Best Affiliate Marketing Hybrid for Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have gone through the roof over the last decade. Here is the Best Affiliate Marketing Hybrid for Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs and Introverts.

The cryptocurrency market has broken the $110 Billion mark in market capitalization.

Here is a picture of Bitcoin transactions:

You can see that Bitcoin transactions is exponentially growing.

If you are interested in learning exactly what these digital coins are and how they will dominate the financial markets in the near future continue reading.

If you have ever been in network marketing before, you know it is incredibly hard to build a team.

I am sure you have heard the statistic that over 97% who join network marketing eventually quit.

This statistic has plagued me in my own efforts to build a successful MLM organization since 2014.

Bad things happen to good people in MLM even in 2023, because you cannot predict what people do in business, and unless you have very thick skin, it hurts when someone quits on you in network marketing.

The Best Cryptocurrency Training

I think I have found a solution for all of these things. From the best cryptocurrency training to a new type of hybrid MLM/affiliate marketing program that takes “team building” out of the equation.

Yes, I’m saying you don’t need to stay up until 2 AM on Skype with your downline anymore, or set up rah rah house parties to recruit new reps and fire up your team.

As  an introvert, I feel inferior to the extroverts on Facebook that can prospect all day long and socialize and build up morale.

I don’t want to sit on Facebook all day prospecting.

I want to attract leads using this blog and other paid advertising and let the cryptocurrency MLM do the rest.

The Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Program will offer:

  • Landing pages that you can promote
  • Automated email sequence that helps you get new people on your team.
  • The very best cryptocurrency education, from beginner to advanced.
  • The very best cryptocurrency trading techniques that will help you invest in any market and make profit daily.
  • A “Forced Matrix” compensation plan that you can get paid with even if you don’t recruit.
  • Perfect for introverts who don’t want to team build and be a cheerleader.
  • New members are placed in your downline no matter what.
  • Predictable ROI with PPC advertising, unlike other MLMs.
  • Top notch leadership with over 60 years experience combined.
  • Joining me, you will get a steady flow of members placed under you.
  • Up to $2,000 per month of earnings without recruiting.

As a seasoned network marketer, I love this program because I treat it like an Affiliate Marketing opportunity rather than a traditional MLM, but get the residual income of a MLM.

The company sends out “member update” emails every week and there is new webinars being launched weekly as well. My new reps get these emails, so I don’t have to send emails out.

The system is truly automatic.

All I need to worry about is getting eyeballs on my company-provided landing pages and let the company do the rest.

I also have learned a lot about cryptocurrencies since I joined just a month ago.

My downline already looks completely filled, there is no empty spaces in my downline like you would get from a traditional MLM binary plan.

As an introvert, I always hated the fact that I couldn’t be a loud, outgoing leader who could rally his team.

With this new cryptocurrency MLM, I can stick to what I do best: Attraction Marketing to generate leads.