4 Top Remote Work Tools To Boost Productivity

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Working remotely offers many people the opportunity for greater schedule flexibility and work satisfaction. However, without the right tools, productivity can suffer due to interruptions, forgotten schedules, or an ineffective support system. It is also important to understand that remote work is still work. As such, it comes with expectations, promotions, and the potential for increased pay.

However, unlike traditional offices in which supervisors saw who was busiest and knew everybody, remote offices are a little less personal. In order to achieve promotions or better pay, the right tools are indispensable, serving as the only way you can really stand out among a team of co-workers spread out across the globe. Here are the 4 best remote working tools to boost efficiency.

1. Zoom

For any meetings, you will need some sort of secure teleconferencing software that allows you high-speed video and high-quality audio. Zoom is popular for its quality and pricing. However, it also is excellent for people working in the medical industry because unlike many of its competitors, it is HIPAA compliant. Being HIPAA compliant, it ensures all patient-related information is safe from exposure to third parties.

2. Search Remotely

Unlike a traditional job, freelancers and people who work remotely always need another great gig. For this, Search Remotely is the answer because it is a search engine designed around the specific needs of remote professionals. Moreover, Search Remotely offers several types of search capabilities that allow you to find the following important resources.

– co-working spaces

– co-living spaces

– online courses for certification or skill development

– online jobs

If you work remotely, you require powerful support and flexibility. For that, you should use Search Remotely.

3. Huddle

You will need some sort of collaboration tool if you enjoy a remote job that deals with graphic design, videography, or publishing. Additionally, if you are a freelancer who handles client projects, you will need a platform to meet with clients and share project files and rough drafts.

For this collaborative, client-based need, Huddle is the answer. Huddle allows you plenty of gigabytes for storing files online, and you have access to a draft-tracking system that tracks changes across the course of a project. With this technology, you are able to see all the changes that a project has undergone, and everyone on a team can rest assured they are working on the same project version.

4. Milanote

Perhaps the premier online visual board, Milanote offers creative teams the ability to draft, develop, and polish projects. It does this through a crisp, intuitive user interface that helps creative teams find the mood for any project. Additionally, it allows people to share visual files for projects that require a story board. For people at the beginning of a project or for creative people stuck at a critical juncture, it offers a visual canvas that is perfect for brainstorming.

Basically, Milanote is perfect for anyone working on projects that require visual ideas. Photographers, movie makers, or people involved with gaming can collaborate and ensure the visuals for any project resonate with clients, customers, or an audience.

Final Thoughts On Top Remote Work Tools

Whatever tools you use, it is worth repeating that those remote working tools must help you remain connected, skilled, and competitive. If your tools lack any of these requirements, they are very likely the wrong set of tools.