5 Bad Web Design Examples

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As a business owner, the cornerstone of your company isn’t the products or services you sell, it is your website. A badly designed website is pretty hard to look at which doesn’t invite customers to stick around.

Bad web design examples don’t end at the way it appears to the user. If you’re missing links or the text is difficult to read, customers won’t be able to navigate through your site to buy your products or find out more about your services.

Do you feel like your website might be lacking? Is your business site looking less than professional and modern? To improve your company website or blog on WordPress, you should start here for top tips.

And keep reading to learn more about what makes a bad website.    

1. There Is No Clear Message 

Customers form an opinion of you in only a few seconds. If your page loads and they can’t find out any information about you or your company name is missing, they aren’t going to stick around. 

Upon first looking at your homepage, a person should be able to clearly see who you are and what you are selling. They aren’t going to want to navigate through several webpages to find that info. 

2. You Have Got Too Much Going On

Your website needs to have a clean layout. You see a lot of poorly designed websites with clutter all over the place. It makes it hard to navigate and it is not easy on the eyes. 

Not only is clutter ugly but the more you have on the page, the more time it takes for it to load. The average person will only sit on your site for 15 seconds. Remember that when deciding how much to put on one webpage.  

3. Failing to Optimize for Mobile Users

Over 70% of all people browse using their smartphones. So, one of the worst web design mistakes you can make is not optimizing for mobile users in mind. 

Web design companies will tell you that your website should automatically detect when someone is accessing it on a smaller screen and make necessary adjustments. If it doesn’t do this, your site will be pretty hard to navigate. 

4. You’ve Got Social Media Icons at the Top 

You do want users to go to your social media page but not before they explore the rest of your site. Having your social media icons at the top of your page encourages this. 

Once the user goes to your social media page they may decide to follow you which is a plus but they will get so lost scrolling through that they will forget all about your website.  

5. Your Font is Hard to Read 

Your users shouldn’t have to squint to read the content on your webpage. The font size should be 14px and above and choose an easy to read font such as Sans Serif. It helps a great deal if you break up big chunks of text and use headings, sub-headings, and bullets as well.

Bad Web Design Examples That You Should Avoid

Your website is the cornerstone of your business. It is how customers learn about you and buy your products. If it is hard for them to navigate through it, they won’t stick around to learn more. Websites must work well!

Keep these bad web design examples in mind when you are making your site to keep customers from turning away. 

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