Top 20 Best MLM Companies 2023 For Network Marketing Home Business Building

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Multi-level marketing is still a rapidly growing industry in the U.S. and around the world. There are nearly 5,000 people joining network marketing companies every day in America and many more worldwide. MLM is a thriving and evolving industry that you can join within a day for a few hundred dollars or less, making it very appealing for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to work from home. But which top MLM company should you join? Here are the Best MLM Companies for 2023 and what you need to know to work from home with top MLM businesses and direct selling opportunities.

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More and more entrepreneurs are working from home with MLM because it provides more flexibility and freedom. You can work the hours you want to, build your own business team, sell your favorite products, and there is no income cap in 2023. The sky is the limit for your network marketing earnings and growth! You won’t find that in most jobs, and in this economy you are just as likely to become a victim of layoffs as you are with salary caps.

MLM, also known as network marketing or direct selling, is one of the best marketing digital strategies where you work from home… or work from anywhere for that matter. You can get a lot out of it from only putting a little money into it, if you do it correctly. Multi-level marketing truly can be a business boon for many enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of aspiring entrepreneurs have made a lot money with the proven MLM (multi-level marketing) business model. While not everyone succeeds in the MLM industry, the ones that do reap the rewards of plentiful profits. Will you be an MLM maverick or millionaire? Your destiny is in your own hands with network marketing and direct sales in 2023 or 2023.

The MLM and direct selling business models are even more appealing in 2023 with recent events limiting loans and funding options, coupled with supply chain disruptions and inflation. Many industries and business models have become unrealistic or unprofitable as well in the last couple of years because of it. The new economy has made it essential to run a lean and digital business, which is a perfect scenario for network marketers and direct sellers. And unfortunately for non-MLM companies, it will most likely be a slow economic recovery around the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic recovery and upcoming recession. There are a lot of question marks popping up in the new global economy right now, so an MLM side hustle or full time gig could be a very smart idea going into 2023.

The MLM industry can help fill the gaps in the economy where retail, restaurants, travel, and hospitality are struggling significantly in 2023. While certain MLM companies in niches like weight loss products and women’s clothing have plateaued, other network marketing niches are growing rapidly like CBD oil and cryptocurrency. Also multi-level marketing is getting more competitive each year, so you need to choose a top MLM company with the right business model to be successful going into 2023. Picking the right MLM business to join could be the difference between losing a few thousand dollars or making a million dollars.

What Are The Best MLM Companies When Working From Home In 2022 And 2023?

We have some great MLM companies for you in this top ranked list, and not the ordinary network marketing businesses people usually mention like Amway and Herbalife, but some rapidly rising to “first-to-market” companies and special niche companies. These top 20 best MLM companies for 2023 are great if you want to get in early with the opportunity and reap the financial benefits of getting in on the ground floor. The higher you are on the ladder, the more passive income you will be earning from your downline signups and product sales.

20 Top MLM Companies For 2022-2023: Best Network Marketing Businesses To Join

1. LiveGood

LiveGood is a ground floor MLM opportunity you do not want to miss out on. LiveGood just launched and is primed to challenge all network marketing companies in the healthy products, coffee, and CBD niches. Their supplements and wellness offerings are top-notch but without the inflated prices that so many MLM companies get away with charging. MLMs won’t be able to charge such high prices once LiveGood takes hold and gains even more momentum in 2023. It is already the fastest growing multi-level marketing company in the world! If you want to join an MLM business with massive growth potential and a solid base of operations, sign up for LiveGood now while you are still in on the ground floor opportunity.

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With the LiveGood opportunity you can indeed live good by potentially earning up to $2,047.50 per month without having to personally recruit anyone under you! It doesn’t get much better than that. They are also primed to add dozens if not hundreds of new products in the coming year, so 2024 will be massive for LiveGood leaders.

2. New U Life

I know from my professional network marketing contacts that New U Life will be huge and definitely one of the best MLM companies for years to come.

I get this top network marketing company prospected to me every day from aspiring MLM reps.

So what is New U Life MLM all about? What makes it a top network marketing business to join?

Right now, this growing MLM company has one product superstar, called SomaDerm, which is the only FDA registered transdermal homeopathic Growth Hormone skin cream. That is an absolute game changer for anyone who wants to look and feel younger, but also for athletes and bodybuilders desperately seeking increased energy, muscle mass, testosterone, strength, and injury recovery. It makes the product an easy sell for MLM distributors.

Alex Goldstein is leading the operation as founder and CEO of this top MLM company.

Alex has created a legacy already in the California natural food stores, and has pioneered many other health-related products, including Natural Life Foods and SomaDerm. An MLM company with a powerful differentiating product like Somaderm is a game-changer in the network marketing industry for 2023.

Somaderm is $149.99 for an MLM member and $169.99 for a one-time purchase.

3. Valentus

Who doesn’t love coffee? It is a trillion dollar global industry after all.

And who doesn’t love nutritional coffee that can change you physically and financially?

With huge MLM veterans, like John Haremza joining Valentus, you have to wonder if Valentus is the next giant MLM.

Founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan, a passionate Entrepreneur who had once been an MLM distributor himself.

He and his wife, Joyce, created Valentus 7 years ago with certain expectations that were actually far surpassed. That year Valentus already did $32 million in sales. Those numbers have already skyrocketed through 2022 and will most likely continue growing in 2023.

MLM leaders are coming over to Valentus because of the family-nature and top-notch marketing and already built in sales funnels ready for distributors to promote from the get go.

Their products range from Slimroast Optimum, which is Dark Roast coffee which is supposed to take weight management to another level, to their Prevail Energy Sticks. Valentus MLM can build your business buzz and caffeinate your network marketing sales through 2022!

Valentus is pulling in $8 million in sales per month currently and have a solid international market in Asia and Africa. It has been expanding across the globe successfully which makes it a top MLM company going into 2022.

Prices range from $59 to $499.95 for Valentus MLM products.

Valentus Coffee is definitely one of the best MLM companies of 2023 for gigantic growth opportunities.

4. My Daily Choice And Hempworx

My Daily Choice (MDC) and Hempworx are the best MLM companies of 2022 and 2023 as well. My Daily Choice MLM was founded by Josh Zwagil 6 years ago. The My Daily Choice network marketing company offers a few interesting, cutting-edge products; one of them being a supplement that uses Micronized Spray Technology. Now they have also expanded to a premium vegan supplement line that is selling like hotcakes.

MDC now even offers a brand new forex cryptocurrency option Akashx to take advantage of the growing crypto market for financially savvy network marketers. This major product diversification into fintech shows the company is not afraid to take chances and step up for overall company success. Cryptocurrency continues to be a red hot market and it’s smart for top MLM distributors to get in on it.

I am super excited about this network marketing company because they just acquired Brain Abundance, which by itself makes them an MLM powerhouse company in my opinion.

Brain Abundance is a first-to-market MLM product for a natural supplement for the brain. Testimonials of the product range from helping people reduce or cease taking certain medications, to helping children with ADHD focus better in school and at home. With 13 natural ingredients, this proprietary dietary supplement combination is unmatched anywhere else in the network marketing marketplace.

Need more convincing that My Daily Choice is a top MLM business? There’s top-notch video training in the back office by Todd Falcone, a 30 year veteran in the MLM industry about how My Daily Choice is a top network marketing company. You will find thousands of testimonials from customers and distributors of this top MLM company.

The entry price for this top MLM company is great for anyone who has a desire to earn money from home, and you can earn up to 30% off of anyone’s monthly compensation that you personally sponsor.

What really excites me about My Daily Choice MLM are their new top CBD oil based products, including pure CBD oil drops, Pain relief cream, and awesome hemp-based skincare, called Hempworx.

The CBD oil industry is expected to grow to $22 Billion in annual sales and with good reason: The stuff works and the market will be growing throughout 2023! It is a network marketer’s dream niche for product sales and MLM recruiting. We all know that 2020 was a stressful year with the Covid-19 pandemic, protests, economic recession etc and people are looking to get healthier and relax in 2023 (although it isn’t much more relaxed so far). High quality CBD products from this top MLM company help get people healthier and less stressed.

MDC / Hempworx MLM has skyrocketed to over 100,000 network marketing independent distributor members in just a few high growth years. My Daily Choice and Hempworx network marketing are top MLM company choices for home-based entrepreneurs in 2023 looking to grow.

Also, My Daily Choice has an automated sales funnel in place for their network marketing distributors. All you need to do is generate leads and this top MLM company will email your leads for you in 2023. Their dashboards truly dominate other MLM companies. Automate and dominate in this top cannabidiol and crypto MLM!

5. Now Lifestyle

Founded by Joel Therien several years ago, this hot home business MLM company is based around fitness and health, and their 7 minute workout plan, along with their whey protein products, will get you ripped in no time! That makes for a strong unique selling proposition for your potential customers and network marketing downline members.

Now Lifestyle has an aggressive email recruiting system for their reps, including a lead capture page creator and other marketing tools. Their emails go out at least twice a day to new leads who take the free business tour through a rep’s landing page. Look into Now Lifestyle as a top MLM business choice in 2022!

6. Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse They may be relatively unknown due to their commitment to “not spending money on any fancy TV advertisements” but Utility Warehouse is a UK network marketing company on the rise in 2022, reflected by its excellent recent performance in the stock market.

Otherwise known as “UW” by its partners, Utility Warehouse differs from other companies in that it doesn’t sell a “product”, it sells a “switch.” By bundling UK residents’ utility bills like energy, phone and broadband into one simple, monthly payment, Utility Warehouse partners can help save their network vital money in a climate where particularly energy bills are constantly on the rise. Payments and meter readings are easy to log and check in their app.

You will get a bonus for each new “partner” you sign up once you’re on board, as well as a monthly commission depending on how many people are using the service that you’ve signed up. In the current state of the economy, saving your friends on rising energy bills can make you extremely popular and help contribute to your side hustle!

7. HBN (Health & Beauty Naturals)

HBN has some very nice Ayurvedic products, which is rare for an MLM company to offer. Plus, you get an email every time a lead is generated in the entire downline. This could get overwhelming for new leads if there are a lot of people generating leads on the team.

However with this top MLM company, the emails are really compelling and there is no cost to join or even order on autoship. If you want to get in on an MLM business that can make you healthy and wealthy, join HBN as a distributor.

8. Heal

Heal is all the rage right now in the MLM world because it relatively recently launched. Heal not only offers plant-based immune system supplements, they also have a line of digital products as well. They have a modern email marketing system that emails new leads aggressively in the beginning.

It is $49.95 per month to become a VIP member of Heal MLM, which apparently is marked down from $99.95, but you only have a week to capture the reduced price. This is a very compelling offer for new prospects and the emails are nicely done with this top MLM company.

9. Herbalife

It is almost a crime to create a top MLM company list and leave out one of the largest contenders year after year, including 2023. Herbalife is a continuously growing network marketing powerhouse that seems to be immune to lawsuits, FTC investigations, and economic fluctuation. No it is not new or groundbreaking, but it works. If you are looking for a safe bet MLM company with a proven product line (including new CBD oil product offerings), join Herbalife MLM in 2023.

It also happens to be one of the largest publicly held network marketing companies in the world, so you can also invest in Herbalife in the stock market for additional profit potential!

10. Organo Gold

The Organo Gold MLM company began in 2008 by Bernard Chua. bernard chua The company creates Ganoderma-infused coffee and tea. Ganoderma Lucidum is an exotic mushroom with a dark, shiny exterior that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years. The mushroom is supposed to control blood glucose levels, improve immune function and hepatoprotection. Ganoderma is also known as the “herb of spiritual potency.” Organo Gold has marketed this amazing mushroom in various products and in the process has won recognition by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and Organo Gold donates thousands of dollars to the foundation. Products from Organo Gold include African Red, Caramel Vanilla, Columbian Roast, Gourmet Black Gold, Raspberry Cacao, Rodeo Chai, Royal Brewed, and Te amo for a wide variety of MLM sales options.

Recently Organo opened up sales in Romania and China. For Romanians, coffee is still a luxury and in the past, being a communist country, Romanian’s were rationed coffee. Organo introduces the eco-friendly brewing cup. Bernard Chua stated: “We spent this year perfecting the offering with recyclable brewing capsules and a product line expansion to meet the demands of Organo customers.” Organo expands into Hong Kong. Shane Morand stated: “The power of probiotics coupled with the perceived benefits of Ganoderma — used for millennia in Chinese medicine — makes Pro-B21 one of OG’s most powerful offerings. Organo Gold even partnered with Manny Pacquiao, one of the greatest boxers of all time. Need I say more about this leading MLM company for 2023 growth potential?

11. Pure Trim

The veteran network marketing company Pure Trim offers weight loss shakes and weight-loss chocolate truffles, among other supplements. The shakes are Soy free, gluten free, dairy and whey free. Pure Trim formed over 25 years ago. Here is a testimony of Pure Trim product success for example: “My sister lost 120 pounds in a year drinking the Pure Trim Meal Replacement Diet Shakes! I personally lost 10 pounds in eleven days.” She is a real testimony as well as many others that these MLM product shakes really work, which we know from personal experience. Pure Trim products are soy free, gluten free, whey and dairy free so they are super healthy! Pure Trim works and it is feasible to lose 7 pounds in 10 days.

These dietary supplement and food shakes taste really good, the vanilla and raspberry especially. The truffles taste like real chocolate but are packed with beneficial, natural ingredients. Prices for these premium MLM products are a little expensive, but for the quality it is worth it. They also offer very competitive incentives to successful company distributors, like getting an exotic car as a potential bonus for high performance! Check out Pure Trim today as an underrated top MLM company for 2022.

12. ByDzyne

ByDzyne is one of the top new MLM companies specializing in many product niches that include tech, beauty, health, and traveling. They were first known just for their TUW smartwatch but they’ve diversified, expanded, and improved their product line drastically. Each month you will see ByDzyne gain more growth and publicity in the MLM sector. Keep this top network marketing business in mind when making your decision on which MLM opportunity to join for 2022.

13. IM Mastery Academy

IM Mastery Academy is another top MLM company to look into joining for high potential profits. This network marketing opportunity is all about providing its distributors and customers with financial courses and platforms to improve their investing ROI. Their forex software is state-of-the-art for limiting the risks of foreign exchange currency trading while maximizing returns. FX trading is a challenging way to invest for most people so this can help a lot of potential traders heading into 2023. Since this MLM business sells a digital product, its profit margins are much higher than a product-based network marketing company.

14. Truvy

Truvy specializes in energy and weight loss products for customers and independent distributors. Their MLM product line is plant-based with quality ingredients. They also focus on making sure their products are affordable to buyers and sellers don’t turn elsewhere for similar products. This organization used to go by the name Truvision Health. Do some further research on this new MLM company and see if it could be a good fit for you in 2023.

15. Entre Institute

Entre Institute is a growing MLM company that offers educational platforms to help its customers grow their business online. Their platforms and guides help consumers and distributors to maximize high-ticket affiliate marketing sales to earn large commissions regularly. Network marketers can use this service in conjunction with other MLMs, direct selling opportunities, or affiliate marketing businesses. You can make high percentages off any sales in this leading direct selling company for 2022 and 2023.

16. Total Life Changes (TLC)

Total Life Changes, or TLC for short, is a top MLM company focused on high-quality health and wellness products built around a community of distributors. TLC network marketing has been around for nearly two decades at this point and started out with a single product NutraBurst. It has since grown exponentially into the international MLM company with a vast portfolio of premium products that it is known for today. Total Life Changes boasts tens of thousands of independent distributors around the world and has survived many changes in the MLM industry.

17. Level Thrive

Level Thrive is a newer MLM business that offers weight loss patches that are vastly superior to other traditional fat-burning diet supplements on the market. Level Thrive MLM is now about a decade old so it has successfully navigated plateaus, transitions, and criticism that new MLM companies have not yet faced. While it isn’t a brand new network marketing opportunity, it is a solid company that has further growth potential in 2023.

18. Hungry Bark

Hungry Bark is a hip new multi-level marketing organization that specializes in pet products as you can tell from the name. Due to its very specific niche, Hungry Bark can recruit passionate reps and find enthusiastic customers for its realistic product line. People do love their pets after all, and if you have any doubt then give this network marketing business a shot. While a pet product MLM might not initially be on the top of your list to join, it could be a surprisingly profitable venture to try out in 2023.

19. Velovita

Velovita is a network marketing company focusing on cutting-edge biohack weight loss and energy boosting dietary supplement products. Their specific niche also includes nanoceuticals (micronized supps), nootropics, and sleep aid products. Velovita allows customers and representatives to get free weight loss analysis to determine which fat-burner products would be best to purchase for the individual needs. This MLM company is technically nearly a century old, but it has reinvented itself to fast track growth in 2023 and beyond.

20. Alliance In Motion

Alliance In Motion is definitely one of the best and fastest growing MLM companies in the world for 2022 and 2023. We are including Alliance in Motion MLM, not just due to its fast growth rate, but because it has the most votes by the public over at Business For Home MLMers along with other top MLM publications. Also this company is based out of the Philippines, which is actually the fastest growing country for MLM, with 40 percent annual growth year over year and a billions of dollars in sales based on data from MLM Leads research. You want to tap into this rapidly growing Philippines MLM market to build your downline in the Asian market.

This top MLM company is basically a supermarket of products ranging from teeth whitener to coffee. Network marketing distributors get their own online storefront and earn commissions from products they sell. This top MLM company is a great option for home business enthusiasts around the world that want to earn profitable passive income working online anywhere.

Other Top MLMs To Check Out In 2023

Those are the top 20 best MLM companies for 2023 home business building! Also make sure to look into other top MLMs like BeachBody, List Infinity, MintBuilder, OLSP, David Allen Capital, Bank Breezy, Jeunesse, NuSkin, Mary Kay, Forever Living, Amway, Primerica, Arieyl, Entre Institute, Elomir, Farmasi, QuiAri, and Kannaway for plentiful profits in 2023. There are too many top network marketing businesses to name, but these are are some excellent MLM companies to start with!

Be Patient With Your New MLM Business

Finding success in MLM and network marketing means showing your opportunity to a lot of people both online and offline if possible. You are simply looking through a lot of people until you find a few leader-types who have the same vision as you and want to grind hard in the MLM business to achieve success. These network marketing leaders in the making will be your top downline team and recruiters in 2023.

Most new MLM distributors only ask a few people, usually their friends and family, if they want to join their business. The new distributor has little belief in the company or business and it shows. Their friends say no, and the new distributor takes it personally and quits within weeks or months. This is often the case for new MLMers, so you need to be patient and roll with the punches as you get more experienced and educated. Don’t quit before success happens in multi-level marketing in 2022 and 2023!

Network Marketing Success In The New Economy

With the economic upheaval of the last few years, network marketing (or a new MLM company) could be your path to profits and prosperity. Network marketing and direct selling will continue to be smart options into 2023, even during a global recession and other market volatility. If you are going to take the plunge into MLM or switch network marketing companies, the time is now to make more money in 2023!

Keep reading Everything Entrepreneur for more top MLM business advice and success stories!

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