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Blogger Outreach Services are probably one of the last white-hat SEO techniques that work to grow your website or blog, other than natural commenting and manual blog outreach.

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Everything Entrepreneur Blogger Outreach is offering quality Paid Guest Posting Services around the world. Have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We’re providing High-Quality links & Guest post services. Guest posting is a more powerful activity for getting rank in major search engines with business keywords. On guest posting we are doing good quality article publications and unique content with 600+ words and link insertions into existing blog posts to help you build white hat backlinks.

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Improving website page rank Improving ranking in search engines increase targeted Traffic for more leads.

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What Happens When You Buy From The Other Blogger Outreach Service Agencies

But, buyer beware! Not all Blogger Outreach Services are created equal. Some blogger outreach agencies are scams and buy cheap low-quality backlinks with no strategy that will get you penalized by Google. Here’s the Top 3 Bad Things to Look Out For When Using a Blogger Outreach Service.

What Is A Blogger Outreach Service?

One of the most powerful ways to build your blog or website “domain authority” is to get backlinks from other high domain authority websites pointing to your website. This indicates to search engines that your blog is valuable to people.

This ranking factor indicator is one of over 200 indicators that Google uses to determine whether your blog is worthy or not. If you get on Google’s good side you can get a lot of traffic to your site which means more profit and exposure for you.

A few years ago, the only way to get natural-looking backlinks from other high authority websites was to manually email or reach out to the blogmaster or website master, the owner of the site – that is the “outreach” part.

However, a lot of bloggers don’t know how to do proper outreach or simply don’t have time to stalk top brand influencers on social media. I know I didn’t.

Fortunately, blogger Outreach Services started popping up a few years ago and they do all the outreach for you – even write the content that will be placed on the authority website pointing back to your blog or articles.

Why Blogger Outreach in the First Place?

August 2018, I lost over 60% of my blog traffic overnight. It also took away 60% of my income from the products I promoted on my blog. It was the worst month in my four year blogging history.

I lost all that traffic because I deleted a couple static pages and articles on my blog because of certain compliance measures the company I was promoting had recently implemented.

I knew writing more articles wasn’t going to fix my decreased Google organic traffic situation. I already had over 1,000 articles – and knew of certain blogs that had under 100 articles, getting 10 times the traffic my blog was getting from Google and other top search engines like Bing, Yahoo, AOL, YouTube, Yandex, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo.

So, I finally gave in and started looking for a US-based SEO agency. I knew there were millions of supposed “SEO experts” based in India, but I wanted an American company because I knew that SEO agencies used content to fix blog’s Google rankings and I wanted fluent English content.

One of the best SEO agencies in America was over $2,500 a month. Several other were over $5,000 a month! I spoke to one representative that said I wouldn’t see results for six months – that meant over $15,000 before even seeing any good improvement on my blog.

So, I knew that SEO agencies got backlinks from high authority sites to improve the rankings for their client’s websites, so I googled “blogger outreach” and lo and behold I found agencies that did outreach for a lot less than SEO agencies. In fact, a lot of SEO agencies outsource blogger outreach to blogger outreach services, just to handle the guest posting process!

I basically cut out the middleman, and bought high-authority backlinks myself for a lot less money.

3 Things To Look Out For With Blogger Outreach Services

1. Alexa Rank Is Predominantly Is Not US Or English-Based Country

There’s a nifty extension you can get for your browser called Alexa, which is a company that measures popularity of a website. You can also see where the website gets a majority of their traffic.

If you’re like me and want English speaking writers creating your content, you want a US-based company, or one from the UK, Australia, or Canada. That’s not always the case, but on average it’s true for high-quality English SEO writing.

It’s hard to tell which companies are actually US based because they all pretty much say the same thing on their site: “Content from native English writers.” That doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

So, Alexa can pretty much tell you where most of their traffic comes from which could mean that most of their business is NOT in America.

2. No Phone Number Or Address

After looking at over 25 Blogger Outreach Services online, I noticed that many of them don’t have a phone number or address. If these blogger outreach services do have an address, it is usually a P.O. Box or even a fake address to satisfy Google’s contact listing requirements to appear legitimate. They simply want you to fill out an online contact form to hire a linkbuilder.

That lack of transparency from blogger outreach service companies to me is pretty shady when you are looking for linkbuilders. I want to talk to a rep before dropping thousands of dollars on backlinks on top guest post sites. I want to know where the blogs are that they publish on, who their writers are, and where their actual office is.

3. Blog Outreach Service Is Brand New And Copies Every Other Service

Since Blogger Outreach Services are still pretty new (the oldest one I can find is Fatjoe, which started in 2012) you get a lot of “copycat” companies springing up all over the place.

One way to see how old a Blog Outreach Service is by looking at the very bottom of their website. You should see the year that the company created their website and became guest poster service providers.

Most of them say 2022 or 2023 for the date they started becoming guest posters. Too new in my opinion, and they all pretty much say the same thing, which means they just copied someone else.

Blogger Outreach In The Modern Marketplace

Google’s most recent Link Spam Update that started rolling out recently has officially finished rolling out in early 2023. Surprisingly, the update took a little more than 4 weeks to finish rolling out. That is a long duration indeed. For the uninitiated, the update was aimed at neutralizing any benefits gained from shady link-building practices, and at the same time nullifying any links that were built in in the process.

Here is what the Google spam team officially said about the same: “search engine rankings on may change as spam links are neutralized and any credit passed by these unnatural links are lost. This launch will affect all languages and impact many linkbuilders.”

And in the 3 weeks since its completion, our blogger outreach service team pooled it the resources and worked with a unified purpose of dealing with the aftermath of the update. It has been a busy time for us, to say the least. But in those 3 weeks, we have more than double-checked everything in each of our services to deliver you what we believe is a superior SEO experience. As is pretty clear by now, backlinks, if built incorrectly, can do more harm than good to your website. And that is definitely not what we want for yours. Being an active member of this industry for over 12 years is something we take your business very seriously. Needless to say, your SEO business is directly related to our blogger outreach agency services.

It always begins with good content, which we think is the foundation for every link-building content and not an afterthought. Our key focus has been, as always and even now, to create an all-encompassing service that delivers on all fronts. That includes on-page optimization, content of high-quality created by niche-specific writers that we believe translate to backlinks of high quality. There are also social media shares across multiple SMM platforms to ensure the content gains maximum traction and get you the much-deserved visibility and brand reach over the course of the campaign. The blogger outreaching service we provide also comes loaded with free keyword analysis for your website, be it new or old. We value our relationship with you. If not for you, we wouldn’t have lasted this long in the industry. As a gesture of good faith, we are offering you a little something to get you started on a high note in the new normal of the modern marketplace of SEO.

Bonus Tip – Don’t Buy Just One Type Of Backlink Batch

There are some simple strategies to utilize when building backlinks. I will mention when buying backlinks, you want 30% of your backlinks to point to your website’s homepage. Mine is And 70% of the backlinks should point to specific articles, like this backlink: Best MLM Companies.

So, be careful when shopping backlinks because some sites offer “Bulk Discounts.” That means you can buy 20 to 100 backlinks at a time of the same DA. The problem is you don’t want to establish any pattern with buying backlinks or Google will catch on.

By rule of thumb, you should buy varying backlink authority. You should buy DA10s, DA20s, DA30s, etc, not just all DA40s, because that doesn’t look natural for backlink acquisitions through normal guest post campaigns or organic mentions.

You also don’t want long anchor text anymore. Your backlinks need to be more “branded” now, like your company name, not long keyword phrases anymore, like “Best New Business in Hong Kong that is Under $100.” That doesn’t look natural and looks like “link bait” to Google, so be careful. Sometimes Google penalizes the “money keywords” that are more obviously manipulating the system.

Top blogger outreach services know that you need anchor text variation when it comes to building backlinks on guest post sites the right way for Google. It is time to build better backlinks.

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