10 Big Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

benefits hiring remote workers

A recent survey found that nearly 37 percent of all jobs in the U.S. could be done from home instead of the traditional workplace. Have you considered hiring remote workers for your company? If so, this could be the way of the future. Working from home (WFH) and hybrid working have become commonplace now after recent events and improved technology.

Working from home is beneficial to both workers and companies. Wondering if you should hire remote employees and why? Learn more about optimal employee solutions on the Qualtrics site and keep reading as we will show you 10 reasons why remote working is a great idea. 

1. Increases Employee Talent Pool

Imagine having your pick of employees from any part of the world. With remote employees or a hybrid employee option, you have access to a global talent pool giving you more applicants to choose from. 

You can diversify your workforce and have access to people with talents you may not be able to reach in your geographic area. For example, you can find a remote app development team to meet your needs, and you can find the specific skills to create any application you need, which could be hard to find in some areas.

2. Reduces Costs

With employees working from home, you don’t need as much office space. In fact, all you really need is a reliable conference call service so you can stay on top of your communication with employees, and you’re good to go! You also don’t have to worry about other costs like furniture, cleaning services, coffee, and other supplies. Your company can rent or buy smaller spaces, saving more money.

A recent study found that an employer could save about $11,000 annually for each remote employee. Plus, you have no wasted space when you downsize your building.

Your employees can also save money as well with commute costs, work attire purchases, food, and child care. Talk about a nice benefit when you are looking to recruit!

3. Greater Productivity

Telecommuters tend to be more productive than those in a physical office. This could be from reduced distractions and the freedom to work their more productive hours.

A recent survey showed that remote workers do spend more time taking breaks throughout the day, but they are more devoted to their work and various tasks. Remote workers take less sick days, avoid a long commute, and skip coffee breaks and chats with co-workers.

4. Less Employee Turnover

Employees see working from home as a real benefit when looking for the perfect work-life balance. When you don’t have high rates of turnover, you see a chain reaction of other benefits. Your employees have more loyalty and are more willing to work more when needed.

You can also spend less time and money recruiting and onboarding new staff. This allows you to focus more on long-term plans. A study found that remote employees are 13 percent more likely to stay at their job and employer over a longer time than those working onsite.

5. Makes a Business More Competitive

Your employees are the main driver of your business. With the right talent, you can grow and retain top talent to differentiate your business from the competition. 

The top talent may choose your company over an onsite employer when choosing their next career, so you can have another competitive edge to attract top talent as well.

6. Improved Employee Health

Commutes and long hours in the office can negatively affect an employee’s health and wellness. They can spend more time away from family and miss out on important events. Employees can easily find more time for exercise and family without a commute or being bound to an office. 

In addition, with fewer employees exposed to each other, there are fewer germs spread at your office. However, if you offer wellness programs for your onsite employees, don’t forget about your remote workforce. Offer reimbursement for gym memberships or inclusion on healthy eating and weight-loss competitions. 

7. Gives Employees a Better Work-Life Balance

Without today’s technology, working remotely would be impossible. Your employees don’t have to be at your office to get their work done. 

To keep your employees happy and more productive, you can help them save time and find a schedule that works for them, which is one of the biggest benefits of working from home. You can easily still have meetings with video conferencing. Employees have the freedom to get their work done and schedule it around important family events like children’s sports. 

A remote employee can work from anywhere. If a family need arises, they can visit family and still work without having to take time off.

8. Work Can Be Done Anytime

With a diverse workforce and remote employees in various geographic locations, work can be done anytime and not just the typical office hours. 

You can have employees working in different time zones to help answer any inquiries and respond to problems. This is another benefit if you have customer service representatives because people can work hours that fit their time zone. 

9. Better for the Environment

Having remote employees is good for the environment and your business. People working from home:

  • Purchase less throwaway cups or containers while on break
  • Conserve less office space and energy
  • Create less pollution from commuting to work

You can also use less paper, electricity, and more by using remote employees and technology. 

10. Disaster Ready

You will be ready for a remote work plan contingency in case of a natural disaster or another local or national emergency. Consider how prepared you will be with another community illness outbreak like COVID-19. 

You will have a plan in place for all employees to work from home. You will know what is necessary for a temporary workspace and know which applications are necessary. Having remote employees will let you decide which collaborative applications work best and you can continue to work even if no employees can go to a physical office space. 

You can easily have a plan ready to keep your business running smoothly, and you know what to expect from employees working from home. 

Remote Workers Benefit Your Company

Imagine being able to attract the talent you need from anywhere in the world. With remote workers, you can. Your business can save money, be disaster ready, have more productive workers, and retain top talent.

Hiring remote workers or giving your employees the option to work from home can give you a competitive advantage and help you keep healthier and happier employees. 

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