Top Affordable Summer Activity Ideas For Families

Summer is on its way and it is approaching pretty fast. We all love to be able to enjoy our time in the sun with family and friends and the summer is a wonderful chance to explore and try new things. Today we are going to make a list of just some of the things that you should think about doing this summer with your family and friends.

See a movie outdoors – Many cities and towns will have an outdoor cinema which comes into play in the summer so take advantage and see a show!

Walk on a pier – a trip to the beach is always fun and walking on the pier is a great way to get closer to the ocean.

Ride a roller coaster – take a look online for offers on theme park trips this summer and head over there with your family for a nostalgia filled day.

Play mini golf – mini golf is the ultimate fun summer sport and there are tonnes of courses around the world to try.

Win a prize at the fair – visit your local fair and try to win a stuffed animal for yourself or your loved one.

Build a sandcastle – playing with sand never gets old and you can either do this or bury someone in the sand for a laugh!

Pick berries – strawberries are in season at the moment and it is the perfect chance for you to get some fresh juicy fruit for your ice cream this week.

Go to the ice cream truck – if an ice cream truck stops outside your home this week, head out and make the most of it!

Make lemonade – lots of lemons, lots of sugar, and carbonated water make for a fun summer project!

Grill on the barbie – grab a disposable grill or fire up your grill master and host a barbecue in the back garden. You can have lots of food, drinks and even a little pool!

Go to a farmers market – you never know what true fresh food is until you have walked around a farmers market.

Have a picnic in the park – grab a blanket and make some simple finger food, and head out for a hike in the countryside on a Saturday!

Stargaze – lie down on the grass at night and enjoy the stars in the sky with the person you love.

Watch the sunset – take an evening beach trip and sit on the shore watching the sunset in front of you. It will be the most magical experience!

Visit an outdoor concert – head to a local park and bring a blanket and drinks for an outdoor concert!

Join a fishing tournament – grab your best reel and scales to weigh fish, and head into the countryside to grab the biggest fish you can!

Pick wildflowers – pick poppies and peonies and pansies in the wild to bring home and place on your kitchen table!

Swim in a lake – swim in a lake near to your home because you can! Bring a towel and some floats and have a great afternoon of it.

Rent a bike – take some time off into the countryside and head to a national park. Rent yourself a bike or two and go for a stunning bike ride in the sun with your love. You will work up a sweat and be able to enjoy your day without walking!

Go rock pooling – one of the most fun parts of a seaside trip had to be the rock pools. Rock pools are full of amazing creatures such as crabs and anemone and fish, and you can discover all of this life with a bit of exploration this year!

Go camping – ditch the hotel and grab yourself a tent, some equipment and a big bag of marshmallows and head into the forest for a camping trip this weekend. You’ll be able to enjoy the scenery, sit down underneath the stars and most importantly, eat lots of s’mores.

Play tennis – if you love watching Wimbledon and it gets you in the mood for playing the sport yourself, why not play tennis with your friends this summer with a glass of pimms, and finish off with a bowl of strawberries and cream?

Go for a hike – there are many amazing national parks and walks around, so take your pick and have fun heading out in the sunshine for the day with your family or friends.

Go kayaking – if you are brave enough why not head out on the water this year with a kayak? You might fall into the water a few times but you’ll have some fun!

Frisbee – head out to your lockable Park this weekend and set up a blanket for your family. Toss a frisbee with your kids and your dog and enjoy the sun.

Collect seashells – find the prettiest shells that you can and bring them home to put in your garden.

Road trip – wake up one morning and suddenly hop in the car and head off somewhere new!

See a summer blockbuster – catch the newest marvel movie in the cinema with a massive tub of popcorn and sweets.

Read a book – pick a book from the store and take the time to read it this year and broaden your horizons.

Walk barefoot in the grass – how amazing does grass feel between bare toes? Well, you will have to try it and find out!

Stand out in a storm – when it rains in the summer, the rain is usually pretty hot, and it can be a super fun way to spend an hour by standing out in the rain and just not caring if you get soaked through. It is sounds random but it is actually really fun!

Sit in a paddling pool – the pools you can buy from the store might not be quite as exciting as the ones you can get on holiday, but they will still do the trick! Fill one up and have a nice relaxing afternoon sitting in the pool and worrying about absolutely nothing for some affordable summer fun.