The Best Network Marketing Duplication Strategy for MLM

Best Network Marketing Duplication Strategy for MLM Must Read!

Best Network Marketing Duplication Strategy for MLM Must Read!

Network marketing leaders will tell you it is all about duplication. Here are the Best Network Marketing Duplication Strategy for MLM.

If you have been in network marketing for awhile, you’ve probably have heard the term “duplication” a lot.

You hear things like “If your team isn’t duplicating, you have no business.” Etc. Etc.

Yes, duplication is important and so are systems.

It helps your team plug in and do something the same way every time.

But, is duplication really that important when training your team?

Here’s the Best Network Marketing Duplication Strategy for MLM

The short answer is a shocking “NO.”

You don’t want your team duplicating everything you do.

There will be things that you do very well that your team can’t duplicate.

For instance, this blog.

In a perfect world, my entire team would have a MLM blog like this one, and they would publish content daily.

The reality is though, blogging is tough and it takes a couple years to bare fruit.

So, there’s a new strategy in town, and it’s called “Freestyle Duplication.”

Freestyle Duplication is where you as a sponsor, pinpoint a new distributor’s strengths and weaknesses.

You find out what their personality type is, how much time they have, or money, and then create a lead generation system for them.

This means that trying to plug your entire team into one lead generation strategy, like in the old days, will fail.

This means finding your new team member’s strength will succeed.

For instance, if I joined a new MLM company and my sponsor said to me that I have to jump on Skype and speak to them, then do Skype calls with all my new prospects, I would have said screw you.

I don’t like being on video.

I’m a recluse. That’s why I wanted to make money from home, because people terrified me.

On the other hand, if my sponsor asked me what my strengths were, I would have said blogging.

And, they would say “Great! I would start writing 800 word articles about network marketing 3 to 5 times a week, and maybe buy some leads until your blog gets enough traffic to generate leads.”

With Freestyle Duplication, you are being an effective teacher by bringing out someone’s strengths rather than cramming them into one technique that you like.

Introverts are going to do things differently than extroverts, and extroverts would be great at video, whereas Introverts would be great at writing.

Freestyle Duplication Doesn’t Mean Abandon Systems

This article is not talking about NOT using systems.

On the company side of things, you need a strong system in place to make duplication easier for your team.

For example:

  • Automated email system: Your MLM must have an automated email system that helps you recruit your prospects.
  • Training: Your company needs easy to find training in your “back office.”
  • Done-for-You-Sampling Program: You need to have a sample system that helps you get new reps and customers.
  • High Definition Replicated Website and Landing Pages: You need professional-looking capture pages to capture Leads.

To Summarize: The Best Network Marketing Duplication Strategy for MLM

The best duplication strategy has evolved from the old ways of doing hotel meetings and house parties.

It’s finding each new distributor’s strengths and watering it until it flourishes.

It will not require that much more training on your behalf.

All you need to do is schedule a one hour call with your new rep and find out what they want.

Then, lead them to the proper training material for their desired platform for lead generation.

For instance, you get a new rep who wants to do only use Facebook for prospecting.

You would then point them to the best training for Facebook prospecting.

Ideally, you point them to training you created, not another leader, because your new rep my get enticed into their business!