How To Run A Business While Still Studying

Running a business while studying is a difficult juggling act, but it can be done. You may already own a business and may be thinking of studying in your free time. Alternatively, you may already be studying and may have a business that you want to kickstart on the side. Whatever the case, here are some tips to help you successfully manage the two commitments.

Opt for an online degree

If you already own a business and want to study alongside this, you will probably want to opt for an online degree. This will give you the flexibility to study in your time rather than having to attend lectures and seminars on campus at set times.

Nowadays, there are online degrees available in all manner of subjects. There are even advanced nursing degrees that can be studied remotely such as this online MSN program. Make sure to do your research to find the best course for you.

Schedule time for both commitments

It is important that your business doesn’t interfere with your studying and that your studying doesn’t interfere with your business. By scheduling set hours for each of them, you can keep the two apart and ensure that you are dedicating enough time to each.

If you work from an office, you may find that you’re able to concentrate more on your studies there than at home. That said, you could get distracted by work phone calls or impromptu meetings and may find that home is better suited for studying.

Looking into college support

Your college may be able to offer some support for your business, providing you started whilst studying. A lot of colleges encourage entrepreneurial activities and may even be able to offer funding to help with startup costs. You will also likely be able to market your business via the college  – this could include posters, getting featured in the university newspaper and possibly also getting featured on university radio.

Even if your college isn’t able to offer support, there could be other services out there that you can look to. Nacue is one such organization that can offer support with funding and can help you to handle all the aspects of running a business. There could also be low interest loans out there for students looking to start businesses.

Don’t use up all your free time

It is important that your studies and business don’t take up so much time that you have no chance to rest. While you may passionately enjoy both, everyone needs the chance to switch off occasionally. Schedule yourself free time if you have to – this ensures that you definitely get your deserved free time.