5 Tips for Africans to Make More Money in MLM

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Nigerians, Kenyans, Ghanians, and South Africans all really want to make money with MLM. However, many don’t understand how MLM works and how it costs money to run a MLM business, just like any other real business. Here are 5 important tips for Africans to finally make money with MLM.


5 Ways Africans Make More Money In Multi-Level Marketing

One – Right out of the gate, you have to understand that starting a MLM business will cost you usually around $60 dollars, plus a one-time starter fee of $20 dollars. This is the first month and is one product, usually the “starter” pack to begin in network marketing, direct selling, and affiliate marketing.

You can buy the larger packs for a higher rank and more compensation perks, but you can also upgrade later and just try the starter pack in the beginning.

The way you become a rep or distributor in a MLM company is you buy a product you like, pay the starter fee, select you want to be a distributor or Independent Representative (IR) before heading to the checkout.

Once you place your order as a rep you then have access to your business dashboard where you can log in and get your website links which are personalized for you and have your username you selected at checkout on them.

Then, remember that you have to buy at least one product each month to remain an MLM distributor in Mali or other African nations and be eligible to earn commissions.

Two – Someone has to buy product through your personalized website in order for you to earn commissions. This is not a pyramid scheme, Ponzi scam, or a get-rich-quick scheme for people in Nigeria or Ghana.

This is a real business and you have to sell product to earn money, period. If you don’t share your website with people, no one will buy product from you and you won’t make any money.

The most important thing for you to learn after you become a rep is to get your website links from your dashboard and share them with friends, family, co-workers, etc.

You can say this to your friend, “I just started this online business and I would love for you to check it out. I think you could go far in this business. Check out my site here.

It’s all about getting people seeing your website and for you to create excitement without lying to them and making it sound like they can earn a million dollars overnight. Be real and be realistic about your new business. No one wants to be lied to how much money they can really make in the beginning.

Three – MLM is not a sprint, it is a real Marathon. MLM success takes time. You won’t be rich in 3 months. MLM success takes 2 to 5 years of consistent work. You will have to constantly recruit new Africans into your business each month for a couple of years.

Some people are going to quit, that is normal, it is not your fault. Keep recruiting new people to your MLM downline team and teach them how to recruit new people with their own websites they get when they sign up.

Eventually, you will bring in a few people from Africa who become leaders and make a lot of money but you have to be patient and you might have to recruit 100 people to find a couple of good leaders. However, you only need a couple of leaders to make good money.

Four – Keep Learning about MLM. True MLM leaders are always watching training videos about MLM or reading ebooks about MLM and mindset. You need to train your mind to become a leader and lead other people to success with their MLM business.

Five – MLM is an internet business. You don’t need to go to meetings down the street to grow your business. You can simply share your websites on the internet, or through email to friends and family to grow your business.

I have recruited people all over the world just by sharing my website on the internet. Get good at sharing your links in articles you write, social media posts, and under videos you create.

The more people see your links the more leads you can generate and the more people will buy from your website in Libya or South Africa in 2023.

Make More MLM Money

I hope this helps. MLM is big business and Africans can make life-changing income with it, if they learn what MLM really is.

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