How To Build An MLM Business All Online

How to Build your MLM Business All Online in 2018

How to Build your MLM Business All Online

MLM is a huge growing industry with over $190 Billion in sales annually. Many people want to know if they can build their MLM business all online. Here is how to launch and grow your network marketing company digitally.

Are you excited to start a network marketing home-based business, but you are scared you will have to bug family and friends?

If so, you are in the right place! Most of us who start a home-based business dread this idea that we have to push our product onto friends and family and they will start to avoid us.

The truth of the matter is, is that you DON’T ever have to bug family and friends when you start an online business.

Here Is How to Build your MLM Business All Online:

Most of us crash and burn when we start our MLM business.

We don’t know what to do, so we spam Facebook and Twitter our network marketing business links, and we talk to our relatives and friends and want them to buy our product so badly.

Of course, none of these tactics work.

Many of us have lost friends and family due to our MLM business and are now part of the NFL club, aka “No Friends Left.”

No one wants to become part of the NFL club!

So, how do we build our online business the RIGHT WAY?

We use what is called Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing, when used properly, “attracts” prospects to you. Instead of you “pushing” your product onto people, you are actually “pulling” prospects to you by using Attraction Marketing.

When used properly, you will start to get prospects that come to you 24/7, around the clock, from around the world wanting to join your business.

So, let’s create your Attraction Marketing system for your new online MLM business:

One – Creating YOU, Inc.

YOU Inc. is where YOU become the brand, not your MLM product. The truth of it is, no one really cares about your MLM product.

But, what they do really care about though, is joining someone that they know, like, and trust, and someone who has the “right skills” to help them achieve success.

You may have heard this saying before: “People join people.”

This is partly why you see recognized celebrities promoting certain products on TV. We want to buy from a certain person, a certain personality.

If you wanted to buy a Rolex, you would probably feel good about it if you were a tennis fan and loved Roger Federer.

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Again, people buy from people. They are not going to buy from someone who is desperately spamming Facebook groups, saying things like: “Make $5,000 a week with no investment!”

So, how do you get people to trust you?

First, you create a self-hosted WordPress blog using your name. You can get your blog on Siteground or Hostgator . You want to use your real name, like my blog.

If your name is John Doe, it would be:

www. johndoe .com

Naming your blog after your name creates lots of possibilities. You have the freedom to talk about anything you want.

If you named it something after your MLM company, what would happen if that company went out of business?

Becoming YOU, Inc. means branding yourself as the “go to” person if you want to attract prospects looking for a home-based business.

Two – Create Value

Creating value on the internet means writing articles or shooting videos about “how to’s” which help people “learn” how to do something, rather than pitching your company.

When you provide useful information (without pitching your business) you gain trust from your readers and viewers.

They might have to see you a few times, but then they will start looking at you as the authority in MLM, and when they are ready to start a home-based business, they will join you.

Also, you want to create value on your blog, or through video, and get them to come back to your blog, which is your “hub.”

Three – Social Media Prospecting

It is important to generate leads consistently, and just buying leads is not going to build you a successful business, unless you master talking on the phone with your leads, or become an email marketing expert.

The best leads are free and are on social media.

What I suggest is to master one social media platform at a time.

Many people are using Facebook to generate leads.

The MLM leaders who are successful at prospecting on Facebook start up a chat with someone who has shown interest by liking or commenting something they posted.

The key is to be friendly, ask questions, and DO NOT pitch your business until you establish rapport, and your prospect has expressed a need for something you can offer.

You might just become friends and talk a few times without even mentioning your business and that is okay.

People need to know, like, and trust you before they buy from you.

Without pitching your product in the first few seconds of chatting someone will make you stand out from the rest.

Facebook LIVE videos are also hot right now because people can see and hear you in “real time” which builds the trust factor even quicker, so look into Facebook Lives as well.

Conclusion for How to Build your MLM Business All Online

Your hub or home on the internet is your blog. No one can take that away from you, but any social media account can be shut down.

The key is to get everyone back to your blog where they can read or watch more about you.

Add your blog link into your social media bios and use the same professional headshot for all your social media platforms.

Again, people buy from people, so if your headshot is of a cat or a racecar, you are not establishing trust with your audience.

It is all about building trust and relationships online only.

Building your brand online using Attraction Marketing is where every marketer is heading.

No one wants to buy from spammers.

Be yourself, be real, and be humble.

Talk to your prospects like real human beings, instead of “another sale” and, you will go far in multi-level marketing!