Anna Zubarev Interview On Social Media Marketing Success

Anna Zubarev on the Best Social Media Practices with Pinterest

Anna Zubarev on the Best Social Media Practices with Pinterest

It is no accident that Anna Zubarev is a top social media marketing queen who has been interviewed by Huffington Post. Here is our exclusive interview.

Thank you so much, Anna for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview! So, let’s get started.

When did you get the name “Anna Z, the Social Media Expert?” and what is that title mean to you?

My full name is Anna Levina-Zubarev, which is a combination of a maiden and married name (I wanted to keep both).

Being out in Social Media I know the importance of Branding your name and making it stand out, therefore, I wanted to keep it simple and easy to pronounce.

You were born and raised in Minsk, Belarus where there was a lot of corruption. What was moving to New York City like for you and how was it different or the same as Belarus?

As you read in my BIO, coming to this country with no English skills, no friends or experience of this culture, was a shock, to say the least.  

However, having the experience of living with minimal availabilities, had given me more for what was about to come.  

Imagine going to the food store and all the shelves were empty, imagine going to school and being judged for being Jewish?!

Living life in a Communists country had thought me my 1st survival skills and put that thick skin for me.  It was a preparation for the new road ahead for sure for me and my family who brought me in the US.


You didn’t want to do the 40 year plan of having a J.O.B. So, how did you find Entrepreneurship and how did it resonate with you?

Having 15 years of experience working for someone had prepared and given me the ability and the knowledge on the things I’m doing today that is propelling me to do things on a grander scale!  

So I am thankful for the learning experience I had then. Funny enough, I did enjoy doing the things I did while working, however, it was the people I worked for that didn’t appreciate me being there.  

When the time came and my last Corporate job ended, I was terrified of the future!

Luckily my husband of now 17 years, had always supported me and on that day, as he picked me up from my last job, he said to me: “Honey, we will be alright – I know we can do this!” and he was absolutely right, we went on to be a full-time entrepreneurs doing whatever it took to making it big for us and our children.


You have made over a million dollars with social media and internet marketing. But, what were the early years like and when did you finally have a breakthrough?

First, let me correct you there, we made to-date over $1.6 Million dollars in Making Money Online Industry and from the comfort of our home.  

Both my husband and I are known in the industry of “Direct Sales” as Alex and Anna Zubarev and my role in our business is PR and Social Media Expert, specifically Pinterest Expert.


Your specialty seems to be Pinterest. Is that your favorite social media platform right now and why?

Pinterest wasn’t my first choice when I started, it was Facebook and Instagram.  The reason why I prefer today to utilize Pinterest as my main source of driving traffic to my site is because Pinterest is the longest highest traffic source than any other social platform in my opinion.


Do you do your own Pinterest images and if so, what program or app do you use?

Yes, all the content and images are created by me. Being that photoshop isn’t the easiest or user-friendly tool for creating images, I decided to put all my efforts with Canva, which is by far the easiest and most amazing tool for creating images for any of my social posts and content marketing.


How often do you pin on Pinterest and do you delete 5 to 10 less “liked” pins each day like Sarah Titus recommends?

I found that the more the marrier you Pin and interact with Pinterest the higher results you’ll get with Pinterest. I’d say spending 10-15 minutes daily would be the key ingredient for scaling your efforts with Pinterest.   

However, I don’t believe deleting Pin’s can make a big difference when comes to creating more traffic to your site, I know in fact that the better and more Visually appealing your images can be, the better chances that Pin will be repinned and clicked on.

Do you SEO optimize your Pinterest boards and if so, how?

Yes, SEO and Pinterest work together like Peanut butter and Jelly.   Knowing your targeted audience is the key, applying right keywords to your Bio description, each board name, and description and optimizing same keywords in the description of the Pin is the KEY!


How long have you been blogging, how many posts do you have on it, and do you consistently get sales and leads from it?

I’ve been a blogger for the since 2015, and to-date I have over 50 blogs, which isn’t a lot, but I assure you, that each piece of content I create has tremendous amount of Value, as I do believe giving my readers valuable based post can help them achieve more and for them to longing to come back for more.


What’s been the best SEO trick you’ve done on your blog?

The best tool for my blog that helped me so much to gain perspective for the SEO efforts is Yoast Plugin.


What are your plans for 2017?

My plans for 2017 is to continue to provide value to my readers and perhaps start creating more video tutorials for Pinterest how-to guides!  As of right now I only have blogs and Slideshare Presentations for 2023.


What is your favorite quote and why?

“Before we know where we are going – we must never forget where we came from”.  This quote, helps me to remain humble and grateful to all the people I meet and life experiences I gain.

Thanks so much for this interview, Anna! This has given our blog readers a ton of value!

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