Cannabis Careers: Top 3 Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

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There were well over 350,000 American jobs in the cannabis industry at the beginning of this year. This number has grown substantially from last year, and it will likely continue to grow rapidly as more states legalize marijuana. The federal government is even planning to decriminalize it nationwide or even legalize it officially soon with minimal regulation and taxes.

Every successful industry brings in a tide of hopefuls looking for jobs. Being a fairly large industry, legal marijuana offers many different kinds of work. Not everybody will be selling weed or trimming hemp plants. Not all cannabis companies will be offering premium products like directly to consumers. and not all pot ventures will be growing seeds or creating new strains of bud.

This raises an important question about cannabis careers. What kinds of marijuana industry jobs are out there, and what do they entail? Let’s jump in to potential pot profits.

1. Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis consultant is one of the highest-paying jobs in the cannabis industry. It’s also one of the hardest to get.

To become a consultant, you already have to have experience in fields such as law or accounting. You may also qualify if you have previous experience in the cannabis industry, which may be tricky if you happen to live in a state where it was only recently legalized.

Cannabis consultants work as legal advisers, helping acquire the right licenses and documentation, while also assuring that everything is run legitimately. As simple as it sounds, do everything completely legally can be complicated.

For instance, cannabis isn’t technically legal anywhere in the United States. State laws are allowed to stand because it’s easier for the federal government not to interfere. Also, the chances of all three branches being willing to do so are very slim.

2. Extractor

Extractors are hired to isolate important cannabinoids, most often THC and CBD, from cannabis plants so they can be used in a store’s products. This process is done chemically, so you will need a college degree in chemistry.

This job may require a lot of schooling, but it is also very lucrative. If you are in or planning on attending college, and maybe looking for cannabis careers, think about that.

And if you are extracting cannabinoids from hemp plants, consider composting cannabis with the remainder of the plant and materials. This way you can minimize waste and go even more green with your business. The composted material will also make for great fertilizer or soil for growing new hemp plants in the future!

3. Budtender

This isn’t one of the most lucrative jobs in the marijuana industry, but it is one of the most accessible. To get a job as a budtender, all you need is some experience in retail and customer service skills.

You might want to know a few things about marijuana, but it is not necessary. Many shops will train you and give you information on the products they offer. 

Perhaps you want a job as a budtender but have no idea where to look. Some progressive sites have a job board that list various jobs in the cannabis industry in the United States and nearby countries.

It can also help you find training programs that will teach you how to work in a dispensary.

The Best Cannabis Careers for Every Skill Level

The cannabis industry is growing, and many people are looking for lucrative cannabis careers. We have gone over a few of these careers in this article, but there are plenty of others out there. If this has piqued your interest, you might want to do more research on other top cannabis careers or marijuana-related work opportunities.

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