5 B2B Sales Tips To Boost Profits

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Did you know that B2B companies that have high engagement scores get 50% more revenue and show 34% higher profitability? Those are statistics that businesses can’t ignore.

Figuring out how to get more people to buy in B2B sales can be a challenge. Sales and strategy in a B2B environment are different from other sales channels in the way in which you conduct your sales regime. 

Continue reading to learn great B2B sales tips to up your game. 

1. Do Your Research 

Many B2B salespeople will walk into an appointment with little understanding of their potential customer and their business. 

Do in-depth research of your prospect. How can your product or service benefit their business? 

Instruct your sales team to take the time to try and understand the potential customer’s needs and wants and how their business works. 

Ensure they go into their sales pitch meeting armed with enough information so they are not caught without the right answers. 

2. Focus on Face to Face

The whole world has gone digital, and people seem to think the days of meeting with customers face to face are dead. 

This can’t be further from the truth. 

Face to face meetings, whether in person or on video, are a surefire way to build a certain amount of trust with your potential customer. You are able to answer questions, and navigate uncertainty at the moment, as opposed to responding to an email and waiting days for a response. 

3. Promote a “Don’t Give Up Attitude” 

B2B sales take notoriously longer than a B2C sale. 

Attempt to create an attitude within your B2B salesforce that says, “We won’t give up.” 

Many salespeople will feel when a customer says, “Not right now,” they mean never. And said salesperson will move onto the next prospect. 

Having a follow-up process is paramount to your success. If the salesperson stays in touch in a positive, upbeat way, you will find that the hammer has chipped away at the stone, and eventually you will make a sale. 

4. Track Success 

Many B2B sales teams will have people who succeed much more than others. Some will put this off to hard work, but sometimes, it can be what that salesperson is doing right. 

Hosting a monthly sales meeting is a great way to track your progress. Encourage your team to talk openly about what tactics worked for them that month and what didn’t. 

If someone has closed a difficult sale, it may be the motivation another team member needs to use a successful pitch idea and get closer to their own sales goals. 

5. Use the Power of Teaching 

Many of your potential B2B customers will have problems or issues that are not directly related to the problem that your service or product will solve. This should matter to your salespeople. 

Using the mention of these challenges within a meeting, your sales team can reciprocate with “free advice.” This goes a long way in the eyes of a potential B2B customer. Suggesting a course, or a book, or even another company that can solve that additional issue for them is a good way to build trust. 

To become a B2B beast, your sales team needs to truly listen to your prospects. 

B2B Sales Tips for the Win 

To truly see these B2B sales tips in action and showing a positive return, you need to methodically work every one of them into your daily sales routine. 

Remember though, that seeing change will take time and won’t happen overnight. Stay motivated and dedicated to the implementation, and you will see results soon enough. Visit the Sales section of the Everything Entrepreneur Blog to get more B2B sales tips from selling experts around the world.