Alecia Stringer on Empowering Others to Achieve their Greatest Potential

Alecia Stringer on Empowering Others to Achieve their Greatest Potential

Alecia Stringer on Empowering Others to Achieve their Greatest Potential

Alecia Stringer was a piano teacher with a new child. Piano lessons became less, as Alicia looked to the internet to supplement income. Here’s her story.

Thank you so much for doing this interview, Alecia! You have a few really good blogs online and I’m excited to learn more about your brand. So, let’s get started!

Where were you born and raised, and what was growing up like for you and what did your parents do for a living?

I was born in Austin, Texas and raised in Houston. Growing up I was always taken care of and could do anything I wanted as far as extra activities.

My dad started Compaq computers, so we lived where we could see where he worked as it was growing. My mom always stayed home with us.


Was there any Entrepreneurship in the household, and what did you want to become when you grew up?

When I was in high school, my piano teacher told me I should learn pedagogy. At the time, I really didn’t understand what that was, so realizing it was just teaching piano, I studied it in college.

My dad is an engineer and always managed business. I knew I didn’t want to do what he was doing, yet he has given a work ethic skill set.


When did you discover you liked singing, when did piano enter the picture, and how did music transform your life?

I’ve always enjoyed singing. Our first song is Happy Birthday, right? I was walking in the mall one day and there was a piano store of someone playing. It inspired us to go and and I convinced my dad that I would be committed to learning to play.

This videos shares my story:

Music has always been a part of my life and transforms it in different ways everyday. I set a new goal this summer after I had a huge setback and decided to record a song of me singing daily. This has helped me in so many different ways. I recommend it for everyone!


When did internet marketing enter the picture, what programs did you promote, and what were the first couple years like?

Internet marketing entered in my life when we moved to a small town in Georgia, the market just crashed, and I couldn’t find any piano students.

I stayed home with my new baby working on learning a new skill set. I started with a top tier program and a marketing system.

I learned every way to market online that was given to me in the training. The first couple years was challenging learning a new skill along with the family not knowing what I was doing. So it was a learning curve for sure. Just like living in a new location too. Total culture shock all around.


What was the biggest lesson you learned at that time, and what advice do you have for new internet marketers?

Jumping in too fast can hurt you. Learn what the leaders are doing so you can model what already works.

Here is my video that I explain it better:


You have four blogs? When did you start blogging, how many articles have you published, how old are they, and which blog has brought you the most leads and traffic?

My first blog is:

Started back in Oct. 2007 a few months after I started online. On this first blog, I have over eleven hundred published posts. I have a popular posts widget on the blog which will show you the current popular posts that day. I see the traffic mostly coming from posts that I have done several lists. Like 17 ways ways to create videos:

Then in Oct. 2011 I started blogging with Empower Network and you can have 3 blogs starting in 2012. So I added my music blog and my daughter one.

You can see I have my main blog with my name

And my daughter hasn’t updated hers, so it’s not really ready to share. In time when she finds her interest to share again, it will be ready for her.

In 2015, premium came out with 10 blogs. I haven’t filled out all 10. Yet, when I got lifetime access to Smart Member, I did separate my devotions and added another site for that blog to test out the platform.


Do you promote network marketing or just affiliate marketing on your blogs, and what is the fastest way to make money with a blog?

My first blog was focused around network marketing and so I did a bunch of reviews of different companies. I added affiliate marketing products of friends or jvzoo products when it made sense to use different tools for marketing.

When you ask the fastest way, it sounds kind of relative to a bunch of determining factors. Like what kind of product, audience, and how your funnel is set up that you take people on from your blog.

Do you offer them something to subscribe and follow up with them to purchase if they don’t purchase the first time they see your buy page?

The fastest for me to explain is to write a post on your blog. Create a video about it and add a video in the post. Then share and syndicate it in front of the target audience. I’ve shared huge checklists for sharing a post as it is recommended you share it 3 times the time it took to write the blog post.

Since I have had experiences that leads come in within seconds of a new post to new business partners within 24 hours of some posts, there are so many ways to make your income come in fast. Don’t forget to monetize it with collecting emails!


How many blog posts did it take for you to start seeing some results in traffic and leads, and have you heard of how many blog posts it generally takes to become a full-time blogger?

This is where the journey is created. When I started blogging on my first blog, I started to see new comments and saw more people calling me from my blog.

Then when I started the Empower blog, I copied or used several posts from my blog to start shaping the new blog and within twenty four hours, I had my first sale. The journey has been fun ever since re-creating new results.

Full-time blogger today is a relative term depending on the industry. In network marketing, you can have less than 10 posts and create sales and a downline and never have to blog again. So, are you still a full time blogger?

Sure, full time blogger that doesn’t blog, yet has the full income lifestyle. What do you want to create?

More of the full time bloggers have at least 1 new piece of content once a week and make them more epic content pieces that range from 2,000 to 25,000 plus words. Make a master plan and work it!


What is the best SEO tweak you’ve done on your blogs?

I have learned many different SEO tweaks to help get your blog in front of more traffic. I’ve always done the classic, rank videos to help my blog get more views.

Yet the one that worked for me is getting several high authority backlinks to my blog. Watching bigger blogs and learning more blogging strategies always gives me ideas to be more creative with making more tweaks to rank and get in front of the right people.

I love your YouTube channel. How has video helped your brand and who should do video?

Thank you! I started with making videos and have so many channels that it’s hard to keep up with.

The reason I started making so many was because I had some channels taken away from me. All of a sudden over 500 videos was gone. So a bunch of traffic came down right away.

I learned to disperse different methods and realized what really stood out in my videos that people remember by. They remember my name and my blog as I shared it in each of my intros. Whether that was my brand or not. They remembered me. Even if they didn’t subscribe or finally saw me around in Facebook or the search engines again.

Everyone should do video. Even if it’s just your voice. There are so many options to make your message stand out.


What is your favorite platform right now for generating Leads, and how do you do it?

My favorite platform for generating leads right now is Instagram. I’ve been learning a lot from my mentors and team training of different tricks and tools to use to help generate leads in Instagram.

I still do blog, make videos and have other platforms running like Facebook and twitter. It’s all about managing your content schedule and keeping it running.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

My favorite book is always the Bible! The bible doesn’t need a why. It’s the basis of all books in many different ways.

Some of the latest books I’ve been reading has impacted me:

Just Listen by Mark Goulston and the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

This year a book also impacted me this year is The Greatness Within The Mirror by Nate O’Bryant.

Each shared a new awareness and new ways of thinking. The Just listen book gave me new ideas to help broken relationships and how to change situations. As a mom and finding new crafty ways to get my daughter to do things really helps!

The Slight Edge is always a good book to come back and study and was one of the first books I read as I entered the network marketing industry. It has really helped me see how I can be more efficient in my processes.

The Greatness within the Mirror helped me reflect more on myself and goals I want to create.


What are your goals for 2017?

Of course 2017 is to be very profitable. Yet I look at overall goals with what I want to create in my life. I want to be able to give more experiences with my daughter and I have many different plans to be creative.

Like experience a hot air balloon ride together. Move to Houston with more opportunities. Plus experience more fun times by the pool and beach.

I have a dream to create a girls choir and travel to London for a week as well. All to help gain more confidence and a closer relationship with their parents. Ambitions of more growth and confidence in new results we create.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Never let your fear decide your fate. Awulnation I think quoted it.

If you fear failure, you will never go anywhere. Unknown quote

There are so many favorite quotes I share that help you be more aware of your thinking and allows you to be open to change.

Thank you for this interview and best wishes for all those creating their success dreams.


Thank you so much for this interview, Alecia! So much valuable information.

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