The Best Places To Bet On Dota 2 eSports Events

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Dota 2 is one of the most popular games on Steam. It is not surprising at all for gamers. A free-to-play game with a great competitive and ranked system became the main reason to install Steam for many users. It is not astonishing, that cybersports events became extremely popular for many players. And for many players making a dota2 bet is a great option to gain some additional heat while watching some match.

The game is an extremely unpredictable eSports discipline, so the outcome of some certain event may be surprising for everyone. A bright example is the Team Spirit, the Russian team that won The International. So that, finding the right website to place a wager on some match may lead you to get a huge benefit from betting on Dota.

Here is the list of the best websites to bet on Dota 2 matches.


GG.BET is one of the most popular eSports betting websites. And it is fair enough. It is a sponsor of a NaVi team, the winners of the first International. Although there is no NaVi in Dota for now, the reputation of the whole organization tells that GG.BET is a trustworthy partner in betting.

The interface is as simple as you can only imagine. You see the highlighted events, and the navigation bar, where you can filter the matches you want to bet on. Choosing Dota 2, you can choose from a diversity of events.

And the website at all looks like the main targets of it are the cybersports fans. Even the name of it tells about that. And the variety of the eSports events they provide is also incredible.

You can bet not only on some major leagues but also test your luck in different CIS events, such as Moscow Pro League or UPEA League. It is really interesting. The website also rapidly updates the information about all the upcoming events.

One more profit for the players is that you can not only bet on Dota 2 games but also choose some other eSports activities, such as CSGO, LoL, StarCraft. One more great feature is the opportunity to play some casino games. It would be a great option for the ones, who want to spend some money while some break.

And the website at all is aimed at giving its users all the information they need. There is the “News” tab, which allows you to know everything about reshuffles, or some other things, which may affect the upcoming event. You just need to check it regularly.

Including all the facts, GG.BET is a great website for people, who want to bet on Dota 2 matches safely and with much profit.


BetWinner is a great betting website for all types of gamblers. It is not surprising that one of the giants on the market did add eSports activities lines, and provided an opportunity to wager on Dota 2 events.

To start with, the interface of the website is not that great for novice gamblers. It is easy to lose concentration on the event you came for. But spending about 30 minutes will give you an opportunity to navigate it easily. Experienced users would be just fine with BetWinner, because the interface is mainly aimed at them.

However, the variety of Dota 2 events is astonishing. Finding the right tab, you will be surprised by how many leagues are provided on the website. There are also UPEA and Moscow Pro Leagues provided, which make it interesting for many gamblers. But the mind-blowing feature is the opportunity to wager on some random events. You need to pick the side and place your bet. There are no difficulties at all. This option is rather risky, so be careful with it.

As was mentioned before, experienced users will feel great with the website, because it is aimed at them. And it is true. There is no way to find some information about teams. This means that coming to BetWinner, you already know which team to choose to place a bet on.

But the website would be a great place for the ones, who enjoy the fast working betting websites. It is easy to get used to the interface and to bet on. Including all the facts, BetWinner is one of the best options to bet on Dota 2 events.


It is extremely hard to imagine the list of the best betting websites without Bet365. But on this list, it is more like an honorable mention.

Bet365 is a great service, which is easy for all types of gamblers. But Dota 2 fans may be really disappointed with the lack of provided Dota events. You can only check some well-known leagues, which include only Dota 2 Champions League. There are neither CIS Region tournaments provided, nor minor European events. And that is a pity.

While the odds are great, the diversity of events is poor, so Bet365 may be a great option only for the beginners in Dota 2 betting. But for experienced gamblers, it can be just an option to place a bet on some major event with the obvious outcome.


88sports is also a bright example of an excellent betting service. Users may experience a simple and smoothly working interface, which will be satisfying not only for novice gamblers but also for experienced ones.

But the issue is the same that Bet365 has. The only League to choose from is the Dota 2 Champions League. The lack of matches will not be a great option either for novice and experienced users.

However, only beginners can be satisfied with such status. They can use 888 sports only for learning how Dota 2 betting works, and which team shows good results. It would be perfect for the start.

Other Honorable Mentions

However, there are websites, which are great for betting on Dota 2 events but aimed at different players. Many CSGO gambling websites provide an opportunity to wager on some Dota matches. The list includes:

• 500 Casino – This website is aimed at the CSGO audience. You use the Bux currency on their website to bet on matches. There is an option to bet in a variety of eSports activities, including Dota 2. You can wager on Dota 2 Champions League, Ewin Challenge Cup, and Claro Gaming Apu League. There is not much variety, but that’s still something for you to start.

• CSGOAtse – One more website aimed at the CSGO audience. But the variety of Dota 2 events is astonishing. You can find all the major and minor Leagues, excluding CIS Region tournaments. This is a great option for the ones, who don’t want to wager their real money but want to bet using their skins.

• CSGOEmpire – One of the most popular CSGO gambling websites, which also provides an opportunity to place your bet on Dota 2 events. However, there is also a lack of leagues. Only Ewin Challenge Cup and Dota 2 Champions League. It is not that great, but still more than some developed betting websites may provide.

These websites are not for people who are going to make much money from betting on Dota 2, but for the ones, who want to add some heat with a bet without depositing real money.