Can I Make Money Online? 7 Unconventional Ways To Earn

can i make money online ways earn income via internet

Nowadays, everyone is looking to make money online. The internet has been the new gold rush for nearly three decades now, and countless millionaires and billionaires have made their fortunes online. Regular people have also used the web to earn modest but steady full-time income or side hustle revenue.


But not all methods of making money are easy to use, able to be used by everyone, or are widely known enough that people will be able to find them. Here are seven unconventional ways to make money online.

1. Try Gig Work

There are quite a few reputable platforms that you can try, among the best of which are below: is a large and growing platform. People on Fiverr sell individual services. Such services encompass everything from business plan writing to designing logos or business cards, website or landing pages, and everything in-between. is another gig-based platform. It helps businesses by connecting them to talent. Much of the work is based on technical writing, copywriting, marketing, and graphic work. is a writing platform that pays by the word. It works one of two ways. The first way is that the writer provides a price, and the client accepts it. The other way is the client sets a price per word, and the writer takes the assignment. is a company that focuses on essential business needs, including designing. offers affordable talent offering more security than some of its competition. It’s a jack-of-all-trades type of a site.

2. Sell Things You Make Online

Selling online can be tricky, but you can make decent money if you have an audience. is the premier site for selling one-of-a-kind pieces of art, jewelry, and crafts. is a site that sells vintage looks, including art, clothing, jewelry, figurines, and more. specializes in selling handmade products that are proudly made in America.

3. Sell Used Items

Do you have junk you want to get rid of? Does it still work? If so, try selling it on one of these sites: is one of the original sites that allows people to sell their used items. In addition to sales, you can place “help wanted” ads, ads for roommates, and advertise your business. allows users to sell technology such as mobile devices, games, CDs/DVDs, books, etc. is an app emphasizing in-person transactions with rated user profiles. Facebook marketplace is an alternative to these other sites and is free to use. is an online marketplace specializing in electronic toys such as mobile phones, digital cameras, smartwatches, readers, and video games/ systems.

4. Take Surveys

Surveys are another way to earn money. Caveat emptor – “let the buyer beware” is the idea behind any of these sites. Fill out surveys because they’re fun, not because you’re getting money from it! allows you to take surveys for Swagbucks, which convert at a rate of 100 SB: $1. They also offer gift cards as a method of payout. offers surveys in 26 languages from around the world. In addition to providing payment through ecards and PayPal, they allow you to donate to your favorite charities. enables you to earn money doing things you would be doing anyway: watching videos, taking advantage of online offers, and shopping at major retailer’s sites, as well as the usual way of filling out online surveys. allows users to save money on purchases they’re already making, get paid for answering surveys, and earn gift cards for their time.

5. Store Stuff For Others

If you have got extra space and want to rent it out, check out They have got locations in 20 major metropolitan areas across the United States.

They allow you to rent out everything from basements to garages to parking spaces. Your spare space can land you with plenty of spare cash! Make space for your customers and then you can make more space in your bank account!

6. Get Rewards For Your Shopping And Receipts

The following websites and apps let you shop through their portals and get discounts and rebates.

Rakuten is a b2c advertising platform that shares its profits with its users.

Fetch Rewards allows users to shop for well-known brands, obtaining rewards by scanning their receipts. The platform rewards brands by helping them track consumer behavior.

Ibotta gives rebates and discounts to its consumers for using its service to shop at businesses that pay Ibotta for users’ data.

7. Connect Yotta to Cash App

How to get free money on “Cash App” using Yotta? If you don’t have a Yotta account, you will need to sign up for one. Under Cash/ Bitcoin option, “add bank” selection, inserting your Yotta details, which adds it as a payment method. When using Yotta as the payment source, you’re qualified to have your expenditures be repaid. How does this work? Cash App sees Yotta as a debit account, bypassing fees associated with credit cards. The fees typically charged are credited to the user as cash they can use for other purchases. The more you buy, the more cash-back you can receive to help you make money online massively.

Other Yotta Debit Card Perks

• 1:250 odds to be immediately reimbursed

• 1:100 odds for dine-in restaurant meals reimbursement

• Cash drawings for tickets. Potential Price: $10M

• 1st $2000 gets you 1000 tickets

• Refer >10 friends, get a premium card

• Network of >55,000 ATMs across USA

• Deposit at >90,000 places

• Transaction text messages

• x overseas fees for transactions

• Disable the card from the app instantly.


The internet is the perfect way to earn extra income. Now it is time for you to make more money online fast! Start your side hustle or new online gig today.