Angel Balichowski on Organic Mommy, Network Marketing, and Coffee!

Angel Balichowski on Organic Mommy, Network Marketing, and Coffee!

Angel Balichowski on Organic Mommy, Network Marketing, and Coffee!

Angel Balichowski is a powerful home-business Entrepreneur. Here’s our interview: Angel Balichowski on Organic Mommy, Network Marketing, and Coffee!

First off, I’m super excited to have Angel do this interview with me. It’s been awhile since I spotlighted her in my top MLM blogs article last year.

Hi Angel!

So, I noticed you have two blogs now: The Organic Mommy and Coffee with Angel, both excellent names by the way, can you tell us about each one, how old they are, and what you use them for?

Thank you for interviewing me Erik! Yes, I do have two now!

Coffee With Angel is almost 3 years old now! That is a video blog that is mostly content for home business and social media training.  

Strategies, courses, tips etc. It was started as the idea of sitting down to have coffee with me, and let’s talk business.

It was my baby, and I created it myself by watching youtube videos on how to build a blog! I’m actually revamping the whole look in the next month, so I’m excited to give it a fresh new spin.  

The Organic Mommy is my new “baby” as I wanted to have a platform where I can share another passion of mine, which is organic living.  

Recently I started a journey into not only Organic living, but also toxic-free living, and I wanted to have a place that parents can come for advice, tips, information etc.  It is pretty brand new, but I will be putting a lot of content on there over the next 6 months.

How is the traffic to your blogs and can you give us an idea what kind of traffic each one gets and what kind of keywords do you target within your niche?

The traffic to coffee with angel is pretty steady, and it does generate me some great affiliate commissions.  

I always personalize the keywords to the exact post, so it’s generally targeted toward social media training for home business, Network Marketing Training, Free training, etc.  

For the Organic Mommy, the targeted key words will be towards toxic free alternatives, organic living, organic network marketing companies, how to go organic etc. As more content gets out there it will be a wide range of keywords.

Has Google given you any free traffic love, or do you drive traffic another way to your blogs?

Yes, thankfully I spent a lot of time doing SEO research and optimizing my posts…so a lot of my posts get on the first page.  

I have a lot of people who opt in to an offer that tell me they found me when they searched a certain topic.  

But I am also very active on social media as well, and make sure that I optimize all of my profiles so that people are being directed back to my blog.

I do a few free traffic strategies when I initially do the post that give it social juice, and then I have run FB paid ads to my posts as well.

Are you promoting just MLM with your blog, or do you also promote other affiliate offers and such? And, what’s been one of your best product performers?

I promote both MLM and Affiliate products on Coffee With Angel.  The Organic Mommy is strictly my products from my MLM.

I have not had one product that has been the top performer, but what I have found is that purchasing a product, and doing a lot of posts around that one product will generate a ton of affiliate commissions.  

You just give a bit of info and offer the rest in the product you are promoting.  It works great.

When did you discover network marketing and could you tell us about the first few years in MLM and the struggles that you faced and overcame?

I discovered MLM in June of 2013.  I’ll never forget getting an email from a good friend about these amazing products, and asking her if there was a chance I could sell these products in my city….if she didn’t mind!! LOL so I recruited myself.

My first two years were awful.  

No after no after no…fail after fail…the wrong compensation plan, the wrong products, the wrong corporate structure, one after one things fell apart but I kept going.  

I learned in my first 6 months to invest in training.  A LOT of training.

Plus a changing point in my life was hearing Darren Hardy say “Are you willing to work HARD for 3-5 years of your life to NOT have to work for the rest?”

That was it for me.  I was going to make this work no matter what.

Network marketing is an “ego-crushing” business, what kind of self-development has it given you?

Haha yes it is.  My first few months were the most devestating emotional times, thinking it was ME they were rejecting.  

I have grown into a completely different person over the last 4 years.  While I invested in myself,  I didn’t only purchase strategy courses but mindset training.  

This industry made me realize I was a mess mentally.  It has made me so much more aware of the possibilities in our life.  

I think bigger than I could have ever imagined 4 years ago.  

People’s words and opinions don’t hurt me at all.  I am free, I am myself, and I have an amazing close group of friends who support that now.

Prior to this industry, I didn’t have anyone who supported the real me, nor did I know who the real me was.

If someone is new to MLM and wants to do everything through blogging, what would you tell them?

Ask someone who has done what you want to do to train you.  They likely have a course or videos.  

Learn and APPLY that training.  Stay consistent.  Be yourself in your posts.  

Don’t try to be someone else.  Your blog is your own voice.  KNOW your own audience and talk to JUST them.

Don’t try to cast out the net that catches EVERYONE.

Write out your avatar and your mission statement and make sure every post reflects that purpose.  

AND have a call to action in every post! Every post must have a purpose. It’s OK to make money from your blog!

On Organic Mommy, you mention  “We are moms on a mission.” What mission is that, and are guys allowed? 🙂

Haha yes guys are allowed! You make me rethink that statement! Absolutely.  

Our mission is to inform as many families as possible that the home product industry is a self regulated industry that is polluting our bodies with toxic chemicals daily and that there are amazing alternatives.  Also that prevention NOW is so much better than reacting later.

I notice that we both use the WordPress 2014 theme. How cool is that! What would you like to achieve with your blogs in a year or two?

Oh goodness, the funny thing is that now I build blogs for people as well.  

So we create these beautiful blogs, and I look at mine…and it’s always tomorrow, next month….  I’m so excited to change them up and be more current and change up the theme.  

I think sometimes when something works…you just let it work. Over the next year with both blogs, I’ll be putting up regular content to reflect my growth and the value I can deliver….

I’ll be changing up my branding, when I started my first blog I was brand new to the industry…not even a year in….now I’m a top earner in my company with the same branding that I used from a different company…so it’s definitely time for a lot of change.  

I’ll likely hire some of it out.  The MAIN thing I can share… don’t need to be perfect to get RESULTS!

What are your goals for 2017?

My goals are mostly focused on my MLM.  

Using both blogs to generate more automated signups and traffic to my sites…I have a specific income goal….I want to increase my team by 10k reps in the next 12 months…I want to GIVE more, start up a local grocery charity for moms in need….

Bless more, help my team reach their incredible goals…see them walk across stage at the highest rank….spend more time with my kids and sleep (a little bit) more. 🙂

What’s your favorite business quote, and why?

One that’s very repeated, but the core of who I am….”If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes then learn how to do it later.” from Richard Branson.  

I absolutely adore him and what he has created and aspire to be that type of a bold Entrepreneur.  I believe we only have one shot. Every moment is precious.  Follow your gut and trust that the rest will all fall into place!

This has been an incredible interview, Angel!

Thanks for reading! Please share this post to give Angel lots of awesome traffic back to her Brand!