5 Ways to Add Spirituality into a Network Marketing Business

5 Ways to Add Spirituality into Your Network Marketing Business

5 Ways to Add Spirituality into Your Network Marketing Business

Network marketing enables people to achieve their lifestyle dreams, but many believe there is lacking a spiritual component. Here is the real truth about MLM and your spiritual self.

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Do you believe that wealth and spirituality don’t mix?

Do you believe that network marketing and God don’t mix?

I didn’t believe these could mix either. . .

When I started network marketing back in 2014, I was still a self-centered ex-alcoholic narcissist who wanted to sheepishly spam my opportunity links everywhere.

I didn’t want to connect with people.

I simply wanted to make MONEY.

Little did I know at the time, that I was robbing myself a chance to open my heart and connect with like-minded people, and use network marketing as a vehicle to empower people in all facets of their life, not just money.

Little did I know, the powerful stories of poverty-stricken families in third world countries who could now afford to eat and pay their bills because of network marketing.

Little did I know, I would break through a lot of negative, non-serving thoughts and beliefs that would change my life forever using network marketing. . .

Spirituality is definitely possible inside network marketing.

In fact, it’s essential if you want to get the most out of life, your home business, and to finally stop feeling empty.

So, here’s the 5 Ways to Add Spirituality into Your Network Marketing Business:

One – Mindfulness

Being mindful in network marketing is by staying calm and being present with how you feel.

There will be a lot of struggles and setbacks on your entrepreneurial journey that require you to stay present with your feelings and feel them without judging them.

For example: Let’s say you recruited someone into your business. You’re very excited about them being in your business because you Googled them and found out they have 80,000 followers on Twitter.

You think they will explode your business and make you a lot of money. But, soon after, you don’t hear from them when you email them, and pretty soon you notice that they haven’t placed their next month’s order, then they are gone.

Now, you could easily blame yourself for why they quit, and you can then take it out on your kids and spouse and maybe even take it out on co-workers at your job.

Your whole life could be negatively impacted if you let it. It could really mess you up.

Being mindful can prevent any bad reactions from happening in your home business. By being mindful, you would sit with your emotions. You would stay focused on all the sensations you’re having at that moment.

It’s okay to feel angry; it is okay to feel sad. Let the feelings release without trying to run from them.

So many people want to escape their feelings. Many of us run from our feelings by watching TV, eating junk food, escaping with addictions, tons of things.

If we just sat still and closed our eyes and took some deep breaths and focused on the breath as if each breath went into our heart, we could release the energy and start to heal any past resentments associated with what triggered this incident.


Two – Positive Affirmations

I know, I know. . .You’re sick of hearing about affirmations, but they do work, and they are easy to do.

Many people complicate their affirmations and start to add everything, including the kitchen sink, into their affirmations. Pretty soon, your affirmation is 400 words long and it loses all power.

The power lies in simple and powerful. If the affirmation you state feels good and empowering then stick with it. If it falls flat as soon as it leaves your mouth, then it’s probably a dud.

My favorite book on this is called Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant. I love this book because his affirmation was so simple, yet he transformed his life in 30 days repeating this affirmation several times daily, sometimes staring into his eyes using a mirror, and the affirmation is simply: “I love myself.”

Might be a surprise to you, but many of us don’t love ourselves. I know I didn’t. That’s why I gravitated to any addiction I could get my hands on.

I implemented this affirmation for a month and it did work a lot. In fact, I was on the top of the leaderboard in my network marketing business that month for the first time.

By stating, “I love myself”, you begin to erase old beliefs about yourself that have probably have been a factor in your life since you were 7 or 8.

My dad spanked me real hard and I formed my first habit, called “rocking.”

Rocking back and forth on the floor soothed me and gave me relief.

It had been a 36 year habit and one of the last of my addictions that I have quit.

Of course, I’m not blaming my father. He was abused by his father. It can be a vicious cycle, but it’s breakable.

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Three – Shamanism

Shamanism in Western civilization is growing at a rapid rate. It’s not uncommon to hear about a spiritual ceremony or retreat in our own backyard.

In fact, my wife is going to a shaman school to become an Energy Medicine Practitioner in Shamanism, and this is right here in Austin, Texas!

One of the key components of Shamanism is using “plant medicines.” One of the most powerful plant medicines comes from the Amazon and is called Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca has a tendency to rip your ego to shreds and really makes you see clearly how fear and ego-based we have lived, and can give you profound realizations on how to live life in a new way thereafter.

Shamanism also deals with energy on many different levels. One of the reasons we run from ourselves is based on our “luminous energy field”, which is an archive of our personal and ancestral memories, meaning we could have a negative psychic imprint from a possible past memory, or even past life, which is influencing our life in a negative way.

Shamanism is another way to change our life in a positive way through using energy, archetypes and spirits, and is a viable method for transformation.


Four – Heart-Based Leadership

I learned through heart-based therapy about heart-based leadership. My primary coach is a stress resilience coach who uses “HeartMath©,” a unique system of rigorous scientific research and advanced technologies.

When we begin our session, he has me breathe into my heart five times, while asking “what do you want to show me today?”

Usually, the first answer that pops into your mind is your intuitive self and your heart guiding you in the direction that needs attention.

This has been very accurate in guiding me to the most powerful underlying issues I need to address, so I can release it.

Heart-based leadership within network marketing is about truly caring about everyone in your organization and leading with love, not ego.


Five – A Higher Power

Network marketing is essentially a “people business,” and in dealing with a lot of people, you’re dealing with a lot of personalities. One of the ways of dealing with so many, sometimes conflicting personality types, is to become a selfless leader.

One of the most effective ways of becoming a selfless leader is to live life in accordance to the teaches and principles of God, Jesus, or whomever your religion worships.

With the power of God, I have been able to overcome all my addictions, except coffee :), and to become a compassionate leader. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but more today than ever, I truly want to help people in their life anyway I can, rather than living selfishly.

Most successful people, like top athletes, artists and musicians thank God for their success. Operating at tremendous levels of stress and ability requires an outside force.

“By letting go, and letting God” we can overcome any obstacle, because we are never alone in our struggles. God has big plans for you, and there’s nothing in his plans that state: “You shall stay weak, and anxious, and think very low of yourself.”

God is the answer if you are tired of running.

God is the answer if your anxiety and depression are overpowering.

God is the answer when you feel alone on this network marketing journey.