57 Best MLM Quotes And Tips For Network Marketers

57 Greatest MLM Quotes and Tips for Network Marketers

57 Greatest MLM Quotes and Tips for Network Marketers: Life & Success

Network Marketing is actually one big self-development course, and the more you learn the more you earn. Here are the top 57 Greatest MLM Quotes and Tips for Network Marketers.

I love network marketing and these quotes were not just copied and pasted from the Internet.

I spent a long time deriving these out of multi-level marketing tutorials these trainers and leaders put on. So, enjoy the quote compilation!

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Lisa Grossman MLM Leader

Lisa Grossman – Top MLM Earner

“Do what you say you’re gonna do and people will follow you – Lisa Grossman”

I have never met a successful person who hasn’t had a failure. – Lisa Grossman

I believe this as well. Successful people run through failures, or setbacks, regularly.

I heard another quote that summed this up perfectly, “The difference between the successful person and the bum on Skid Row, is that failure didn’t stop the successful person.

I didn’t ever beg anyone into a business. – Lisa Grossman

Most people beginning in network marketing are scared and desperate to recruit people.

The more confident and experienced they get, the less they need to beg.

They form confidence and posture. Lisa Grossman earns more than a $1 Million a year and her biggest trait is using the “take away” on prospects.

matt morris top MLM earner

Matt Morris – Top MLM Earner

“There is nothing in the world that beats being a top leader in network marketing. -Matt Morris” 

Get people to the events and they will build the business. – Matt Morris
Any success I have had in network marketing has come from a massive amount of compressed activity. – Matt Morris

Matt is referring to “90 day blitzes.” One of the most effective ways to get results fast, especially if a person needs money, is to do a lot of focused income-earning activity, like prospecting and inviting.

todd falcone top mlm earner

Todd Falcone – Top MLM Earner

“I don’t know of many jobs where you stop working and they keep on paying you. – Todd Falcone

(In network marketing) You get paid over and over again for work you did one time. -Todd Falcone

This business quote is key. With network marketing, you get paid on multiple levels for all the activity of your “downline.” Once, your team starts duplicating on their own checks keep coming in whether you work or not. Of course this takes typically 3 to 5 years to establish, and you should always keep recruiting, for your team copies what you do.

The objective (in network marketing) is to help someone get into profit and quickly. – Todd Falcone

holton buggs top MLM earner

Holton Buggs – Top MLM Earner

“I would believe much bigger, much sooner. -Holton Buggs”

Find the three percenters in the business and model them. -Holton Buggs

Holton is referring to the 3% in network marketing who obtain ultimate success in network marketing.

Network marketing is a competitive and often misunderstood profession.

Therefore, a lot of people quit because of their misconceptions of the work needed to succeed in MLM.

I never made money because I never pictured myself making money. – Holton Buggs

Network marketing success has a lot to do with mindset. The first 7 years in MLM, Holton made less than $500 a month. Now, he is the number 1 earner, making over $1.2 Million a month.

Les Brown Motivational speaker

Les Brown – Motivational Speaker

“You will determine if your life is a smash box-office hit, or flop. – Les Brown”

Spend more time on yourself than you’ve been spending. – Les brown

Network marketing is about learning about yourself. Leaders read constantly because they know how important learning is.

Tony Robbins says, “If you’re not progressing, you’re dying.”

I used to be so broke, I’d walk past the bank and trip the alarm. – Les Brown

eric worre top MLM trainer

Eric Worre – Top MLM Trainer

“Learn to step into your self worth. – Eric Worre

“Small incremental things aren’t serving you. – Eric Worre

It’s gonna take some time. This isn’t ‘get-rich-quick’, but it is ‘get rich’. – Eric Worre


 ray higdon top MLM trainer

Ray Higdon – Top MLM Trainer

“If you believe in your product, you’re selfish if you’re not sharing it. – Ray Higdon” 

(Most people rank) feeling better, high priority; feeling important, very high priority; looking better, very high priority; making money for most people, not a high priority. – Ray Higdon

Ray is talking about the importance of leading with your product’s benefits and what results the product has on people, not leading with how much money you can make.

Stop preaching about what it is, and start preaching about what it does. – Ray Higdon


Michael Clouse best MLM trainer 2016

Michael S. Clouse – Top MLM Trainer

“You need to look for people who are willing to learn. – Michael S. Clouse” 

The other thing we need to appreciate about prospecting is it’s completely unnatural to do this, which is by the way the reason you get paid the money you get paid. – Michael S. Clouse

“The #1 factor that is going to determine your success is how you think. – Michael S. Clouse” 

To the degree that people know us, like us and trust us is to the same degree we don’t need to say much. – Michael s. Clouse

Most new network marketers say too much to their prospects. The more people trust us, the less we have to say.

When you really get a vision for what you want to accomplish, you bend the Universe to your will. Randy Gage

“Get excited, then get busy improving your skills.”  Michael S. Clouse”

It doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates. – Unknown

Without duplication, network marketing is just a job. – Unknown

It’s all inner-game, it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it. – Matt Morris

If you are serious about building a network marketing business, you need to totally eliminate the need for acceptance and approval. – Ray Higdon
Don’t worry about getting everyone. Worry about helping people. – Matt Morris

“If you empty your wallet into your mind, your mind will fill up your wallet. – Unknown”

Once network marketing is in your blood, you can’t quite give it up. – Randy Gage

You don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start if you ever want to be any good. – Lisa Grossman

It’s the lowest risk, highest return opportunity on planet Earth. – Eric Worre

You have the capacity to learn if you get your language out of the way. Stop complaining about technology, stop talking about all the things you don’t know and instead, learn. – Ray Higdon

“If you’re focusing on what’s not working, there’s no solution there. – Matt Morris”

Most of the overnight success you’ve heard about, there’s 5 to 10 years of invisible, you never saw, hard work that went into that success. – Eric worre

One of the most important elements of manifesting prosperity and success in your life is the power of your vision. – Randy Gage

If you want to be a good professional, be really prepared to be a bad amature, cause that’s how you get good. – Lisa Grossman
Every master was once a disaster. – T. Harv Eker

“Our gift from God is potential, and our gift to God is using it. – Matt Morris”

People in the field need to think bigger about their business. – Eric Worre

You can learn all the techniques in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself it won’t happen for you. – Les Brown

Every great achievement in human history was always created twice, it was created first, in the mind of the visionary and then only, secondly, on the physical plane. – Randy Gage

The wealthy of the world, the reason why they are wealthy is because they figured out how to provide an incredible amount of value to other people. – Matt Morris
For 30 or 35 years now, I keep trying to out-give the Universe and it doesn’t work. I keep getting more back. – Randy Gage

“It’s very hard to be prosperous when you’re not healthy. – Randy Gage.”

You have to get to this point where you totally cut off the emotional ties you have and get over it, when people don’t call you back, don’t join, let you down, whatever it is, and you just keep moving forward. – Todd Falcone

You have to create an experience for them (prospects.) You can create a thirst where they want to be a part of this, where they share the vision, where they say “you know what? Sign me up.” – Les Brown

I was in foreclosure, dead broke, I was chased by bill collectors and I failed in 11 different network marketing companies, and I just started creating content. – Ray Higdon (on the power of blogging for network marketers.)

The people in this business who have achieved high levels of success consistently over a period of time, is they just keep going, they just keep going, they just keep going. – Todd Falcone
Personality and passion, that’s what people buy into. – Les Brown
For me, the bullet proof way to become a leader in any marketplace is to out-teach your competition. – Ray Higdon
What we have in Multilevel Marketing is cooperation and collaboration, and people working together in a community of achievers to help everybody win. – Les Brown

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