4 Simple Steps To Grow A Huge MLM Business

4 brilliantly simple steps to grow a huge MLM Biz

4 Brilliantly Simple Steps to Grow a Huge MLM Biz

Growing a MLM business does not have to be complicated and many fail because they make it harder than it needs to be. Here is my two cents on network marketing growth potential.

One – Exposure & Traffic

The name of the game in network marketing is getting your capture pages and website seen. The more eyeballs land on your opportunity, the more people will convert and upgrade into your business.

It shouldn’t be more complicated than this. I hear a lot of new MLM distributors ask if they should open an actual store to sell the products.

This is somewhat ludicrous, because the network marketing company has bent over backwards to provide personalized capture pages, website and other promotional tools along with holding inventory and handling shipping for you so you can do this entire business easily online.

Why try and deduce network marketing into a traditional brick and mortar business that come with all the liabilities and headaches?

But, promoting your business all online is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are three requirements to succeed online in network marketing. You only need one of these to succeed, initially:

One – Social Influence

Having social influence online means that you already have a “following” of people who know, like and trust you. They engage with you and respect your opinion on the network marketing industry.

People that have social influence do well in network marketing because they can lead and inspire a lot of people. Some types of people who have a strong social influence are coaches, church leaders, established Entrepreneurs, CEOs, popular athletes, etc.


If you don’t have a social following and no one is visiting your websites, you need paid advertising or buy MLM Leads for your opportunity. The fact of the matter is that you need traffic for your network marketing opportunity.

Traffic won’t automatically come to you because you posted a few times on Facebook. There are tons of competition online all competing for these leads. You need to spend money to make money if you don’t have social influence, or the next requirement which is the next factor.


Time is a precious commodity. Not many people have it. If you have this requirement already you’re in a good position to grow your network marketing business, but you will also need patience and perseverance.

People with time are usually stay-at-home moms, insurance agents, and telecommuters. If you have time, you can build your business and personal brand from scratch.

Branding takes time and perseverance, but when it takes off you can get thousands of leads on basically automatic pilot. This is what I am aiming for with this blog. Blogging is in no way a great-rich-quick way of building a business online, but it is one of the most powerful ways.

Two –  Assess & Sort new distributors

Your new distributors will all have different desires and needs that they want to satisfy by joining your opportunity.

For one, find out if they want to build the business or if they are happy just being a customer. Calling your new distributors relatively quickly after they join and asking them what their needs and goals are will help you guide them.

For example: If someone joins your business and is ready to go hard in growing their own business and want to make $5,000 a month, you are going to work with them differently that someone who only wants to make $500 a month.

Caveat: Most of the “big talkers” don’t turn out to be the leaders and quit within a month or two.

It is important that people “walk the talk.” If they talk more than take action, then back off. Work with the ones willing to work and not the “get rich quick” crew.

Group your new distributors into different classes you can easily manage. Each group will move at their own pace.

Nothing is more upsetting to a new distributor than trying to force them to do more than they want to.

Don’t ever micromanage either. It is important to guide people by being a leader yourself. Inspire them by your actions, not by bossing them around.

Three –  Teach them a simple system

Not everyone that joins your business will be a rockstar leader.

The failure rate in MLM is high because it still takes a lot of work and commitment, and if they don’t have a strong enough belief or vision of themselves becoming successful in network marketing, they will probably quit.

It is important to get your new distributors a paycheck, even if it is small.

This is referred to as the “belief check.” Get them a belief check, then move your new distributors into learning a simple system which they can use to recruit people into their business.

Using a simple system is essential for growing a business fast in MLM.

The easier the simple is, the easier it is for everyone to use it. You don’t want your distributors reinventing the wheel.

When everyone is reinventing the wheel, they get unfocused or develop inefficient marketing systems that others can’t follow. The system is ideally so simple that an eight year old can understand it.

A simple system could be:

  • Give prospects a company video.
  • Get the prospect to agree to a time to watch it.
  • Follow up with them at the agreed time.
  • Ask “What part of the video did you like?”
  • Then say, “Sounds like you’re ready to join!”

This is a very simple system anyone can do.

When everyone is on the same page, a perfect synergy happens. Network marketing works best when momentum happens.

Leaders in the industry often state: “MLM loves speed.” Also, I will add: “Success loves speed.”

Four –  Guide your distributor to teach their new distributors

Once you have identified a potential leader on your team, someone who has taken action and maybe has recruited some people already, help them along with recruiting.

Ask them if they need assistance with prospecting. Give them any company tools that may help.

If you feel they need even more assistance, get them onto a company call or webinar with their prospects.

The easiest way to help your distributors help their distributors is to share third-party tools.

Using third-party tools does two main things:

  1. It is usually training from a multi-level marketing expert or company leader.
  2. It is duplicatable because anyone can share this material easily. This frees everyone from having to build affiliate marketing and direct selling training material from scratch.

The most powerful element of network marketing is leverage.

Without leveraging the duplication of your team (by getting other people to grow their teams) you are left with building a business on your own, which defeats the entire “network” part of network marketing and growing a real business.