The Best MLM Program for Older Men

The Best MLM Program for Older Men

The Best MLM Program for Older Men

Not many MLM companies have a product that suits older men so much as the one I am going to share with you today.

Tired of the lengthy commute to your tired job?

More and more people are turning away from traditional jobs to work from home.

In fact, according to Forbes, one in five Americans work from home.

Entrepreneurship is inevitably taking over the traditional job.

A traditional job is nothing more than a leftover occupational choice from the Industrial Era.

It does not make sense today to be working 8 to 10 hours a day in poor conditions with a boss looking over your shoulder.

It is almost barbaric in the modern age.

With today’s technology and limitless potential for worldwide exposure using social media, people can literally create a home-based business out of thin air.

We can also take our home-based business anywhere in the world that has Wi-Fi.

How do I work from home without the boss?

Obviously, you need a computer and a smartphone. That part is easy.

The harder part is finding a company that will pay you high-yielding monthly commissions.

Not many programs offer monthly residual income.

You need monthly residual income so you can live comfortably month to month.

If you are an older man, time is not on your side anymore.

You will need a business opportunity that pays at least 50 to 70% commissions.


Network Marketing and MLM is the only Answer

When I started making money online in 2014, I didn’t know how to make good money.

I was trying to sell ebooks and MP3’s.

I was lucky if I got $100 a month.

A couple years later I discovered Affiliate Marketing.

These were third-party info products that I earned 30% to 50% commissions on.

It was better money, but these were usually one-time sales.

I couldn’t rely on any money the next month from the initial orders.

Once in awhile I came across an affiliate product that had a “recurring income” feature, but that was rare and buyers usually cancelled after the second month’s order if not sooner.

Then, I discovered Network Marketing.

It was like Affiliate Marketing on Steroids.

I learned that I could sell a product one time and customers would come back again month after month.

It is important to promote a consumable product, that way your customers will reorder every month.

Of course, not every customer will reorder, but you get enough customers that some will reorder.

This adds up to significant income.

The Power of Leverage

One of the most powerful features of Network Marketing is getting people who want to build their own network marketing business.

These people will join your business as a IBO (Independent Business Owner) or as a “distributor.”

Getting a distributor in your home-based business is truly exciting.

The potential is there to earn commissions from your new distributors when they bring in their own customers and distributors.

This creates “leveraged income.”

Leveraged income is your ability to make commissions not only from your actions, but all the actions of everyone in your business.

This leverage can exponentially grow the more distributors you get who prospect and recruit and actively build their business.

Sounds too easy, right?

It is that easy and simple.

Finding distributors who want to actively build their business, remain consistent month after month, and are coachable is the challenging part.

People like to quit things because it is easy.

Most of your distributors will quit.

It is unfortunate, because it is human nature, but the more you recruit people the sooner you will find leaders like yourself.

This takes time.

About 2 to 3 years is minimum time commitment, but your network marketing business is the most affordable option.

For the price of a cell phone bill, you become a legitimate home-based business owner with the ability to earn substantial income.

As soon as you understand the formula for success in network marketing, the sooner you can work towards your goals and not get emotionally rocked.

The Formula for Success in MLM

We all know, going into college, exactly how many credits we need to get a specific degree.

We also know roughly how many years it will take.

Most network marketing distributors join MLM blindly without any realistic expectations.

Many quit because they thought MLM was a “get-rich-quick” scheme, or that “only the people at the top make all the money.”

The truth is: we all start at the bottom when we join MLM.

I created my entire organization from scratch just like any other MLM leader.

It is hard work.

It takes consistent effort and a lot of work in the beginning with little financial gain.

However, the money begins to flow as soon as you get a few leader-types in your organization.

You will start to earn more money than the work you are doing to create it.

This is the “leveraged income” starting to work.

Once your business gains “momentum” you will see your checks growing rapidly without you working any harder.

This is the best form of residual income.

This is “beach money” as Jordan Adler calls it.

The MLM Product for Older Men

It is important to find a MLM product you’re proud of and use personally.

I discovered a great product for older men because it promotes focus, stress reduction, and clean energy with no crash like coffee.

A few years ago, I suffered a mild heart-attack.

I also had anxiety and social phobia.

Having that heart-attack led me to take naps in the afternoon.

I was about 35 when I started taking a lot of naps, which too young to be taking naps in my opinion.

I discovered network marketing by finding a natural product a MLM company offered.

Soon, I realized the company not only offered a supplement that could help reduce stress, it offered a business opportunity.

I quickly learned what network marketing was all about and got really excited about the residual income aspect.

Around 2.5 years later, I work from home and truly a better person from network marketing. And you can do this too with multi-level marketing miracles.