5 Ways to Remove Insecurity from Your MLM Business

5 Ways to Remove Insecurity from Your MLM Business

5 Ways to Remove Insecurity from Your MLM Business

MLM and network marketing is a people business. We need to connect with people, but most of us have fears. Here’s how to remove the insecurity from MLM.

Are you scared to talk to people about your MLM business?

Or, are you an introvert and you dread the day you might have to speak to a group?

I don’t blame you.

I was terrified of people, but I wanted to succeed in my network marketing business so badly.

I’m not saying I am all better now, I am just going to pass along some tips that will help you improve your confidence and remove the insecurity away from your MLM business.


So, Here’s 5 Ways to Remove Insecurity from Your MLM Business

One – Belief in the Industry

The most important first step you should take when you join MLM, is to increase your belief about network marketing in general.

Many new network marketers don’t truly understand what network marketing is and think that it’s a “get-rich-quick” scheme, or like a lottery ticket, or worse yet, they still might suspect that it’s a scam.

Obviously, you can’t grow a thriving network marketing business if deep down you don’t believe in it.

So, how do you start believing that MLM is legit and real?

  • You start reading books like Go Pro by Eric Worre, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and other top 100 MLM books featured on Amazon. Go ahead and download these onto your smartphone after you install the Kindle app.
  • Attend network marketing events. There’s at least 5 big events you can attend each year that are all about MLM training, success stories, and personal development. One of the biggest is by Eric Worre. I believe it’s called Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event, which happens in Las Vegas each year.
  • Watch generic training videos on YouTube. My first 6 months in network marketing was about watching 3 to 5 videos each day and taking notes as if I was in college. I learned a lot and it increased my belief and kept me in MLM during the hard times. One of the best generic MLM trainers on YouTube is Todd Falcone.

Two – Mental & Physical Health

Your body is your temple and if your mind is polluting your body with toxic thoughts, like fear, anxiety, and depression, then it will be hard to build a thriving team inside network marketing. Here’s a few quick fixes for mind and body:

  • Meditate. Meditation is probably the most powerful thing you can do to learn how to silence those negative thoughts that rule your life. Once your mind is silenced, you can start to add new positive and uplifting thoughts in place of the negative thoughts.
  • Eat healthy. A body that runs on sugar, flour, nicotine and alcohol is a body that is slowly dying. By removing these substances and adding green smoothies, ionized water, and supplements, you’re halfway there in removing insecurity about your self-image.

Three – Personal Development

Successful entrepreneurs are always working to improve themselves. They practice humility, meaning they know they don’t know everything and go into each new experience with an open mind. Most network marketing leaders are humble, and will take time to help anyone, even if they’re not in the same company.

Four – Face your Fears

There’s a great book title that sums up how you truly get over your fear, and that is: “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”

Network marketing is about networking with others. It means shooting video or talking to strangers, which takes a healthy confidence. The best way to become more confident is to do something that you fear a little each day. It’s like a new muscle you have to train, and soon you will be able to handle bigger and bigger stressors.

Five – Giving Back

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself and increasing your self-esteem is by giving back. I used this technique to get out of being a narcissistic alcoholic back in the day. Nothing feels better than giving, whether it be helping at a foodbank, tithing at a church, or helping somebody new in network marketing.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the 5 Ways to Remove Insecurity from Your MLM Business.

Network marketing is truly an exciting business once you understand how it works. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is a legitimate unlimited income potential, life-changing business.

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