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MLM companies are either growing or dying. There is a new breed of MLM company that has an automated email recruiting system that helps you recruit your prospects into paid members. Everyone has to check their emails after all! Here’s the Best 5 MLM companies who have this email recruiting system:

I am a huge fan of automation, especially with my MLM business. I can work as little as one hour a day because of this automated email system. I simply generate enough leads and the company emails my leads for me. This is done primarily through social media, SEO from blog posts, emails to blog subscribers, YouTube videos, and formerly PPC ads.

MLM companies with a built-in sales funnel isn’t new. When I joined MLM in 2014, I started with a company called Skinny Body Care. I signed up through someone’s “landing page” and closed as an MLM distributor by email recruiting automation. 

I didn’t even know what a landing page was and that I created a free, temporary position in the company once I put my email and name on the landing page and hit “continue.” 

I then got a series of emails from the company, not my sponsor, of why I should upgrade my free position to a paid position. There was a powerful “fear-of-loss” element to those emails that made me want to sign up, so I wouldn’t miss out on potential commissions under me.

I did SBC for a month, then switched to another MLM company that had almost the same emails and landing pages, called Brain Abundance. I finally understood what landing pages did and the more people I got to take the free business tour through my company-provided landing pages the better.

One time, about 6 months into my MLM experience, I was feeling bummed out. My business was stagnant. I asked my sponsor what I should do and he simply said: “generate more leads.”

So, that is when I learned how to place my business links everywhere so I could generate more leads. Leads are the back-bone of your business. Without people viewing your business via your personalized websites, you have no business.

Six years later, I have generated over 60,000 leads and personally recruited over 800 people into 3 MLM companies who all had those email recruiting emails that automatically went out when I generated a lead.

These automated recruiting emails work. It takes on average 7 to 15 “exposures” for a prospect to sign up as a customer or a rep. If you didn’t have this email system, or create a sales funnel of your own, which I never wanted to do, you would lose 75% of your sales.

This email system is how I built my entire home business. I don’t call or even email my leads. I generate enough leads that I get sign-ups because of the engaging emails. 

Not many MLM companies have this email system. So, that being said, here are the 5 top MLM Companies Dominating with their Automated Emails:

Best Network Marketing Automated Email Recruiting Companies

1. My Daily Choice And Hempworx

2. Health & Beauty Naturals (HBN)

3. Now Lifestyle

4. Heal

5. Valentus

Recap On Top MLM Email Automation Systems

In addition to network marketing email automation systems, the easiest way to start your MLM business is to talk to your warm market first, aka friends and family, however the most income potential is in the cold market, aka strangers. Over 5,500 people sign up in MLM every day. Learn how to generate leads in the cold market and you are set for life! With these 2 top MLM companies, you are on your way to having a powerful recruiting system already built-in for you. 

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