Angela Boswell Interview On Attraction Marketing


Angela Boswell on Laser Targeted Leads with Attraction Marketing

Angela Boswell was a elementary school teacher when she took leave to have twins. She soon discovered network marketing. Here is our exclusive interview with her below discussing her success story.

Thank you so much for doing this interview, Angela! I am excited to learn more about you, so let’s get started!

You were an elementary teacher, when you had twins. You became a stay-at-home mom. When and how did you discover network marketing?

It happened out of the blue for me, in the same manner as it does for many. I had barely even heard of network marketing, when I received a phone call from my cousin who introduced me to her business opportunity.

We lived in the U.S. at that point and it couldn’t have come along at a better time for me! Although I had not heard much about the business model, to me it made perfect sense. Plus I loved the products!

My twin girls were 2 1/2 and we were growing increasingly concerned about the need of a 2nd source of income for the family.

I was just considering returning to teaching (which I loved, was good at and missed!) when I received that phone call.

In spite of all those factors to ‘pull’ me back to teaching, I knew in my heart I wanted to stay at home with my twin girls. After all I had seen their first smiles. Heard their first laughs. Witnessed their first steps.

I saw this as the perfect option for me!  An opportunity for me to work from home and continue to enjoy that quality time with our girls while they were still young.

And more importantly, THEY want me to be there with them. So I snapped her up the offer and dived in with both feet!

So, like most new network marketers, you tried prospecting friends and family. How did that go and what was the biggest lesson from that?

Like I said, I literally dived in with both feet. I was incredibly excited to have found something that had the potential to allow me to stay at home and still earn a much-needed 2nd income for our family.

So yes, I did all those things you are told to do when you start. I called my friends and family thinking ‘if I am this excited then surely at least some of the people who know me, are going to be as excited as I am, see the vision I can see and dive in with me. Well I felt bitterly disappointed, is the only way to put it, when not one of my friends and family even wanted to give it a try!

The lessons I learned from that were two-fold. On the one-hand I learned that network marketing and entrepreneurship in general, are not necessarily for everyone.  

You need to have a certain entrepreneurial vision and the drive needed to achieve success – even if it needs to be awakened by someone else.  

On the other hand I learned a few of the fundamentals of prospecting… and that I was very prone to ‘talking people out of a sale or recruit’ rather than making it.


What was the first two years like in network marketing for you and what was the worst thing that happened?

The worst thing that happened was when one of my closest friends actually called me to ask me what on earth I was doing calling all of our friends about ‘some business thing’! I felt devastated and humiliated. It was almost the last straw for me.

After that initial ‘disaster’ of having absolutely no success with my friends and family I soon learned that the path would not be a smooth one. Becoming an entrepreneur is tough!

Thankfully I didn’t give up. Instead I sought out and found another way which would ultimately prove a much more suitable choice for me.  

I found online marketing – initially as an online network marketer, but gradually transitioning over to online affiliate marketer, coach, trainer and personal mentor to others.

I share my story here in this very recent post on my blog: “Is The Entrepreneurial Dream Real?”

You then discovered Attraction Marketing. Can you tell us what Attraction Marketing means to you and how did you incorporate it online?

Understanding the concept of Attraction Marketing was the game-changer for me.

Sounds cheesy lol, but as soon as you grasp this concept you see it in action everywhere… in every successful business around, both online and offline.

YES, i is that critical! If you have a business, you must understand this concept.

So for me, it means first of all having a clear understanding of YOUR target audience. Understanding their problems, their wants, their needs. Then learning how to get the RIGHT message to those people ~ YOUR people.  

Learning how to attract to you, the people who actually have a problem that your product or service will solve.  

Then keeping YOUR people in front of you, keeping their attention, until it is the right time for them to make a buying decision.

YOU – and what you can do for people becomes the center of your marketing rather than your product, service or opportunity.  What you can offer people when they come to you is how you monetize your business.

Online you do that by providing some kind of ‘value’ upfront rather than trying to immediately talk to people about your product, service or opportunity.

That ‘value’ must make sense for the people in your target audience, it must be relevant and timely for them. What that is depends upon the platform you are using, and the medium you are using to deliver it.

So it can range from a simple image with a call-to-action to ‘like’ the post right up to an Ebook with a call-to-action to download the book, capture a ‘lead’ and therefore add a person to your Email list.

So, in a nutshell attraction marketing is learning how to attract people TO YOU, rather than going to them and directly promoting your product, service or opportunity…

Phew!  Sorry for the lengthy answer, but understanding that concept is key!


I noticed that you have received some accolades from the king of SEO, Rob Fore, and MLSP co-founder, Brian Finale. Can you tell me how you got on their radar and what was it like mentoring with them?

MLSP is where I started. I learned many skills through that platform and met many amazing marketers including Brian Fanale and Rob Fore. I reached a leadership level of 4 (L4) and was on the management team for a year.

As you said at the beginning I was a teacher before I had my twins, I loved my job and was it not for wanting the flexibility to stay at home with my twins I would have got back to teaching in a heartbeat.

So therefore my heart lies with mentoring others and sharing the skills I have learned. Once you learn the skills of online marketing the world really is your oyster!

However, there is only 1 of me!  So how I mentor people depends entirely on their wants, their needs and of course their budget!  

Having tried and tested several… I am an now an affiliate of 3 carefully selected online educational platforms.

For some, 1-on-1 mentoring makes sense.  For others, a mastermind group makes more sense.  For others, an educational platform is the best option. MLSP – My Lead System Pro (for Network Marketers who want to learn Instagram or Twitter marketing) or Elite Marketing Pro (for all other Network Marketers) or, since the huge shift in their program, MOBE (for small business owners with a higher budget).


You have a beautiful blog with perfect lead magnets and call-to-actions. How did you learn how to blog like that and was it easy for you?

Thank you! I learned from the best MLM blogger Ray Higdon. If there is one thing your readers take away from my interview let it be that you MUST invest in your own growth and development.

If you are a business owner in the 21st Century, learning the skills of online marketing is crucial.

Here is my entire business model:  I bought Ray Higdon’s blogging course and went through it myself. I learned and APPLIED the skills.  

Then I became an affiliate and now share the course with others. THAT is it! I only ever promote a program, tool or course I personally own myself and I 100% believe in.


How old is your blog, how many posts are on it, and do you get Leads consistently with it?

My sites is now 3 years old and has 310 posts (I need to make that 400 ASAP!) Yes I do get leads consistently with it, primarily through Facebook advertising and organically through Twitter.


What has been the best thing you’ve done on your blog to get Leads?

That’s an easy one for me to answer – learning how to run native ads on Facebook!  Like everything online, so powerful once you learn the skills.

Running ads on Facebook is not difficult to learn, people panic when they hear words like ‘pixel’, but once you can do it, you can do it.  However, like everything else online – invest in a good course, go through it, apply the skills and then become an affiliate yourself.


Are you doing both Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing these days? 

No. I actually found I got more enjoyment from teaching the skills of online marketing to others.  So now I enjoy mentoring others, running mastermind groups and also promoting tools, resources and programs I personally use in my own business as an affiliate.


What product should every network marketer get and why?

Easy – The Attraction Marketing Formula E-book.  As I said earlier, understanding this concept is a game-changer, so this book in itself is a must-have.  

To make it even more of a ‘must have’ are the bonuses: 4 part tutorial series, 3 x 1-on-1 calls with a business coach, and lifetime access to Elite Marketing Pro online education platform itself.  It is a ‘no-brainer’ to me.

What is your favorite social media platform right now and what is the best way to get leads with it?

My favorite platform right now is Facebook which I use in 2 entirely different ways.

I enjoy running my own marketing community on Facebook ‘Angela Boswell’s Marketing Mastery‘.  I provide a lot of value in the community, people can ask any marketing questions at all and it is a fantastic way to build an entirely new warm-market.

I also run Facebook ads with a variety of calls to action.

I first started on YouTube and still LOVE using video marketing – however now those videos are part of my content marketing strategy on my blog and through Facebook. I have recently dived into Facebook live videos which can be a lot of fun!


What are your goals for 2023?

The year 2023 starts with a bang! A mastermind group training course – 6 weeks of teaching online lead generation!  Members will walk away with a personalized lead generation magnet and funnel and the skills to be able to generate leads on either Facebook or Twitter (their choice).

Reach out to me through my community if you would like to join us!  The beauty of a mastermind group is that numbers can be higher.

From there, I am focused as always on helping others. So more 1-on-1 mentoring, and I would also love to create and launch a product of my own.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

I love ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olsen.  That book had, and continues to have a huge impact on every aspect of my life.  

When I find myself becoming grumpy with my little girls I think back to what Jeff says in that book. Even just a little negativity each day slowly builds on itself.  ‘What you become is the sum of small efforts’ – that phrase can work in both a positive and a negative sense. It is up to you to MAKE it positive.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Success is Liking Yourself, Liking What You Do and Liking How You Do It” ~ Maya Angelou

Thank you again for doing this interview, Angela!

My Pleasure Erik – thank you for allowing me to share with your audience!


Thank you again for doing this interview, Angela! This has been full of valuable information!