7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn How to Code

Learning to code is almost like learning a new language. This thought is off-putting for most because it seems so complicated and technical. How can a newbie learn to code with the best in Silicon Valley?

There are people who spend their whole lives continually honing their coding skills. But neither of these facts indicate how difficult it is to learn to code as a beginner entrepreneur.

In fact, coding can be as easy as learning to play a video game. And that is how many children learn how to code at a young age, through video games.

If you can write, you can code. But why would you want to start coding?

Even if it’s not as hard as learning a language, why would you want to spend the time? What are the benefits to learning to code in business?

Well, if you are an entrepreneur, coding could be the gateway to new opportunities. Here is why an entrepreneur should become a coder. 

1. Learn How to Code and Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

When you start a business, you’re learning to troubleshoot on the fly. You have got a thousand pokers in fire and if one drops out, you have got to be quick enough to flip it back in.

You think you are a wizard at critical thinking and problem solving now, but wait till you learn to code. 

Coding and critical thinking share the same pattern. When you code, you are identifying a problem or a task. You’re going to analyze that problem and come up with an initial solution.

Once you have come up with your solution, you need to test it. If anything fails, you refine your approach and try again. 

2. Jump In on the Process

Not only is a boss who gets in the trenches with their employees an inspiration, but they are also a cost-saver. 

In a startup, you’re constantly searching for more funding sources. If you can jump in on the process, you’ll lighten the load on your coders. You may not have to hire that extra employee.

Plus, you’ll be intricately involved in the process. You can now make decisions understanding more than what people tell you. 

Lastly, you’ll gain a bit of satisfaction knowing your direct fingerprint is on the product itself.

3. Plan B

If you’re married or partnered, you know the look. It’s a look that says, “you’re sure this is going to work?” It says, “I trust you, but I don’t know if I trust you.”

If you learn coding, then you’ll have a plan B job until you can regain the resources to try again.

Entrepreneurial work can be tenuous. 90% of startups fail. If you fail, you could be out on the streets tomorrow. 

Also, coding could land you a job in the tech industry. There you will learn more about how the industry works and maybe you’ll find other entrepreneurial opportunities.

4. Help Your Team Refine Processes

Tech entrepreneurs should learn to code for this very reason. Because you can better refine your team’s process.

Think about it. If you become an expert coder, you’ll understand exactly how to help your team become faster and more efficient at what they do. 

You might be coding one aspect and realize a few shortcuts or figure out how to avoid bugs that your team might not see. 

Sometimes, when people learn a skill and then use it for a time, they forget to implement the basics. You’ve just learned the basics. Now you can help them refine their processes through the fundamentals.

5. You’ll Understand How to Create a Realistic Project Timeline

One of the gripes you’ll often hear about bosses and entrepreneurs is that they expect the impossible. Why? Because the people in charge have never sat in the chair and analyzed code for hours on end.

They don’t know how exhausting it is. They don’t know the amount of time it takes.

But if you’ve been there and done that, you can then create a realistic timeline for a project. This does two things: it keeps your team on task and it keeps investors from hounding you for results too early.

This relieves stress all around the table. Your workers will be more efficient and you’ll feel a little less stressed.

6. Create Programs to Analyze Your Ideas and Data Faster

Sometimes the tools you need just aren’t there. This is especially true if you’re developing something nobody has done before.

Learning how to create things like a C# report for data.  

You can quickly make data from your team accessible to investors. You can create programs that will analyze and distill data.

Some of these processes take hours to days to years if done manually. Simple programs will be able to process your data much faster and give you a broad look at what’s going on.

7. Implement Your Vision Easier

If you went to another foreign country and tried to start a business, what would you have to do? Assuming they don’t speak English, you have two options: hire a translator or learn the language yourself.

If you understand coding language and the jargon associated, you can better communicate with your team. If you can communicate with your team, you can help them implement their vision.

Similarly, you can have hands-on control if need be. You could code-in your own personalization.

Just be careful when doing this. While it is your project, don’t step on toes. 

It’s entirely possible to lose workers if they feel their work is underappreciated. Be sure to continue to involve your team even when you’re tinkering with the product.

They are likely still more experienced than you. Don’t let your hubris make you deaf and blind to their advice.

No Downside To Learning How To Code

New opportunities. Better hands-on control. Faster implementation. Better problem-solving. Coding is key for entrepreneurs of all types.

There is no downside to learning to code for entrepreneurs. The worst thing that could happen is you stretch your brain and learn some new things. The upside is it could lead you to career growth or even fortune.

So, it is time to learn how to code. Find a basic coding course and get started for free.

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