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Tired of Not Making Any Money in MLM?

Most people fail in MLM because they can’t generate leads and they don’t want to bug their friends and family about it.

They post their opportunity on Facebook a couple times and quit. . .

I was a burnt-out line cook approaching my 40’s and wanted a way out.

I realized early on in my search for the perfect internet marketing opportunity that network marketing had “no income cap” and leaders in the industry were making $100k a month or more.

I wanted what the Leaders had, and it took 4 Long Years, but I finally Cracked the Code.
Most people talk to 2 people, then quit.
Not Anymore!
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The Beginning of My Entrepreneurial Journey

I was born in Newport Beach, California in 1972. Both my parents worked for the telephone company. My dad actually repaired John Wayne’s phone with the actor standing over my dad’s shoulder as my dad repaired his phone.

My dad was bored with just working 8 to 5 and had greater aspirations. He built a 32 foot sailboat in the backyard after work. This was one of two sailboats he would build from the bottom up, then he moved onto restoring vintage cars, like an MG TC series, a 356 Porsche, a Jaguar, and a couple motorcycles.

We moved to Washington State when I was 5. My parents opened up their first business, an equipment rental store. They rented lawnmowers, weedeaters, air compressors, forklifts, etc. It was my parents first business and they made good money because they were the only rental place from 100 miles around and it was before the building boom.

When I was 12 I started my entrepreneurial journey by trying to sell my rich neighbor some semi-crystalized rocks I found in the driveway at my parent’s business. Then, I devised a way to become the middleman between a buyer and a seller of a Lamborghini.

I also discovered Rock and Roll around this time and learned that I loved drumming. I would use every utensil from the kitchen to bang on pots and pans. My mom finally gave in and bought me a drumset. I played it after school every day until 5 when my dad got home.

I had big dreams. I was going to be a rock and roll drummer when I grew up. My school work suffered as I listened to music every night after dinner with headphones. I was perfectly content staring out the window with Judas Priest blaring in my ears.

When I was 17, I discovered alcohol, which had almost more of a profound effect on me than music. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll (no sex really) became my focus, and I couldn’t keep my grades up and eventually dropped out of school before my senior year. My graduation present from my parents would have been paid tuition to a music school in Hollywood.

Eventually alcohol was more important than drumming, as I just couch surfed for a couple years and lived with older women. I wrote poetry and drank wine under the stars. I thought I was a beat poet like Allen Ginsberg and my friends and I would hitchhike and hop trains like hobos.

My role models were not hair bands anymore but alcoholic writers.


Charles Bukowski

I eventually worked my way up from dishwasher to a line cook. Fast forward 17 years and I was an alcoholic line cook flipping burgers for a living making $11 an hour.

Eventually, I had enough. After having a heart attack at 32, 7 broken relationships, and a ton of other wreckage, I got sober.

So, around 38 I decided to create that music album I always wanted. I made 7 or 8 songs and uploaded it to Tunecore, a digital music platform that sold music for independent artists.

I sold maybe 3 MP3s in Japan and was hooked on selling stuff online. The next year, I decided to write a memoir about my drinking, called The Drunk, and uploaded it to Amazon. This was when everyone and their mother were uploading their ebooks to Amazon. This was the ebook bubble.

I learned how to “tweet” my ebook links on Twitter along with my music album and that was the beginning of my affiliate marketing in 2011.

In 2013, I promoted other people’s digital products on my Twitter account.

I made $2,000 one Summer promoting Clickbank products just using Twitter. (see my complete internet marketing story here)

Then, in 2014, I discovered Network Marketing. It was like affiliate marketing on steroids. Affiliate marketing was usually just “one time sales” whereas MLM involved re-orders which created passive, residual income. Plus, I could earn from everyone on my team, all the way down 10 levels. I also discovered that network marketing leaders made over $150,000 a month, legally!

So, I took to work and learned everything I could about the profession. It was completely new to me and the only place I could find free training was on YouTube.

I took copious notes and watched two hours of videos per night. Eventually, I gathered that what I needed to learn about MLM was how to generate leads consistently. I created this blog around that time and my YouTube channel. I was all about Attraction Marketing. I wanted people to come to me rather than me bugging people.

I turned my Twitter account into an automated lead machine and recruited over 100 people just by using an automated direct message on Twitter using my opportunity link.

Today, it’s still the same. I generate massive leads and let the company’s autoresponder close them. It’s a brilliant system and I won’t touch any MLM that doesn’t have awesome capture pages connected to a killer autoresponder already set up for the distributors.

After 5 years in MLM, I have recruited over 800 people with 98% automation. I literally work one hour a day. If you want to do MLM the non-traditional way (without bugging friends and family, doing 3 way calls, meetings, etc) then I’m the guy to work with.

Thanks for reading my story. I hope I can help you build your MLM Business!

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