How Reclusive Network Marketers Succeed In MLM

3 Tips for How Reclusive Network Marketers Can Succeed in MLM

3 Tips for How Reclusive Network Marketers Can Succeed in MLM

There is a lot of new network marketers who join MLM and cringe at the fact that they might have to attend events and talk to people. Shyness and reclusiveness are big factors for many people, even in multi-level marketing. Here are some top tips for introverted network marketing professionals.

Are you interested in network marketing, but fear that you will have to throw home parties, attend events, and become an extrovert?

I was scared of this myself actually.

In fact, I was terrified. I hadn’t had one friendship in the last 8 years since I got sober and relocated to a new city.

The last thing I wanted to do was leave the house and go from having only contact with my wife to speaking to groups of people!

Today, I am still a recluse and introvert, and maybe a hermit if that is still a term, but I am always number #1 on the leaderboards in my primary MLM. I have done this in 3 different MLM companies actually including 2023.

MDC leaderboard December

So, how did I do it?

Here Are 3 Tips for How Reclusive Network Marketers Can Succeed in MLM:

1. Blogging

Blogging for MLM is a dream-come-true for recluses and introverts. The setback is that it takes about a year or two to start getting enough leads to make a full-time income from home.

It took me about 3 years and 450 posts to make it full-time from home, but I think that is way better than breaking my back flipping burgers for the next thirty years, don’t you agree?

If done correctly, blogging brings interested prospects to you. You don’t need to spend hours a day stalking people on Facebook, or spamming your links on Twitter, or buying expensive, ineffective leads.

Once you start getting good traffic to your site, it is a dream come true.

You can literally generate 10 to 30 leads a day, usually while you sleep, from around the world, and if you have written articles on network marketing then you will probably attract experienced network marketers looking for a new home.

The best way to start blogging is get a self-hosted blog in your name, like JohnDoe .com and set it up using the WordPress platform.

Next, you want to create an “avatar” of who your ideal prospect is. Figure out who your prospective clients are and create several buyer personas for them.

Let’s say you want to attract laid-off realtors who are over 50 into your business.

You would create an avatar by writing down everything about that realtor, what their interests are, what they do, where they shop, their pain points, etc.

Then, on another sheet of paper, write down 5 keywords at the top that you want to get ranked for on Google, like “laid off Realtors” and “Extra income for Realtors.”

You then create about 50 blog titles with using one or two of these keywords, like “Extra Income Ideas for Laid Off Baby Boomer Realtors.”

This title is nine words, which is a perfect length for a killer blog post title.

Now, on a calendar with big boxes, write down the title you want to write about for that day. Start a schedule when you must write and publish a post. Ideally, it is at least 3 days a week. Each post should be at least 1,000 words.

2. Go International

The best way to avoid going to events, having get-togethers, and talking to more people than you want to is to recruit international people into your business.

Some of my biggest leaders on my team are in Africa and Asia.

Of course, I can’t go over to their house and have coffee and produce small talk, and they know this and are motivated to build their own teams anyway.

I simply introduce myself through email when someone upgrades and point them to a few tools, like training videos and books. If they want to ask more questions, they can chat with me on Facebook.

My face is never seen, except for the little profile pic on Facebook.

Again, if you want to target International prospects, you can add their country name in some of your blog titles, like: “Looking for Nigerian MLM Distributors for New Startup.”

That is actually good, don’t use that one!

3. Webinars

Webinars are like slideshows and you don’t need to put your face on them. You can do a webinar just using your voice and slides and you can pre-record it and send the link to your international teams.

You can use webinars to get everybody on the same page as you, which is very important if you want your teams to duplicate and grow.

Most MLM companies also have their own training, so you might not even have to do this step.

My MLM company has over 35 videos in the “back office” that you can watch to learn everything from setting up your direct deposit, to how to posture yourself as a home-based business professional.

I hope this helps you guys. I know that working from home can make introverts even more introverted, so it’s wise to work on self-esteem, self-development, and getting out more as you build your MLM.