Blocks Preventing Success In Your Business Or Career

Starting a new business or having a career that you are proud of won’t have been gifted to you on a plate. It is a fact that being successful takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and determination to make it your success.

Having said that, perhaps you have reached a point in your working life where you feel you just don’t move forward, not through a want of wanting to be successful. There can be things blocking you on your path to success that you might not even realize.

It is hard when you have something that you want so much. You can be blinkered when it comes to what is the stumbling block. You may be causing the damage to your own success, it may be outside factors causing you to make the wrong decisions. If you feel like you are at a stand still then you need to take the time to analyze your life and see if any changes can be made for the better. Here are some of the common blocks and obstacles people can face when they want to be successful.

Is a relationship holding you back?

Have you ever thought that the person you are with is the one that is holding you back in your career? Often you don’t see it at first. You love the person, you are blinded in some way, but as you get on, you will start to notice the obvious signs.

Do they get annoyed when you work late? Are they never enthusiastic about your business successes? Do they support you? Are they happy for you? These questions need to be asked to help you determine whether or not your relationship is a reason why you are not moving forward as fast as you should be.

Are you causing your own downfall?

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to our business and career. We can feel a little invincible at times, especially if things seem to be going well. But ultimately we can then be lead down a path of alcohol, drugs, or things like stress and depression, without even realizing it is an issue.

If you feel like you are causing your own downfall it may be time to take some action. If it is drug related then a Dual Diagnosis Rehab could be the answer. If it is alcohol abuse then you may want to start speaking to experts and attending meetings to cut the alcohol out of your life for good. Stress and depression could be caused by other areas in your life, as well as work related, so it is up to you to take the time to figure out the causes and make some changes in your life.

Is your workload causing you to feel stressed?

On the subject of stress, your current workload could be to blame and the reason why you are not moving forward. Especially in your career, you may feel that having more responsibility, taking on more work, is only going to have you looking great in the eyes of the CEO and such. But the truth is, taking on more than you can chew may have the opposite effect. Do what you do well, and then move on from there. Don’t run before you can walk in business.

Have you mentally got the right mindset?

When it comes to running your own business or getting ahead in your career there is one key area that can either help or hinder your chances of success. That is your mindset in business. Negativity breeds negativity, and before you realize it you can find that you are living in a glass half empty kind of world.

It is hard to change a mindset straight away as negative habits will have been formed. So focus on small changes and take it from there. Gratitude is a great place to start and also being aware of what and how you are thinking. Force a thought to be more positive. It will feel hard at first but once you break your old habits you will see that you have a whole new perspective and outlook on life.

Are you physically fit and healthy?

Finally, an obvious block you could be facing is your own physical fitness and health. Are you healthy right now? Are you physically able to do the job? If you find that you are not doing great in these areas then you may want to think about a lifestyle change to help you. Having more energy, feeling more alert, these things are only going to help you throughout the day. It can be as simple as being more active and have a more balanced diet that can help you to get on the right track.

Let’s hope these things help you to move past any blocks that you could be facing. Once your blast through the blocks, nothing can stop you and the sky is the limit!