5 Benefits Of Flying Via Jet

benefits flying private jet vs commercial airline

You will have the best time traveling if you book a jet. Although you might think this would be very expensive, it won’t be. Fuel prices have come down considerably over time. Booking a jet via private carrier has been especially beneficial due to the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve discussed why private jet travel is advantageous and much more below.

Keep reading to learn why it’s better on private jets than flying commercial.

1. Improved Safety

The coronavirus has not only made air travel difficult but also unsafe. After all, you would be surrounded by possibly hundreds of others. Jets make it safer, as it would just be you and a few other guests (that you may have brought) on board.

Although commercial airplanes disinfect airplanes before taking off, private carriers would do a better job. You are paying more, after all.

2. Fly to More Locations

Look at the top travel places to visit during COVID-19. There are several less visited countries on the list. Commercial airlines pick and choose the locations they fly to. There’s a chance that the airlines where you live don’t fly to a lot of these “less-popular” locations.

This will never be the case for a private carrier. They fly to virtually all countries in the world, and they are permitted to even land in the smaller, domestic airports.

3. Feel Luxurious

Who doesn’t want to feel like a millionaire? If you fly on a jet, you will make this happen. You will have one-on-one luxury service thanks to the crew on board. The food will be much better than when flying commercially too.

Although flying on a jet would be more expensive than using a regular airline, it’s not as expensive as you think. It used to cost an arm and a leg, but the price has come down so it’s much more affordable these days. Flying by private jet is even more reasonably priced when you use private jet cards programs. You can now enjoy lux flying on a business class budget!

Speaking of luxury, many private carriers let you even choose the jet you want to book. There is a lot more flight flexibility nowadays, especially when it comes to online booking convenience.

4. Get To Where You Need To Be

Do you need to fly immediately? A private carrier will have your back, then. Unlike commercial counterparts, they let you book flights and fly ASAP. So, if you need to leave in an hour, you’ll be able to.

You’ll appreciate this if you need to urgently meet a business client or sick family member. As discussed above, you can choose the jet you want to fly on. Choose one of their most popular and speedy business jets to get there even faster.

5. Plan The Best Business Trips

You won’t be able to plan as good of a business trip when using a regular airplane. It isn’t hard to imagine why, as on a jet, you would have a secluded environment with just your colleagues that you can practice and discuss important matters with. Also, you wouldn’t have to fear about anyone from a rival company being on board and hearing you.


There are many reasons to use a jet over a commercial airplane. One of the biggest advantages is that you would be safer. There would be fewer people on board, so you wouldn’t have to worry about contracting COVID-19. In addition to that, you get to enjoy superior engineering and design on new aircraft.

Also, you will feel like a movie star when getting on board. So treat yourself and fly high. It’s time to fly in style!