5 Surging MLM Companies with the Best Email Recruiting System (2020)

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MLM companies are either growing or dying. There is a new breed of MLM company that has an automated email recruiting system that helps you recruit your prospects into paid members. Here’s the Best 5 MLM companies who have this email recruiting system:

I am a huge fan of automation, especially with my MLM business. I work around one hour a day because of this email system. I simply generate enough leads and the company emails my leads for me.

MLM companies with a built-in sales funnel isn’t new. When I joined MLM in 2014, I started with a company called Skinny Body Care. I signed up through someone’s “landing page.” 

I didn’t even know what a landing page was and that I created a free, temporary position in the company once I put my email and name on the landing page and hit “continue.” 

I then got a series of emails from the company, not my sponsor, of why I should upgrade my free position to a paid position. There was a powerful “fear-of-loss” element to those emails that made me want to sign up, so I wouldn’t miss out on potential commissions under me.

I did SBC for a month, then switched to another MLM company that had almost the same emails and landing pages, called Brain Abundance. I finally understood what landing pages did and the more people I got to take the free business tour through my company-provided landing pages the better.

One time, about 6 months into my MLM experience, I was feeling bummed out. My business was stagnant. I asked my sponsor what I should do and he simply said: “generate more leads.”

So, that is when I learned how to place my business links everywhere so I could generate more leads. Leads are the back-bone of your business. Without people viewing your business via your personalized websites, you have no business.

Six years later, I have generated over 60,000 leads and personally recruited over 800 people into 3 MLM companies who all had those email recruiting emails that automatically went out when I generated a lead.

These emails work. It takes on average 7 to 15 “exposures” for a prospect to sign up as a customer or a rep. If you didn’t have this email system, or create a sales funnel of your own, which I never wanted to do, you would lose 75% of your sales.

This email system is how I built my entire home business. I don’t call or even email my leads. I generate enough leads that I get sign-ups because of the engaging emails. 

Not many MLM companies have this email system. So, that being said, here’s 5 MLM Companies Dominating with their Automated Emails:

Five – Now Lifestyle

Founded by Joel Therien in 2017, the company is based around fitness and health, and their 7 minute workout plan, along with their whey protein products, will get you ripped in no time! 

Now Lifestyle has an aggressive email recruiting system for their reps, including a lead capture page creator and other marketing tools. Their emails go out at least twice a day to new leads who take the free business tour through a rep’s landing page.

Four – HBN (Health & Beauty Naturals)

HBN has some very nice Ayurvedic products, which is rare for an MLM company to offer. Plus, you get an email every time a lead is generated in the entire downline. This could get overwhelming for new leads if there’s a lot of people generating leads on the team. However, the emails are really compelling and there’s no cost to join or even order on autoship.

Three – Heal

Heal is all the rage right now because it just launched. Heal not only offers plant-based immune system supplements, they also have a line of digital products as well. They have a killer emails system that emails new leads aggressively in the beginning. It’s $49.95 per month to become a VIP member, which apparently is marked down from $99.95, but you only have a week to capture the reduced price. This is a very compelling offer for new prospects and the emails are nicely done.

Two – MDC/Hempworx

Founded by Josh Zwagil in 2015, Josh knows about marketing. He has used the same MLM software as Skinny Body Care and Brain Abundance. The emails operate using a “fear-of-loss” dynamic because every thursday at midnight is the “cut-off” where all the paid affiliates leapfrog the free tour takers. If you don’t lock in your spot and become a paid member by midnight on thursday you can potentially miss out on potential commissions in the future from people you didn’t even recruit. Very powerful and everyone loves CBD Oil.

One – Valentus

Founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan, a 25 year MLM veteran himself, Valentus offers cutting-edge weight management products, including SlimRoast Optimum Coffee with Dynamine. Valentus has a very similar if not identical email recruiting system as Skinny Body Care and Brain Abundance had. In fact, Dave knows Ben Glinsky (former owner of SBC & Brain Abundance) very well and has taken over some of the SBC products. 


Of course, the easiest way to start your MLM business is to talk to your warm market first, aka friends and family, however the most income potential is in the cold market, aka strangers. Over 5,500 people sign up in MLM every day. Learn how to generate leads in the cold market and you are set for life! With these 5 MLM companies, you are on your way to having a powerful recruiting system already built-in for you. 

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