Brett Chatfield on Empowering Mindset Strategies to Change Your Life

Brett Chatfield on Empowering Mindset Strategies to Change Your Life

Brett Chatfield on Empowering Mindset Strategies to Change Your Life

Brett Chatfield was working minimum wage when he realized he was aimlessly drifting. He took his mindset by the horns and the rest is. . .

Very excited to have the opportunity to interview, Brett Chatfield. He speaks a lot on mindset which is so important for home-based business owners and entrepreneurs. So, let’s get started!

What was growing up for you like, Brett and what did your parents do for a living?

My parents were both great examples of hard work for me. My dad is a successful entrepreneur and my mom has been helping people her whole life as a therapist and consultant for government and nonprofit groups. They ultimately influenced my decision to get involved in Network Marketing and Personal Development.

Growing up was great! I had a very supportive family and a large community of friends and other families that were part of my upbringing. That’s why for me family is everything! There were a lot of times when family was all I had.

When I was a teenager, I was your typical morose and sometimes awkward kid who would get into trouble or not work hard because I was trying to find my way or just get attention.  Thankfully, I had my parents and other people in my life that mentored me and help me change my life.


You mention on your blog that you had no “plans.” So, what was life like when other people were deciding what was best for you, and how did you escape that pattern?

When I graduated high school I thought I was smart enough to get a job so I didn’t need to go to college. Yikes, that mindset was a bad idea because since then I have had every type of job you can think of.

From barista to camp counselor to working in a hospital to even a bill collector! I mean if someone was hiring I would apply as long as it didn’t require a degree. So because of that decision I gave up of my right be in charge of my own life. And I started to resent and hate that choice I made.

Three things happened in my life that started to make me look for a better way to make money.

  1. My dad had a heart attack.
  2. My nephew was attacked by a dog.
  3. My daughter was born.

The first two happened when I was at work and I wasn’t able to leave. I remember being angry because I knew if I left I would get in trouble with my bosses and so I made the decision to stay at work. Thankfully they are both ok today and I am able to spend time with them now.

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My daughter being born was the breaking point for me. She was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Tetralogy of Fallot which basically means she has a bad heart and would need open heart surgery to “fix” it.

That was the hardest news my wife and I heard as first time parents. And like I said already, that was the breaking point for me in a lot of ways one of which being how I made money.


You stated that you began changing your life by doing three main things. They were raising standards, changing belief systems, and changing strategies. Can you discuss how you implemented these?

Absolutely, so those strategies I learned from Tony Robbins.

By raising my standards I no longer allowed anyone or myself to treat me in a way that was unacceptable to me. There were things I would no longer do and conversations I would no longer be apart of because I raised my standards. There were things I would stop focusing on because it didn’t meet my new standards.

Once I raised my standards I had to change my belief systems because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be congruent with my thoughts and actions.

So I changed my beliefs about myself, and what I expected from myself and what I was capable of doing. I started being more resourceful and started believing that I was more than able to do whatever I put my mind to.

Once I raised my standards and changed my belief systems, I started taking action on what I wanted my life to look like.

Now the thing is sometimes the action I took was the wrong action. I would focus too much on one thing and not another.

The best part about this step is that you can always change the strategy you are using. For example, let’s say you call your prospects to invite them but they never pick up the phone. That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested or they know why you’re calling. You could change your strategy by texting them. That might work better for some people.

That’s what I love the most about life is that no matter what you can always change your strategy to a problem and get a better and new result or you can get a terrible result and learn from it.


When did you discover network marketing, how was it in the beginning, and what was the biggest challenge?

Haha, oh man, how was it? Not good!! My biggest challenge was recruiting, like any new skill you can learn through trial and error. And I learned through A LOT of trial and error. I was always saying too much.

The other challenge that was stopping me from having success was my mindset. I had a lot of insecurity and thought that nobody would want to join or become a customer. And that is something I work on still.  


What was the most important lesson you learned during that period, and what do you suggest new network marketers do?

The most important lesson I learned and would recommend new network marketers do would be to work on your mindset and skills. The skills part is easier than the mindset in my opinion.

But just like any muscle you must work at it daily to get stronger and stronger. One of the best ways to build your mindset is by attending your company’s events.

There you don’t fear to ask questions and learn from people who felt like you did when they first began. You will be able to find a lot of support if you only decide to go.


I like how you truly understand that achieving success is an “inside job.” What mindset strategies have helped you change your life?

I believe in total immersion and what I first did to get my mindset right was a complete elimination of all TV, movies, music and radio and instead would only listen to inspirational audios or affirmations I recorded with my own voice.

If I wanted to watch something it would only be motivation clips or speeches on YouTube. So that’s the biggest thing I would recommend would be to eliminate all of the negative influences that you feed your mind and replace them with affirmations, good books and inspiring audio.

The other thing I would say is to take action on growing your business by getting customers and recruiting. Don’t let fear stop you from living the life you deserve.

We all deserve to live a life that we design so don’t let the image others may have of you or the image you have of yourself stop you from your destiny.


I see you have some influences of Ray Higdon. How has Ray helped your brand and what is your favorite teaching of Ray?

I first heard of Ray through the interview he did with Eric Worre and it BLEW my mind! There seems to be this idea within network marketing that people will automatically see what you see and join right away.

So you don’t have to work as hard but in Ray’s interview he said he went for 20 no’s a day for 6 months…That’s what blew my mind and that’s when I knew that’s what it took to become a top earner within this profession. After the interview I found Ray’s blog and it further inspired me.

 One of his products that has helped me was The 3-Minute Expert. I was able to create my blog and help a lot of people because of that product. I own a lot of his other products and they are amazing!


I like your blog. How old is it, and are you generating Leads with it yet?

Thank you! It’s just a few months old and I’m getting leads about every other day now.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

For someone who loves books this is a hard question and if it’s ok I’m going to give you a few of my favorites and the reasons why.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad — In my opinion, this book is the best introduction on why entrepreneurship is the best way to make money.
  2. Go Pro: How to Become a Network Marketing Professional — This to me is the BIBLE for Network Marketers, the seven steps in it is the exact system I use to duplicate my team and help them make more sells and recruit more distributors.
  3. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People — I’ll be honest when I first tried reading this book, I felt like it was a dry textbook. Truth is although I didn’t realize was I just wasn’t ready for that book. The saying was true for me, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” When I was finally ready for that book it changed everything for me.


What are your goals for 2017?

    In no real order-

  1. Build my Network Marketing business
  2. Continue building my blog
  3. Read a book a week
  4. Write a book for network marketers


What is your favorite quote and why?

I have a few favorites for a few reasons but the one I most use is an affirmation I learned from Tony Robbins…

        “All I have is within me NOW!”

The power of this is that you can change it to whatever you want like-

  “All the JOY I need is within me NOW!

  “All the ENTHUSIASM I need is within me NOW!

Whatever you feel you are lacking just affirm it to yourself that you have all that you need of it within you NOW.


Thank you so much again for doing this interview, Brett!

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