Best Direct Selling Business for Men Over 40

Best Direct Selling Business for Men Over 40

Best Direct Selling Business for Men Over 40

Ever wondered if you could earn residual income at 40 years old as a man? Direct Selling may be a faster vehicle than a job or Savings for your retirement as a man in their forties or fifties.

Here Is The Best Direct Selling Business For Older Men

That special feeling of Residual Income

Most men have no money in Savings and if they do it is probably an “emergency fund,” not a retirement fund.

Also, if you have $50,000 in Savings earning a whopping 5% interest, you still would only get $200 a month in dividends.

Not many people have $50k lying around or can live on $200 a month, especially if you are an older man going through a mid-life crisis.

Is there a better way to make money as a middle-aged man?

The quick answer is yes middle-aged men can make money online.

After being bit by the entrepreneurship bug at a young age, I sold a Lamborghini at age 12 with some hard work and hustle.

When I began online in 2011, I tried making money by selling music and ebooks.

I bombed horribly being manly and successful as an online entreprenur, but I soon discovered a taste or a feeling that became instantly addictive and exciting.

That was, Residual Income.

See, I sold an MP3 in Japan, overnight while I slept.

It was only one MP3 download, but the feeling was blissful and a lightbulb went off in my head:

“I could make money automatically while I sleep from anywhere in the world at any time.”

I began searching for residual income to increase my masculine money making abilities.

I tried Affiliate Marketing by selling third-party info products.

The commissions were good, but most of them were one-time sales.

It took about another year before I stumbled across another type of business called, Direct Selling, or MLM and Network Marketing.

It seemed that I could sell a consumable product over and over and earn a little bit of commission every time.

The more people I had placing their monthly order, the bigger my monthly residual income check would be.

Also, even better, I earned “Leveraged income” which means I earned commissions from other people within my organization while I hung out in my man cave.

It became a “group dynamic” hence the name “network” marketing.

What does Direct Selling have to do with Retirement?

So, back to the $50,000 in the bank that most men don’t have.

It would be easier and faster to make $200 a month from Direct Selling than getting $50k into the bank.

Here is how you earn the most money in MLM as a man aged 40 or older:

A Direct Selling business offers an opportunity for people like you and I.

If you want to use a particular product from a network marketing company, we would find a distributor already with that company and sign up through them.

Network marketing companies don’t use Traditional advertising, they use people like you and I to spread the word about their products, also known as “word-of-mouth” advertising.

This is why you need to sign up through a distributor of the network marketing company you are interested in.

In order to become a distributor yourself and become eligible to receive commissions, you need to order the product yourself.

Most products offered by Direct Selling companies are very affordable.

The product I order through my company is $73 a month.

So, in other words, for $73 a month I am a legitimate home-based business owner with the ability to earn full commissions. (There’s no income cap in network marketing.)

Let’s see how easy it is now to make $200 a month in Direct Selling.

I earn $25 per order, plus I earn $15 every month that my distributor orders their monthly order.

If I were to sell 4 orders: $100 (one-time)

And, six distributors ordered again their second month: $90 (monthly residual income)

Total: $190 a month.

Most people can find 6 distributors and get 4 orders for their business.

This is way easier to do than save up $50k for the bank.

Network marketing is the easiest way to earn substantial monthly income.

However, it’s not an easy get-rich-quick scheme.

The leaders in the industry take their business seriously and are constantly improving their business by working on their personal development.

This personal development pays off as some of these leaders in Direct Selling make over a $1 million a month.

This doesn’t happen overnight.

What it takes to make life-changing income

I showed you how you can make $200 a month in network marketing, but how do you make the big money?

First off, you need to understand that this is a real profession.

Some people don’t understand this and treat it like a part-time hobby.

This won’t make you any money.

People that make good money in this industry put in consistent effort over a few years.

Most work their business full-time even when the money is great because it is a “lifestyle.”

There’s many challenges, just like starting any other business, and it will take a certain drive in you to keep going through the hard times.

The failure rate is high in network marketing because most people won’t work hard for little pay.

Most successful Entrepreneurs started out not paying themselves.

They understand that the money comes a couple years later after a lot of work.

So, it is very important to get that fire in the belly for why you want to succeed in network marketing.

Personally, I was done working 14 hour days in hot restaurant kitchens.

The stress of working hard and partying hard after work led to a heart attack at the age of 32.

I knew if I ever wanted to make a million dollars in my life, it wouldn’t be from cooking (obviously) and I had no special talents that would make me a celebrity or a star.

A lot of men over 40 can relate.

We missed the boat, so to speak.

As we approach Retirement, we feel sick to our stomachs.

Most of us have absolutely no retirement to look forward to and will just receive $1200 a month from Social Security, (if Social Security is even around.)

What can you do on $1200 a month?

Rent will be $800 at least if you are male and paying the lion’s share of expenses.

You are left with $400 a month, which means you are not going out to dinner any time soon.

In fact, you will probably be visiting the food bank each week as an old man.

No thank you sir. I will take MLM, direct selling, and affiliate marketing any day over poverty. Multi-level marketing just gets the job done right for middle aged men seeking more money.

Direct Selling is just better if you are a man over 40 years old. So man up!

Time to start direct selling men! Be a man and get started right now without further delay.

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