15 Obstacles to Overcome in Network Marketing

15 Obstacles to Overcome in Network Marketing

15 Obstacles to Overcome in Network Marketing

For many people who begin network marketing they become casualties too quick for these reasons. Find out, 15 Obstacles to Overcome in Network Marketing.

If you can conquer these 15 obstacles you will inevitably have wealth, and a lot of passive income that will come in automatically each month.

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1. Rejection from friends and family.

One of the quickest ways to get discouraged and quit is to talk to your friends and family right when you join MLM.

You are excited, I get it, but not learning the correct way to “invite” friends and family will lead to rejection.

Quick fix: Get with your sponsor and see if they can do a three-way call with you and your friends and family.

Or, start learning about MLM first by watching free training videos on YouTube and reading MLM books on Amazon.

2. Shipping delays.

Your new MLM company might be experiencing “growing pains” where they are growing faster than they can handle.

This might lead to shipping delays which will piss off your new customers and distributors and a lot of them won’t stick around to see it fixed.

Quick fix: It is a good sign that your company is growing too fast. Make sure you tell your new prospects that the company is selling out of product because it is really good.

If they don’t accept that, then they probably aren’t leader-types who you want in your business anyways.

3. Product changes.

Your network marketing company might change the product.

Quick fix: This is normal for companies to evolve their product line. There is nothing you can do about this except to accept the change and adapt. People grow along with businesses by adaptation. So, get over it!

4. Someone tells you off.

The more people you speak with the more likely you will encounter assholes.

Quick fix: It is a good sign that you are speaking with a lot of people. You won’t please everyone. In fact, the bigger you get the more haters you will have.

Look at Oprah, she inspires millions but she still has a lot of haters. Again, you won’t please everyone, so get over it!

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5. Someone laughs at you.

This will be painful, but there are sick people out there. They secretly envy you because you are trying to become successful when they gave up on themselves years ago. Misery loves company after all.

Quick fix: Pity people like this. They are sick and lack love in their own lives. Ask them a question about their life, like “How are you today?” This will throw them off, because they are not used to getting positive attention from someone. Disarm them with love!

6. Someone’s whole family just died. (Seriously)

One of the first people I ever called after they opted in to my business was a woman who just had four of her sons die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning from lack of oxygen in the house from a running wood stove.

Quick fix: Drop the business pitch and console them and apologize and move on. This was hard for me. I think I sat on the bed after that and thought about how lucky I was in my life, but felt incredibly sorry for her as well. You never know what kind of battle or tragedy some people are battling, so stop the sales pitch and be a good human.

7. Most of your distributors quit.

The reality of network marketing and MLM is that 95% won’t make it after their first year.

This is a very competitive business and it’s hard for people to see the long-term vision of this business and its rewards.

Quick fix: You understand the numbers and keep recruiting anyways. Network marketing works well with just a few leaders on your team.

Understand it might take you 30 to 60 distributors to find 1 or 2 leaders in your organization. It doesn’t matter if 40 quit as long as you have 1 or 2 who build the business.

MLM is counter-intuitive mostly, meaning what you think is “failure” is actually the road to success. Keep recruiting!

8. Someone joins and promises the world.

Like in boxing, usually the biggest talkers get their butts kicked. it is the same with MLM, you will get some people that promise they are going to build a huge business.

Quick fix: You will get good at spotting these types. Take their efforts with a grain of salt.

Actions speak louder than words, always. Just watch them for awhile and don’t put too much energy into them until you see them taking consistent action, not talking!

9. Your payment is late.

MLM companies aren’t perfect. Like with any business, there are going to be some glitches. Either they are in the middle of changing their accounting system, or they are switching outsourcing.

Quick fix: If your payment is late a few times, then it is time to worry. Otherwise, get in contact with customer support and practice patience.

10. CEO quits.

CEO’s have businesses to run and sometimes they were hired to work on certain terms and sometimes their term has expired. Also, a CEO is usually free to work wherever they want.

Quick fix: Asses the leadership panel and the founding members of the company. If you sense instability, start looking for a new home.

11. Company Logo Changes.

So what. . .

12. A top leader quits.

This could be devastating, especially if you have invested a lot of time with them.

Quick fix: Many leaders have lost a lot of leaders and they still became hugely successful.

One of the most famous network marketers and author, Mark Yarnell, lost several leaders on his team. He still died a happy and wealthy man in the Swiss Alps.

13. Your MLM gets bad publicity.

All MLM companies will eventually receive bad press, most of it is fabricated by clever marketers who want you to read their review, then opt into their offer.

Quick fix: Any popular brand online will have tons of “Scam reviews.” The bottom line is if you’re happy with the products and the philosophy of your company, then disregard the bad press.

14. Your MLM shuts down.

This is unfortunate and does happen from time to time.

Quick fix: I strongly believe that MLM is the last chance for average people to make passive, residual income. So, I would do your research and find another MLM company that has been around for awhile.

15. YOU QUIT. . .

There is nothing worse than walking away from a business that has great potential.

I walked away from a lot of opportunities because I was impatient and always thought the grass was greener somewhere else.

I left a lot of money on the table doing that with direct selling and affiliate marketing.

What makes network marketing truly work is people seeing you stay in and overcome obstacles.

The longer you stay in, the more credibility you have.

People want to know they can depend on you and they won’t trust you as much if you jump from one company to another every six months.

Stay the course in multi-level marketing!

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Erik Christian Johnson