5 Tips For Eating Less Sugar

Like everything else, sugar is fine in your diet in moderation for entrepreneurs. The problem is, there is more sugar than ever in our food. Added sugar is the worst for your diet and your health in general. If you are already aware of this, you may be trying to cut down on your sugar intake. This can be a difficult task when you are presented with so much temptation. So, how can you do it successfully?

Forget the Soda

When you’re feeling thirsty, it is easy to pick up a soda wherever you are. Most homes are stocked with soda cans, you can find soda cans in vending machines in offices and they are easily accessible in every store. Drinking soda has become convenient for people. But, if you were to add up the amount of sugar in each can you drink every day, you may be horrified. One of the best ways to cut down on sugar is to swap the soda for water.

Use Alternatives

If you use sugar in your tea and coffee or you enjoy baking, you may think there is no way around it. However, there are plenty of alternatives to sugar that taste just as good and work just as well. For example, you could use honey in your tea instead of sugar. Coconut is also a great alternative ingredient to sugar. There are some fantastic healthy coconut biscuits recipes available if you fancy experimenting with new baking. Stevia is also a smarter option than sugar these days.

Easy Fruit

It is often easier to pick up a bar of candy instead of a piece of fruit. Eating fruit can be messy work. It may need chopping, peeling or it could get everywhere while you’re sat at your work desk. Swapping refined sugar for natural sugars isn’t just about health, it is about convenience. So, try preparing your fruit in advance. Chop it, peel it, make it easy for yourself. You can even dehydrate fruit so you don’t have to worry about the mess but still get the health benefit.

Check the Labels

We sometimes unknowingly consume more sugar than we would want to because we don’t check what we are eating. Take a look at the labels on jars of sauces, tins and other regular foods you may buy to see how many added sugars are in them. You may want to take a look at all the different names for added sugars before you do. Some companies will go above and beyond to try and hide the amount of added sugar in their products.

Portion Size

Cutting down on your portion sizes can kill two birds with one stone. Not only are you consuming less sugar but it’s also a good way to lose some weight. Portion size is one of the biggest ways to put on unnecessary weight gain and when the meals have a lot of added sugar, the sugar isn’t registered by the body as pure which results in it turning into fat.

Sugar Stoppage

As you cut down on sugar, you may feel unwell for a time, but that is just your body withdrawing from the addiction. Always check with your doctor if you feel unwell for longer than a fortnight when reducing your sugar intake. Overall, reducing the sugar that you eat will help your health and wealth!