Can Introverts Succeed in MLM? Network Marketing For Introverted Entrepreneurs

Can Introverts Succeed in MLM

Can Introverts Succeed in MLM?

The Real Truth under the Stillness

Are you an Introvert looking to promote MLM, but your shyness has you doubting your potential success? Can Introverts Succeed in MLM?

The moment I joined my current MLM company, I made sure the ringer on my phone was off in case my new sponsor wanted to call me to introduce himself.

Know the feeling?

If not, it’s a pain in the ass to go through life fearing your next encounter with humanity, let alone your closest friends and family.

According to Carolyn Gregoire, in her Huffington Post article, 6 Myths About Introverts to stop Believing, she states that one-third of the population is Introverted.

Introverted is not about being shy, it’s an inward perspective. Gareth Cook states in his article, The Power of Introverts, “Introversion is simply the preference for less stimulation.”

So, how does this relate to MLM and Network Marketing?

Network marketing simply does not discriminate between classes, ethnicity, education, and sociability.

You can be poor, uneducated, speak a foreign language and succeed in network marketing, as a beautiful video portrays on YouTube.

If you didn’t watch the video, he is from Armenia and barely spoke English when he arrived in America.

He tried college, two or three times, was warned to bring up his grades or get expelled, and worked at Pizza Hut and drove around in a beat up car that honked on its own.

It took him eight years to finally get success in MLM, but it was worth the wait. He makes so much money now that he bought a house for his folks and flies them around the world.

This can happen to ANYONE in MLM, but. . .

Do you have the drive to continue at any cost?

Being Introverted didn’t slow me down. I watched MLM training videos from the best in the industry and read hundreds of books about network marketing.

I listened in to the weekly conference calls my company put on.

I prospected with third-party tools some of the leaders created, videos and recorded conference calls.

I tweeted my opportunity and posts from this blog.

I even shot videos and called cold leads, but I wasn’t going to do that again.

Find what works for your network marketing business style.

Introverts can be more powerful in MLM than extroverts. We think deeply about things and can become laser-focused in business.

“Still waters run deep. . .”

my story in MLM

My Story in MLM

After trying to make money selling MP3’s and eBooks and doing Affiliate Marketing, I landed on the opportunity of network marketing.

But, I wasn’t going to do home parties, three-way calls, etc.

I was used to tweeting Affiliate and eBook links on my Twitter, so I just switched links to my MLM.

This was easy enough since my 100k real followers on Twitter, at the time, pretty much helped me launch my MLM.

But, Twitter lost some traction soon after.

I had to do more than just spam my links on Twitter. Luckily, I created this blog a year ago (2014) but starting a blog takes time as well. . .

My point being. . .

Don’t depend on social media to keep your business going. . .

It’s effective though using social media to promote the content you just published on your blog. . .

Blogging for introverts

MLM Blogging is Perfect for Introverts

I have tried many methods for promoting my MLM, but none fit me as well as blogging.

Once you establish your blog, by writing on it consistently, you will gain credibility and authority. This doesn’t happen overnight. . .

Most people fail MLM because they were deceived or had misconceptions of how hard it really is. . .

Network marketing is a PROFESSION. . .

You wouldn’t become a surgeon by reading a couple eBooks on it and studying 10 hours a week. . .

How much you put into network marketing is how much you get out of it. . .

This image is from a real income statement of a popular MLM. You can see the hours correlated exactly with the income earnings.

earnings from typical MLM

50% drop out after a year. This is a real business, not a get-rich-quick scheme, but what’s the alternative?

Staying broke at your current job?
Making $10 to $15 an hour the rest of your life?
Having no retirement?
Having no option to obtain legitimate wealth?

internet marketing

MLM has Evolved

The days of going out and prospecting in person is becoming archaic. Most network marketers work online and the most successful network marketers are bloggers.

I know, I see bloggers in my downline that bring in 5 to 10 reps a month. . .

And it doesn’t even matter if those reps quit because these bloggers get so much traffic to their blogs that they get a steady stream of Leads and upgrades.

So, to evolve with the new hybrid of network marketer, who can write well, do video production, graphics, marketing & promotion, you have to BLOG.

Blogging get’s you out of:

  • Bugging your family and friends to join your MLM
  • Prospecting strangers who you’re afraid will punch you.
  • Calling people who want to instantly hang up on you.
  • Handling a ton of lame objections.
  • Having to reveal your income.
  • Feeling like a pushy salesman.

The list goes on. . .

Blogging is the holy grail of Internet Marketing.

MLM blogging tips

Are you ready to Blog?

Blogging is hard work, but I would rather blog for 2 to 4 years, than to work 20 more years as a stressed-out Line Cook who worked 60+ hours a week for $12 an hour.

The choice is yours. . .

Being an introvert was a blessing in disguise. I had always been introspective and loved to write.

I am a much better writer than a video personality. Some people can shoot hundreds of 3 to 5 minute videos on Periscope or YouTube and get Leads that way, but I don’t.

The last thing I want to mention is. . .

You have to love what you’re doing. If you don’t like what you’re writing about, start learning more about what you love and write about that.

“The more you blog, the more you evolve.”

Also, if you want to start network marketing, the best thing to do is treat it like a new profession and start learning it.

If you can afford your cellphone, you can afford an MLM membership.

Being a part of an MLM locks you into a ton of self-development and you can learn a lot about yourself while become a home-based Entrepreneur.

It’s empowering to know I have helped people from around the world with my opportunity.

There’s plenty of tools you can use to build your MLM as an introvert.

If someone asks me about my opportunity, I refer them to a short two minute video or give them my capture page to check it out for free.

Can introverts Succeed in MLM?

I’ve been in network marketing for 3 years now.

I am still an introvert and handled doing everything in my network marketing business by phone, email and occasionally video.

This blog has helped me connect to my ideal prospects.

I find ideal prospects by writing about MLM tips and network marketing techniques.

I mentioned in a previous post about MLM blogging, that it’s important to mix in other topics into your blog other than MLM, but something that still can help network marketers.

For example:

I’m an introvert, so I help introverted network marketers find success online.

I’m also an ex-sous chef, so I help other motivated individuals who might be slaving away in restaurants and teach them how to get out of their stressful jobs.

Don’t worry about your personal brand too much in the beginning.

The more you write blog posts and shoot video for your MLM blog, the more your brand will evolve on its own.

“Network Marketing is a “Warm Market” business.”

Diane Hochman said this on a podcast the other day, and it made sense.

But, how do introverts talk to their warm market?

I know there was no way that I was going to talk to friends and family when I joined MLM, so what did she mean?

She wasn’t referring to a “warm market” of friends and family.

She was referring to establishing a “warm market” connection with strangers by establishing trust with them quickly.

How do you establish trust quickly with strangers, especially through your blog?

Answer: Video.

Yes, you might be an introvert, but shooting a quick 2 minute video on your phone and uploading it to YouTube and embedding it into your blog is easier than you think.

Video makes us feel like we really know someone.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

Have you ever watched a lot of video on someone and felt like you knew them, but you actually never met?

A connection can be made a lot faster with video than just words.

Of course, I hated to admit this, because I was hoping to win over people with my words, but video establishes trust a 100 times faster, and as network marketers, trust is essential to our success.

Getting out of your introverted shell will take time.

As far as video goes, you can delete and do as many retakes as you like.

Not many people will see your first network marketing video anyways.

I think I got 3 views on my first 20 videos, but it increases significantly after you get the ball rolling on your MLM videos and vlogs.

After awhile it will get easier, and as far as staying home and still being an introvert, it’s doable.

I’m still in my pajamas and making residual income from my computer.

Now, I just shoot a couple videos and upload them before I sit down to write.

Thanks for reading. Comment below if you’re an Introvert.

P.S. I am personally looking for 25 success-driven people to help get to $100,000 a Year. 

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