How to be an MLM Leader like Randy Gage

5 ways how to be an MLM God like Randy Gage

5 Tips on How to be an MLM God like Randy Gage, Secrets to Seven-Figures

There’s a few things Network Marketers can learn from MLM Legend Randy Gage. From being a dropout and addicted with drugs, to becoming successful 7-figure earner in network marketing, Randy Gage lays out the blueprint for success.

Randy was born in 1959 in Madison, Wisconsin. He’s a self-made millionaire with 9 books translated in 25 languages. The first book I read of his was How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine. It spoke candidly and with a down-to-earth style about building a successful network marketing business, but more importantly, teaching “duplication.”

Here are 5 Ways to be an MLM God like Randy Gage:

1. Confidence

Randy was crippled with insecurity and a perpetual shyness in high school. The first thing I saw when I viewed Randy on his YouTube Channel was his natural confidence.

Are you insecure about presenting your home-based business?

The only way to get more confidence is learning more about network marketing and yourself. Break past your fear by simply doing  what you fear a little at a time. The more you go through the feelings over fear and realize you survived, the stronger you will become in scary situations.

a) If your scared about prospecting on the phone, memorize your script, get on a three-way with your sponsor, or call one number a day and work up to two a day and so on. Fear only goes away if you experience it. I know that sucks to hear but it’s the truth.

b) If you’re scared to present your opportunity in public situations, then don’t do it! Once you realize that network marketing is about building trust and friendships first, you won’t feel any pressure presenting your business. It will naturally come up when they ask you what you do, or bring it up later when you discover they have a problem in their life that you can solve.

Here’s a quote from Randy’s Blog post, Getting Your Confidence Back:

 If you count on other people to build up your confidence – you leave yourself open to letting other people take it away from you.

Confidence takes time to grow or gain back. I am naturally a recluse. I think my parents had guests over only once a year when I was growing up and when I turned seventeen, I hid behind Alcohol, just like Randy hid behind drugs.

Randy on Addiction:

If it is you fighting an addiction, you must never give up.  No matter how many times you relapse, you must get up and go another round.  Your sanity and life depend on it.  And don’t think you must do it alone.  Get professional help.

randy gage on addictions

2. Marketing

Today, the internet is the best place ever to promote your network marketing business, but the reality is everyone is doing it and it’s more competitive than ever to be seen and heard on the web.

Randy has been producing content since the 90’s, maybe even the late 80’s. His oldest book published, I believe was 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity in 2003. I believe he has paperbacks which are older, but the point is, Randy has been producing tons of content consistently since the late 80’s. He has also been consistently making $150,000 a month and has earned over $7 million in his lifetime with network marketing. There’s a reason for this: content, content and more content. And, the ability to duplicate Leaders.

“Greatness threatens people. Which is why you need to be great. So who are you leading? And what do they need from you?”

If you want to be seen and heard on the internet, you need to provide value, not spam. When I first starting tweeting about my MLM on Twitter it sounded like:

“Earn $5,000 a month!” (This is how the majority of network marketers promote their business.)

Provide something tangible and something people are interested in actually hearing. More like this:

“18 Powerful Steps to Improve your Home Based Business”

This is an article I wrote which provides value and helps people solve their problems with growing a successful MLM business.

Giving instead of taking is what we need to focus on. Yes, it’s tempting when first starting your business to just promote your opportunity links everywhere without providing value, but the more you learn and mature in your marketing efforts, the more people will listen. . .

Randy consistently provides free value on his YouTube channel.

Providing free value is not to risk losing your secrets, but to gain people who believe in you and will eventually join you. . .

Creating free value is easier than you think. One of my mentors, Ray Higdon, breaks it down into four key steps:

  1. Invest in yourself. This is actually investing your money into an informational and educational product in your Industry.
  2. Learn. This is where you learn the information by taking thorough notes and “internalize” the information.
  3. Teach. Now, once you have learned the information, you need to teach it to others in your own voice on your desired platform. You don’t just say the exact same things the teachers said, you spin it into your own words.
  4. Profit. By teaching others the skills they need, you’re building trust and they will look to you as an authority eventually. This doesn’t happen overnight, but if you are constantly providing value,  they will think of you when transitioning into a new network marketing opportunity and join you.

randy gage public speaking

3. Mindset & Events

Nothing solidifies your belief that you’re a network marketer than attending events. Randy Gage is a master speaker who has been on the speaker circuit for decades. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a public speaker to become successful in network marketing, but attending events do help.

Ray Higdon posted this on his Facebook about events:

“Attending events have transformed my belief levels, improved my skills and given me the internal energy to explode my business.

If you can’t afford to attend events, you MUST get to them. Focus on your goals and you will see that those that are hungry will make miracles happen.”

Another very successful network marketer, Todd Falcone,  mentioned that he could barely get to his first event, had to share a single hotel room with four people and slept in his car at another event. Do what it takes to get to events, it will transform your life.

 Todd is also a public speaker and talks about how to become a powerful and confident speaker.

wealth mindset


If you don’t believe in your product or network marketing as a whole, you’re not going to go far. Finding a product you love is the first priority in starting a business. It seems obvious, but it’s not. I’ve had struggling distributors come up and ask me why their business isn’t taking off only to find out they don’t even use the product of the company they are in!

Another big issue people have in becoming successful in network marketing is their belief in money and wealth. So many of us have been brought up to despise the wealthy and turn our nose up when it comes to the benefits of having lots of money.

My money blueprint has fluctuated over the years, but you only make as much as you believe you’re worth. Yeah, you can pretend to believe that you’re worth a million dollars, but deep down you don’t believe it. We need to reprogram what we believe deep down inside.

Randy in his article, Your Beliefs About Money, wrote:

How do you perceive wealth?  Some people think earning $80,000 a year is a lot.  Others think $250,000 is a lot.  Ten years ago, I would have thought so.  Now if I made $250,000 a year I would be despondent.  And Richard Branson might be depressed if he only made $250,000 in a week!  So everything is relative.

evolving with social media

4. Evolving with Social Media

To be a successful network marketer online, you need to evolve with social media. If you’re still big on MySpace, you are a little behind.

The latest platforms which are hot are Instagram and Periscope. Randy Gage is already on Persicope and Instagram. Learn about these platforms and dominate.

The social media platform that launched my MLM career wasn’t Facebook, it was Twitter. Yes, Facebook is still powerful, but the methods have changed. I suggest picking one social media platform and stick with it until you are getting at least 10 Leads a day with it. It took me four years to figure out the techniques which get me 10 to 20 Leads a day with Twitter, so be patient.

I have 260,000 followers on Twitter and Randy has 135,000, but I’m sure his followers sought him out, whereas I had to follow everyday for four years to get my following, which brings me to this:

“Let people find you rather than you chasing them.”

Ann Sieg mentioned that a person who finds you first is 100 times more powerful than you finding them first. If you’re providing consistent value online over a certain amount of time, people are going to find you. This is called Attraction Marketing and it’s what every network marketer should do if they want to become successful and make job-replacing income.

“I say, don’t look at your daily results, look at the final destination where you want to be.”

Attraction Marketing isn’t easy. It takes roughly two to three years of consistently blogging to start getting good traffic to your website, but the good news is the traffic is free and you probably will have a few articles on the first page of Google that bring in thousands of views a month. So, don’t stop writing! A lot of people quit after three months because they didn’t see results. I say, don’t look at your daily results, look at the final destination where you want to be.

randy gage academy

5. Leadership & Trainings

There will be a point when you master network marketing and become a trainer. The best way to grow your MLM business is to help others become successful in network marketing.

Mastering something usually takes 10,000 hours, but with network marketing it could be a lot less, depending on how much you are willing to learn. When I first started in my current company, I was tired of quitting things and going to a dead-end job everyday so every waking moment I studied the trainers on YouTube and read every book out there on network marketing.

Learning all that you can early on will prepare you for the objections you will hear and from the setbacks which are normal in any profession and startup.

Randy Gage is a master trainer and has a paid membership site where you can sign up and pay a nominal monthly fee to access his trainings. You receive a certificate upon completing his courses.

Paid membership sites are a powerful tool when you become an expert in network marketing because not only can you empower others with remote learning, but you can earn residual income from a paid membership site, just like network marketing!

Other ways you can earn while you learn

  1. Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s digital products and earn a commission. Before joining network marketing, I made decent money promoting Clickbank products on my Twitter account. Many big network marketers have products you can promote and make a commission. They might not advertise it clearly, so email someone you look up to and see if they have an affiliate program.
  2. Third-party tools. Network marketers need Leads and lots of them. Find a platform, like My Lead System Pro, and join and promote it. (I get no commissions on this recommendation)
  3. eBooks. A lot of successful network marketers have ebooks on Amazon. There’s also a lot crap from beginning network marketers, so wait to write a book when you know what you’re talking about. Two of my favorite books are Go Pro by Eric Worre, Beach Money by Jordan Adler, and Randy’s new powerful book, Risky is the New Safe.
  4. Podcasts. It’s pretty easy to plug in a microphone and start recording a Podcast. Podcasts can be very powerful if done right and you can interview other successful network marketers and reach a whole new audience. Two powerful Podcasts are by David Wood, called Amplified Network Marketing and Home Business Radio Network.
  5. YouTube and other Video Sites. If you are an extrovert, creating videos would suit you well. Some of the biggest MLM legends have massive amounts of video online. Randy Gage has produced hundreds through his Prosperity TV Channel and Eric Worre has produced over 900 videos. Massive action equals massive results, right? Eric Worre just interviewed Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins for his upcoming network marketing event. Talk about huge. Eric started in the network marketing trenches just like the rest of us!

Randy Gage MLM Mastermind Summary

Network marketing is an exciting, life-changing industry which can transform ordinary people into successful leaders and home-based Entrepreneurs.

When I started out, it was a rocky road as I’m sure it is or was for you! Hang in there, it gets easier everyday. I used to want to cry when I saw no action in my back-office or when someone I thought was going to rock flopped.

Randy Gage worked in the Restaurant business like I did. He started as a dishwasher like I did. I remember being 16 and having to wash hundreds of dishes with 170 degree water and have to clean the floor mats until one in the morning on the weekends.

Little did I know that I would be stuck in the restaurant trap for another twenty years before I discovered online marketing and MLM. There was a lot of failures along the way, but I could honestly say that I quit everything, instead of failing.

You don’t fail at anything including network marketing or direct selling unless you quit. Usually for the price of a cell phone bill, you can partake in being a home-based business owner with a product that you love. The potential of staying in network marketing is the potential unlimited income and a ton of awesome self-development that no other industry can provide.

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