5 Best Towns In Alberta Canada To Live In

best towns in alberta to live in canada top cities

There is a lot more to Alberta Canada than meets the eye.

You may know about the West Edmonton Mall — North America’s largest shopping center. Perhaps you went on a family trip to Drumheller to see the dinosaur museum. Chances are you are familiar with the Rocky Mountains.

But, what else does Alberta have to offer for Canadians and travelers?

It has a lot to offer visitors and residents as it turns out.

If you are thinking of moving to the Wild Rose Country, keep reading. We are about to review the 5 top towns in Alberta you should consider calling home.

1. Canmore

Population: 14,000

Median Age: 41 years old

Median Household Income: $98,900

Canmore is a sleepy little town less than 15 minutes away from Banff National Park. It is a beautiful and picturesque village complete with snow-peaked mountains and easy access to outdoor activities.

If you are an avid outdoor adventure seeker, you will love what the town has to offer. In the winter you can go ice climbing, skiing, fat biking, and snowshoeing. The summer months are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and white water rafting.

There are plenty of indoor activities for the non-outdoorsy type, too. Check out the distilleries and breweries, a live theatre performance, or even cave tours.

If you are looking for a laid-back town to lay down your roots, Canmore could be it. It does get busier during the peak tourist season, but it is much quieter than its neighbor, Banff.

Summers in Canmore are comfortable, with average temperatures between 20°C and 25°C. Winters are cold and snowy with temperatures hitting the freezing point for several months.

2. Slave Lake

Population: 6,650

Median Age: 32 years old

Median Household Income: $105,600

Don’t let its strange name fool you, Slave Lake is one of the best cities in Alberta.

If you are a budding photographer or just a lover of nature, you will love this area. Locals can often see the aurora borealis all year round!

The region is beautiful with a variety of sights to see. Summertime is perfect for visiting Devonshire Beach with its 1.5 kilometers of shoreline. Be sure to check out the area’s lush boreal forests, too.

As with most places in Alberta, the area is rife with outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, off-roading, and fishing are some of the most common activities you’ll see the locals doing.

Slave Lake doesn’t have a big tourist push like many of the other cities in the province. It runs at a much slower pace, so it is perfect for people looking for somewhere quiet to settle down.

3. Spruce Grove

Population: 34,000

Median Age: 35 years old

Median Household Income: $107,800

Spruce Grove is a beautiful community in the greater Edmonton area. It is 11-kilometers west of the city, leaving you with easy access to the “big city.”

If you are looking for a beautiful city to lay down roots with your family, Spruce Grove is it. The area has fantastic public and religious schools with the option of French immersion if you so wish.

The area is full of hiking, walking, and bicycling trails, some of which are even rated for snowshoeing. Your kids will love the tobogganing hills and your pups the dog parks.

If you will be working in Edmonton, commuting is a cinch. Spruce Grove is part of the city’s transit system, so you can easily get a ride to work if you don’t drive.

The city offers a very affordable cost of living. Be sure to check with this real estate company before beginning your home search.

4. Calgary

Population: 1,239,200

Median Age: 37 years old

Median Household Income: $97,300

What list of the best cities in Alberta, Canada would be complete with Calgary? This city is one of the many beautiful jewels of the province. It even came in #32 on Mercer’s most livable cities report for 2023.

While other big centers in Canada struggle with pollution, Calgary is known for its cleanliness. In fact, it made Forbes’ list as one of the world’s cleanest cities back about fifteen years ago. The city clearly takes pride in taking care of its citizens.

One of the biggest perks of moving to Calgary is its easy access to healthcare. While other big cities struggle with doctor shortages, Calgarians shouldn’t find it difficult to secure a physician.

Summer days in Calgary can reach the mid-20s and can be rather rainy at times. June and July average at 80 mm of precipitation per month, so be sure to bring a good umbrella.

It is not all rain showers, though. The city gets 333 days of sunshine every year, making it one of the sunniest places in Canada.

Though winters can get cold and snowy, the city of Calgary has your back. The downtown area offers an extensive protected skywalk system for pedestrians.

As for activities in and around Calgary, you can’t ask for anything better. Banff National Park is a 130-kilometer drive. In less than an hour and a half, you could find yourself at the foot of a mountain for a day of skiing.

Canada Olympic Park is a great place for winter sports in Calgary. This is where the 1988 Winter Olympics were held. Today, it is a training center for professional athletes and a recreational site for the public.

5. Medicine Hat

Population: 63,200

Median Age: 40 years old

Median Household Income: $98,200

While Medicine Hat isn’t as obviously beautiful as some of the other cities on our list, we still had to include it. You may not be looking to move to Alberta for the ski hills and mountains. If that is the case, Medicine Hat, far removed from the Rocky Mountains, might be just what you are looking for.

Gas City, as the town is appropriately nicknamed, is in the southern area of the Canadian province. It is known for the natural gas fields that surround it. If you are looking to get into the natural gas industry, you can do so easily here.

Medicine Hat offers affordable housing, low taxes, and a lot of recreational opportunities. If you fancy yourself a golfer, swimmer, skateboarder, or hiker, you will find many ways to keep yourself busy in this Alberta Canada city.

Choose from the Best Towns in Alberta

We hope you have found our review of the best towns in Alberta helpful. We are confident you will love moving to the Wild Rose Country, regardless of which Canadian city you choose.

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