1. Go After That Dream

And then, at this stage, you just need to go for it. You need to send out those job applications, you need to work later into the evening and build that business, you need to just make it happen.

The crazy thing is, when you do discover the dream career and you know what you want to do, you will be hungry. And you will automatically go after it. You will find it addictive and you won’t want to stop. So this part is always the most exciting part of all.

And that really all there is to it. Sure, you need some confidence, you need to back yourself, and you need to be determined, but it is not hard for you to do it.

Once you start believing in yourself and you start going after what you want, you’ll realize just how simple it can be to finally get the career of your dreams – especially when you are willing to work hard for it.