Why 5,500 People Join Network Marketing Everyday in the U.S.

Why 5,500 People Join Network Marketing Everyday in the U.S. according to Direct Selling Association New MLM News 2016

Why 5,500 People Join Network Marketing Everyday in the U.S. Alone

The network marketer news is out. The Direct Selling Association stated that members of network marketing went from 18.2 million to 20.2 million in a period of just a couple of years.

That is 5,500 new people everyday in the United States joining a network marketing company.

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That number is also probably much higher because there are network marketing companies that are not members of the DSA and are not counted.

On a global scale, worldwide retail sales hit $183 billion, an increase of 7.7% since 2014.

There are literally thousands of network marketing companies in the world in 2023.

The numbers are growing for many reasons including:

One – Economic Uncertainty: Can we all say “Brexit.” That was a day that stocks plunged and left many countries in the EU and the world worried.

america's real unemployment

Two – Job uncertainty: The real unemployment numbers in the United States are more like 10% if you also look at people being reduced to part-time and wages remaining the same or lowering.

Three – Credit card debt driving people to supplement their incomes. According to the New York Federal Reserve and the U.S. Census Bureau, the total outstanding credit card debt in America is $733 Billion.

Four – Network marketing is easy to join and not only can be financially rewarding but can empower ourselves through self-development which goes hand in hand with network marketing.

Five – Boston Dynamic’s robots are going to take over your job! Have you seen these robots? They have dog-like robots that can run over snow and a man-like robot that can move boxes in a warehouse. Watch out Labor Class!

Let me say this again: There are 5,500 people joining network marketing every day in America alone.

That is 2 million new members in network marketing businesses a year or 229 people per hour.

So, you are full of BS if you are using excuses like:

  • There is no one to talk to about my home business
  • The MLM market is declining.
  • Direct Selling is dead.
  • No one does Network Marketing anymore.
  • The market is saturated.
  • It is a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme.

Even if you got a 2% slice of the pie of one day of new recruits, you would have 110 new people in your business.

That would be enough to have a thriving home-based empire and thousands of dollars in residual monthly income.

Starting your Network Marketing Business

Most people don’t take network marketing seriously in the beginning.


Because it’s easy to join, scary right?

For under $100, you can become an active distributor in a network marketing company.

On the other hand, it is just as easy to quit.

There is no boss telling you to stay, or any fees or penalties.

Or, look at “quitting” brick and mortar businesses: you would have to break a lease agreement, sell back equipment and inventory, and piss off some new employees.

Network marketing is a legitimate business that is easy to get started and the business is also easy to understand:

  1. Find a company that offers a product you can stand behind.
  2. Take the product, love the product, and endorse the product.
  3. Learn a few simple prospecting, recruiting and closing techniques.
  4. Learn how to do effective online marketing.
  5. Get as many people as you can to see your “opportunity.”
  6. Lastly, sort through new members who join your business and find the ones willing to work and are teachable.
  7. Really lastly, teach your potential “leaders’ a simple system that they can use in building their business. Repeat.

Of course, this scenario are for the ones who want to become “distributors” aka IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) who want to earn commissions.

You can also become a customer and use the products at wholesale prices if you don’t want a home-based business opportunity.

Retire in five years

If someone were to ask you: “Would you like to retire in five years and have a steady residual income come in like clockwork every month?” You would think they were crazy, but the truth of the matter is true in network marketing.

With network marketing being legal in almost every country and with a “no income ceiling” in place, ordinary people are becoming millionaires with the network marketing business model.

Yes, it is still hard work, but at least the ability to finally earn a doctor’s or lawyer’s yearly salary or more is there with network marketing.

Many leaders in this business are making $10,000 to $50,000 a month with 5 to 10 years. This is happening everywhere in the world, and of course in America.

People once oppressed by their tedious jobs are now being rejuvenated and their dreams are reignited by this business opportunity.

Realistic Expectations

There’s a famous quote in the industry that states: Treat this (network marketing) like a hobby and it will PAY like a hobby; Treat this like a Profession and it will PAY like a Profession.”

I knew going into my new home-based business as a distributor that I would need to study it like a Profession.

I spent hours each day watching free training videos on YouTube and read every book on Amazon about MLM.

The studying paid off. It made me prepare for the rocky ride of Entrepreneurship.

Uncontrollable things happen all the time in business, and the top Entrepreneurs learn to ride the wave without getting too emotionally attached.

I knew I could last and succeed.

Just by staying in this business past the “honeymoon stage” of the first couple years positioned me as a leader.

People began to turn to me for advice.

It felt great hearing words of appreciation coming from a man in Africa who finally had the extra income needed to feed his family properly.

This business can make you compassionate and selfless, just like the biggest thought leaders in the world.

Imagine this power, simply by endorsing a product you believe in.

It goes far beyond the product all of the time. Just check out a network marketing event sometime.

Lives are being changed through network marketing, which goes against the grain of the Corporate world, where cut-throat antics and selfishness are rewarded.