Best MLM Business for Men over 50

mlm over 50

Turning 50 is a big deal. We have to reassess everything, including finances, retirement, and our bodies. I’ll be 50 real soon and the last thing I want to think about is my body or my retirement. Let’s talk about the best fit for you if you’re a man over 50 in my post: Best MLM Business for Men Over 50.

This article is not meant to be sexist. This article can apply to women also. Just, I am a guy approaching age 50 so I am going to talk to guys on this. Here’s what we will talk about:

The Easiest MLM for non-tech savvy Guys

The Best MLM Product for Older Men

The Best Residual Income for Men over 50

The Best MLM for Men Over 50

Let’s Get Started:

The Easiest MLM for non-tech savvy Guys

Technology is slowly getting more complex for a guy like me. I thought I was pretty good on the internet, but these millennials speak a totally different language and use apps and gadgets I have never heard about. MLM is evolving the same way. 

Most younger MLM Leaders use Instagram and Snapchat and other apps to grow their business. I am still a video and blog kind of guy, but the best MLM for guys like us is already set up for us.

The best MLMs I like offer high-definition websites for us, a built-in sales funnel, and everything else is handled by the company. All you have to do is share our personalized websites and when someone orders on our site we get a commission. Pretty easy, right?

In the last 6 years, I have basically shared my website links under my youtube videos, in articles like this one, on a little social media, and some paid advertising. Creating consistent leads or showing your website to enough friends and family is what is going to build your business.

The best MLM these days will email your leads for you when a lead signs up to take the free tour on your landing pages. A landing page is a one page sign up form that the company gives you to share with prospects. It looks like this:

My Daily Choice Training: Which Landing Page Should I Use?
MLM Landing Page

Once a prospect fills out the form to take a free look on your business, you will get an email from the company that says you generated a lead. The company then emails your lead on a daily basis telling them why they should upgrade their free position to a paid position. It takes 7 to 15 exposures for someone to actually sign-up, so these emails are really important. 

I don’t have enough patience to set up my own sales funnel or create engaging marketing emails that actually work. I simply generate the lead and the company does the rest. This is how I have managed to work around one hour a day. I don’t even call my leads. I will answer questions through email but that is about it.

The Best MLM Product for Older Men

I only touch MLM companies if they have life-changing products. I’m not allowed to make medical claims, however you will not only feel a lot better but you will look a lot better with these products, either one you choose.

My body has dramatically changed since I hit 47. (Here’s my MLM for Men Over 40)

I use the best products from two different MLM companies. I have also built an income from both, because they are two different types of products and don’t compete with each other. Otherwise, I would stick to one MLM.

The Best Residual Income for Men over 50

Most people in America don’t have any savings for retirement. It becomes a white knuckle experience trying to save for retirement this late in life. However, MLM can dramatically change your finances in a short period of time. There is no income cap in MLM, so you can make $1,000 a month or $100,000 per month.

The best part of MLM is when you get a team built and they are recruiting and growing their own businesses under you. This is what I call true passive income.

Once that team is built you can receive a weekly and monthly check for years after. I still get paid over and over for work I did one time a couple years ago. Heck, if your mlm business is big enough it can be will-able to grandchildren. I’m not kidding. Big MLM leaders do that every day. 

The Best MLM for Men Over 50

I am going to assume the role as MLM consultant and recommend two of the best MLM companies on the scene right now. Both are growing around the world and have officially hit momentum (which is the best time to join).

The first one is big in the U.S. and I’m sure you’ve heard about it. It’s everywhere, but that doesn’t matter because demand still far outweighs supply. You can take the free business tour as well.

Second one is more global and you can lose some serious 50 year old poundage with it. You can take the free business tour as well for Diet Coffee and Carb Blockers)

Both companies are led by awesome leadership, are growing exponentially every month, and have the built-in sales funnel and automated emails I was talking about earlier.

Being 50 doesn’t have to suck, especially in the network marketing business.

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