Angela Brooks Interview On An MLM Blueprint To $350k In Sales

Angela Brooks on the MLM Blueprint to $350k in Sales

Angela Brooks on the MLM Blueprint to $350k in Sales

Angela Brooks was a burnt-out nursing educator with 25 years working in Mental Health. She realized she was missing her children growing up and other business opportunities. Here is our exclusive interview.

Thank you so much for doing this interview, Angela! You have an incredible story that I want to learn more about, so let’s get started!

First off, where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did your parents do for a living?

I was born and raised in Logan County Kentucky with my mother who worked at a newspaper office as a typesetter and later moved to a sign company where she is today.

My step father worked at a tool and Dye company until it closed, he then sold cars until his death in 2007. He was an entrepreneur who always dabbled in baseball cards, guns and knives selling and trading. He always wanted to open his own business but never did.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be in business. I clearly remember saying so to my friends and my parents but I was told that was not possible. I had no idea what type of business but I was drawn to the awe of being a business owner.


How and when did you get into the Nursing profession?

Instead of following my dream I went to nursing school because that is what they offered at the small college I lived close too in Alabama, where I lived at the time.

I was good at it, and enjoyed it but nursing was not my calling. I knew there was more out there in the world and I wanted to know what it was.

I worked in geriatrics, OB (babies), oncology, orthopedics, ER, cardiac unit then moved to mental health at a state facility where we worked with dangerously sick people from the streets, jail and prison.

I had a good rapport with most of the patients I enjoyed listening to their stories. Their stories changed me as a person, as much as I helped them as a nurse.

I worked on a men’s unit with 20-25 males. I worked as a mental nurse from 1989 until 2014 (25 ½ years) when I retired. I wrote a book about my adventures as a nurse in that building Called the “The Nurse’s Voice” on Amazon.


When did you realize that you were working too much and missing life, and what led you to internet marketing?

The Saturday morning, I stood on the back porch and watched my husband and two boys drive down the driveway to my oldest son (Zach’s) baseball tournament.

I could not get the weekend off to watch him pitch and had to get the updates by text. I cried going to work. I felt I was missing them grow up and I wanted out of a schedule situation where I had to ask permission to have a day with my family.

It made me angry to need permission to have holidays off to spend with my family. I missed more holidays than I ever enjoyed because of work. I was grateful to have a job that paid well and had benefits but my kids were growing fast.

I was introduced to network marketing in 1997 when a friend sold me a bottle of energy pills (since I work 13 hour night shifts)  and she told me that I could sell them too if I wanted to make some extra money as a single mom.

I would sell  50 bottles a month in the beginning and before long I was shipping out 500 bottles all across the US.

What I didn’t know then was if people had accounts they would dropship it to them for me and I would not have to do the mailing and labeling. That company has since closed.

I joined at least three other companies and with each one I would learn a little bit more about how network marketing worked. All three of those companies are now closed.

What were the first two years like in network marketing? What was the biggest struggle for you?

All I had ever been told about network marketing was you had to talk to people and have meetings. I did. I didn’t enjoy it and the no’s were pretty disheartening but I never quit. I remember my very first check felt like a $1000. It was $17.50. It didn’t even cover what I used per month.

My biggest struggle was I didn’t have anyone showing me how to build a business. How the different legs worked in a binary to generate rank in the company. They invited me to meeting after meeting which bored me to death. It was not my deal. I wanted to work online –

I said it many times to my upline back then, I wanted an online business and I was told it was not possible. Of course this was around 1999 and the internet was not in every home yet. People were starting to use email but not much. I didn’t know how but I was determined.


When did you discover the power of blogging, Attraction Marketing, and social media?

2010. I started a blog. I was clueless how to copy and paste. I didn’t know how to link a URL. I had no clue what to write about, but I needed a blog.

So I began. Social Media was coming on board. I joined Twitter and had no clue how to use it – of course it has grown as a search resource since then. I joined Facebook because my niece moved to Georgia and she was on Facebook so I connected to be able to talk to her.

Facebook was still a college kids social platform. There weren’t a lot of people on there yet.  It started growing when businesses found out how powerful it was to have a page.

Of course I didn’t use it the most effective way in the beginning like everyone else but people started following me when I talked about what I was doing and they began joining my business without even a phone call.

I would send them to a very bad business page and they joined. The first 5 people I signed up are still with me today and three of them are my top leaders.


I’m impressed by your blog! How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is the daily traffic like to it?

I started the blog in 2010. (and thank you it has been a lot of work and changes as it has grown)

525 blog posts.

I had to remove about 100 posts due being non-compliant with partnering company for the social media policy 2 years ago. Another reason I don’t blog about my company.

I get 10,000 page views a day with an average 20% bounce rate. Reading an average of 3 pages a visit.

Do you recommend blogging to your new network marketing team members? What other important lead-generation strategies do you suggest they do?

I recommend blogging to anyone who is serious about building a business on or off line. You need a “home” and a blog sets in the space.

It has your story on your page so you are not saying it over and over or if someone finds you can they can connect with you through your story.

It should have your social platforms where they can click and connect with you. It is a place to feature your products and other offers all in one place. It is your online real estate.

You must have a lead magnet or known as the free offer that bribes them to join your list for a training, PDF, Blog post, Webinar that will give them the answer to a problem they have.

It is a slow growing feature but it is your business in a more solid fashion. Of course now you have Facebook live videos that you can use to give a call to action of joining your free offer to generate leads.

Teach them something – don’t just sell them your product. Teach them the benefits of being healthy or the benefits of making good choices for their health and why.

People who are searching for answers don’t want to hear the history of your company – they want to know if what you have will work for them and their problem.

Build a list, take control of your business.

Use social media because it is powerful for relationship building but move those leads you connect with over to a platform you have more control of and you can talk too without worrying about the social platform slapping your hand and putting you in Facebook jail. Build your list.


What were the steps that took you from $0 to $350,000 in product sales in one month? Walk us through it, and what was the breakthrough?


Blogging when I didn’t feel like it.

Blogging when I was not getting any comments.

Blogging when I was not 100% sure of my ideal client.

Blogging when I had a message to share and sending people to those messages so I didn’t have to say it over and over again.

Teaching instead of selling gained the trust of people to come back and read again without feeling it was not a safe space.

Providing valuable content.

Rinse and Repeat.

As of the date of me writing this I am watching my end of the November overall volume hit the highest ever numbers of 475,000 for one month. (should be 490,000 by tomorrow)

THAT is amazing to me.

THAT is a lot of lives being touched

THAT is strong community.

People have to feel as if they know you when you work online before they will trust you with a purchase or a product suggestions. In your blogs you  share your ups and downs people feel as if they know you when they meet you in person. Your blog connects you to your leads.


You have a great book on your blog and it is also listed on Amazon and currently has 12 five-star reviews. Can you tell us about MLM Blueprint: Secrets to Building Your Network Marketing Empire?

The MLM Blueprint is full of start to blogging content. There are 7 modules that teach you the plugins you need for a blog, the tabs you need to have on a blog, and where to find endless content to blog about. I give all my resources that I use and how to build your new online business circle and why you need them in place.

If someone doesn’t want to build a blog from scratch – I have an option for them as well.

And as a secret Bonus… I include my book MLM Blueprints book – in print now on Amazon too that has links to even MORE webinars, interviews, and step by step reasons you need to work your network marketing business with intention.


Speaking of books, what is your favorite book right now and why?

I read several books at once.

Right now sitting on my table is Ray Higdon Money Vibration

Russ Whitney Inner Voice

David Stewart Healing Oils of the Bible

I love reading… I enjoy learning.


What are your goals for 2023?

I will gain a new rank in my company (only 5000 in volume away) by December I should be hitting the next rank up or super close.

I want to make an impact in my local community and teach people to look at network marketing differently than small home parties for friends to come and be nice, I want others to see it’s true value and that there is more than most people see.

I want to teach people who were like me and felt it in their gut they wanted more but didn’t know the steps to take.

I have an event planned in January with the local Chamber of Commerce support and another one in April to have fun with products and a cooking class combo.

I want to open people’s eyes in 2023 to a new way to work from home part time and have the option to remain at a job. Not everyone wants to work from home – but most people like options.


What is your favorite quote and why?

“I will become whatever I believe I will become.”


Thank you so much for doing this interview, Angela!

Thank you SO much for asking me to do this! I hope this is enough information for your post. I am grateful for you and what you do for others. Such kindness is greatly appreciated.

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