5 Ways to Convert MLM Leads with Authenticity

5 Ways to Convert MLM Leads with Your Authenticity

5 Ways to Convert MLM Leads with Your Authenticity

Anyone can start an MLM blog and spew out generic network marketing posts. This doesn’t attract Leads. What does is being authentic. Here are 5 ways to be authentic in network marketing to generate more leads.

Blogging for network marketing is more competitive than ever.

Thousands of new distributors have attempted to make a powerful MLM blog, only to become a statistic.

There are thousands of dead MLM blogs online, just like there are hundreds of bodies of mountain climbers on Mt Everest.

New network marketers approach blogging as if it were going to be a piece of cake.

Little did they know that thousands of articles have already been written about network marketing.

Just because they thought their “How to get Leads with Facebook” article was unique, it still doesn’t matter.

You have to be different today.

Network marketing content is a dime a dozen.

You need to supercharge your MLM articles with Authenticity.

Instead of worrying about your article’s SEO, focus on being REAL.

Who are you and why should I care?

The name of the blogging game is to implement Attraction Marketing effectively so that prospects come to you.

Having people approach you rather than you chasing them is a luxury we gain by writing compelling content on our blogs.

We also need to remain competitive towards other bloggers who write in our niche.

The faster we get our prospects to “know, like and trust” us, the faster they will sign up into our opportunity.

Who are you?

Just because you’re in network marketing doesn’t mean 100% of your articles have to be about MLM.

What are your hobbies?

Do you have kids?

Adding personality to your blog goes a long ways.

When I started this blog it was all about network marketing.

One day, I was bored writing about MLM and wrote about my relationship with my father.

The post did great and gave my readers a little more perspective on who I was.

Don’t be afraid to look human.

Here Are 5 Ways to Convert Your Network Marketing Leads by being REAL:

One – Honesty

One of the fastest ways to gain trust with your readers is by being honest.

Honesty isn’t all about being real with details about your compensation plan and products, it’s about being honest about who you are.

If you are having a hard time with something, admit it.

Write to your audience as if they are in the room with you.

Talk about your family and you concerns about your health or your aging parents.

Honesty breaks down the communication barrier between all states and countries around the world.

Nothing speaks about humanity more than some tears of sadness and of excitement.

Share your successes as well.

Two – Humility

Most MLM bloggers think that they have to appear already successful and completely perfect.

This is boring and predictable.

No one is perfect, so stop writing that your life is amazing when you are actually crying and working two jobs.

True leaders can balance humility with their success.

They can share their struggles and inspire at the same time.

Even if things are going great for you, tell people where you came from.

Most leaders came from broke and broken.

We love their stories because we see how far they’ve come.

Humility doesn’t mean broken.

It means admitting setbacks with grace and being open to change.

Three – Humor

Adding a little humor in your personality is essential.

Laughter quickly establishes trust with your prospects.

The moment someone laughs heartedly, they usually have dropped their guard.

And, laughter feels great.

This world is filled with depressing news, mass murders and terrorists, and good people dying.

The least we can do as MLM bloggers is stop thinking about making money and start giving people what makes them feel good.

The money will come later.

It won’t come at all if you show no personality and are completely obsessed by making money.

It is okay to smile.

Four – Higher Vibration

What motivates you more than money?

It is probably happiness.

Happiness is a higher vibration, up there with love.

We all basically want to become financially independent so we don’t have to work, so we can relax and have fun, and so we can give our full attention and love to our family.

Talking about your excitement, your love for life, and happiness for the future are all things that network marketing can provide.

Higher vibration also means you have a larger vision outside of network marketing.

You want to change the world one person at a time.

You want to raise the ignorance of people who are killing, and reunite broken families.

God is love and by showing love in the hardest environments is miraculous.

God gave you this power.

Use it.

Five – Happiness

Like I said, love and happiness go hand in hand.

Network marketing is a profession that empowers each other, unlike the Corporate world.

In MLM, you earn an income by helping others earn an income.

You also earn happiness by sharing happiness and compassion with others.

Greediness goes unanswered in this profession.

Go to any network marketing event and you will see people smiling and shaking hands, hugging and holding each other.

Families have been raised out of poverty and health has been restored to ill people through network marketing and the products.

Each event is almost biblical, in fact, it almost compares to a powerful sermon.


Network marketing is truly an exciting profession and blogging is a great way to get tons of leads on automatic pilot.

Blogging is powerful, yet those who do it understand how hard it is.

It takes consistency and a lot of content.

I congratulate anyone who started blogging for their MLM business.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below and share this post.

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