5 Digital Marketing Strategies For A Law Firm

When you graduated law school, you probably didn’t realize the effect marketing would have on your career. Now that you own your own legal firm in the real world, you must take an active role in promoting it.

The legal industry is highly competitive. If you don’t maintain strong law firm marketing tactics, your competitors will eat you alive.

Luckily there are countless ways to get your firm’s name in front of more eyes. To help you get started, we are going over 5 top digital marketing strategies that lawyers and attorneys need to consider.

1. Revamp Your Website

Your website is your strongest marketing asset, which means it needs to be top-notch. It should be common sense that law firm website design is crucial for a legal services practice. Following best practices with regard to design and functionality will ensure new conversions.

The navigation on your site should be logical, yet comprehensive. Visitors shouldn’t have to search for basic information.

You will also need a strong call to action throughout your attorney site. Every page should include clear contact information.

Don’t be afraid to hire a law firm marketing agency to help redesign your website. You will see a huge return on investment with a new legal services site and blog.

2. Content Marketing

The content your firm puts online has a huge impact on whether or not a person decides to call you. It also affects how well you rank in search engines.

Consider adding a blog to your site and publishing articles on a regular basis. This will help establish you as an authority in the areas of law you practice.

Creating high-quality videos is another way to deliver content to your audience. This will provide people with useful information and also let them put a face with a name.

3. Add a Live Chat Feature

If you are a high-volume legal firm, adding a free live chat feature to your site will ensure potential clients don’t fall through the cracks.

Chat can allow visitors to make appointments, ask questions, and learn more about your firm without having to pick up the phone. The great part is, people can connect with you at any time of the day or night.

4. Social Media Outreach

Social media allows businesses to widen their reach exponentially. The great thing is, much of this marketing is free.

Creating profiles for your firm on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows for more interaction with existing and potential clients. Sharing content like blog articles or links to relevant legal issues is a great way to engage people and start a conversation.

5. Reviews and Reputation Management

Did you know that 90% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by positive reviews? It is important you leverage this trend by asking legal clients to leave a review or testimonial after working with you.

You should then add these reviews to your website and social media profiles. This helps bring feedback directly to potential clients so they can get a sense of how you do business.

It is also important to manage your reputation by responding to negative reviews. This shows people you care what your clients have to say are willing to make improvements based on customer feedback.

Take Advantage of These Digital Marketing Strategies

If you want your legal services business to grow in today’s market, it is important you maintain a consistent law firm marketing plan. You can bet your competition is doing just that.

Use the digital marketing strategies discussed above and start seeing results in no time. Attorneys will be adding clients and lawyers will be leveraging leads daily!

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