Cassie Pereversoff Interview On Cold Market Attraction Marketing

Cassie Pereversoff on Attraction Marketing and Cold Market Prospecting

Cassie Pereversoff on Attraction Marketing and Cold Market Prospecting

Cassie Pereversoff was working in the dental field when she felt that there was more to life. Having been raised by Entrepreneurs, Cassie discovered MLM and cold market prospecting via attraction marketing. Learn more about her powerful success story in our exclusive interview below:

Awesome Cassie, thanks so much for doing this interview! Let’s get started!

Where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did you want to be when you grew up?

I was born and raised in a small town in south eastern BC called, Castlegar. I moved away when I was seventeen to just outside of Vancouver, BC, to live with my aunt and uncle and finish off my grade 12 year.

For the longest time, I wanted to be a hairdresser when I was growing up. I think I liked the idea of being creative and doing creative work. Once I reached my teenage years, that idea went out the window and I really struggled on deciding what it was that I wanted to do.

I ended up pursuing a career in the dental field first as a receptionist and then on to a dental assistant, an instructor for a dental assisting college and then eventually an office manager.


What did your parents do for a living and was there any Entrepreneurship in the family?

When I was still quite young, my parents both decided to enter the entrepreneurial world. My mom pursued a career as a financial planner and opened up her own business doing that. My dad had his own snow removal business which expanded into a larger excavating and landscaping business a few years later.

I was very inspired to be able to enter the entrepreneurial world myself because of this. Before my parents were entrepreneurs, they both had very inflexible schedules and worked odd hours.

I remember being around five or six years old and getting sick. All I wanted was my mom to be able to come home and take care of me, but her work wouldn’t let her leave. All of that changed when my parents became entrepreneurs. They were in control of their schedules and were able to be around when we needed them. I loved that and that is what I want for my future children.


When did you start in the Dental field, what was that like, and what was missing in your life at that time?

I started working in the dental field in 2006. I really enjoyed helping people and that is what I loved about the field, but I was definitely lacking fulfillment in other parts of the career.

Like I said earlier, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’. I decided to enter the dental field because a friend of mine had taken a dental receptionist course and suggested that I explore that as well. There was opportunity to make more money as most jobs in the dental field were paying above minimum wage.

Once I started working in the field, I realized that the wages did cap out at a certain point and that I would likely need to have another source of income in order to be able to live the lifestyle I wanted.


You created your first online business in 2012, can you tell us about that experience?

My first business in 2012 was actually an offline business. I decided to open up a teeth whitening business that I ran out of salons and spas. It was definitely a learning experience!

Looking back now, I probably would have done some things differently, but like I said it was a learning experience. I thought it would allow me to have more time and freedom, but I ended up working harder and way more hours than I thought I would have to. I ended up burning out pretty quickly and decided to go back to the drawing board to find another option that would allow me to have more time freedom.


Then you went into Life Coaching, was that better?

The thing that attracted me to life coaching was the ability to create a business online. I was really inspired by the successful coaches who were crushing it online.

I really wanted to create that for myself and decided that was the only way I was going to build my business.

I tried for months to get things together, but I had no concept of marketing online and struggled to get my business going. I realized that there was more I still needed to learn and put that business on the back burner.


When did you discover MLM, and what was your first two years like?

I was introduced to MLM while trying to build my coaching business online. I was intrigued by the business model and I thought the products of the company that I joined were pretty cool so I signed up.

I remember making a list of 25 people to call and share my new business with. I called 2 of my friends who both told me I was crazy and pretty much gave up after that.

About 8 months later, I saw some pictures of a lady on Facebook getting amazing results using a product and messaged her to inquire about what she was doing. I found out that it was another MLM, but decided that I wasn’t going to work the business and only become a customer.

In the process of buying the products, I found out that one of the products that I wanted was only available to distributors so I signed up as a distributor again. I really liked the results I was getting after taking the products so I started to promote the business.

I was able to get a few customers, but they bought once and never returned again. I wasn’t any better at recruiting and couldn’t sponsor a soul into my business if my life depended on it.

Luckily, I made friends with another girl on my team. She was having better success than I was so I went to her for guidance. She introduced me to some online marketing training and that’s when things began to turn around for me.

Within a few short months of applying what I was learning, I was able to sponsor 28 complete strangers into my business and started making sales daily. It completely changed everything around for me.

What are the three best tips you have for new network marketers?

Three tips that I have for new network marketers are:

1) Invest in learning the skills that you need to make this business work like marketing and how to communicate with people. If I had invested in educating myself sooner, I would have had the results that I wanted way sooner. You can’t expect to come into your business with entry level skills and expect to make more than entry level money.  

2) Take massive action daily. You have to apply what you learn and you need to take massive action. Slow and steady doesn’t win the race in this industry. You need to be consistent and taking massive action daily in order to get the momentum you need to start getting results.

3) Work on your mindset like a full-time job. I 100% believe that people’s mindsets are the #1 reason that they don’t succeed. Fill your mind with positivity, surround yourself with positive people, and really focus on strengthening your mindset.


You found a system called MLSP, can you explain what that is and who is it for?

Yes, MLSP is the online marketing training system that I invested in to learn how to market online. It is an educational training platform for network marketers with all of the tools you need to start generating leads and network marketing and online marketing training so you can build a successful business online or offline.

I owe every ounce of success that I’ve had to this system and community. If I hadn’t found it, I would have ended up quitting network marketing all together and would have given up on my dreams.

You recruited your entire team from Cold Market, that is incredible, can you tell us how you avoided approaching friends and family?

I still approached my friends and family in the beginning and I still believe that you should start growing your business with your warm market.

I really didn’t have much credibility with my friends and family when it came to this new venture though and they weren’t interested in the products that I was offering.

I was running out of people to talk to and I knew that eventually I would have to learn how to recruit and find cold market customers.

It was through learning how to market and brand myself online, that I was able to connect with the cold market and convert them into business partners and customers.


I love your blog! How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is your daily traffic like?

I started blogging just under a year ago and I have just over 25 posts on my blog. I have a fair amount of traffic coming to my blog daily because of some strategies that I have in place to drive traffic to it.


Should every internet marketer blog and why?

Yes, I fully believe that anyone growing a business online should have a blog. It is like your home on the internet. It is a place to establish your credibility and provide value to your prospects. It is also a great way to generate leads for your business so setting it up to do that is crucial.

What’s the best way to generate leads for you these days, and can you share a technique?

I am most active on Facebook and generate most of my leads from there. My strategy is really just to provide value to my target market.

So I create content (usually a video)  that solves my target market’s problems and get my content in front of my target market.

So I create a video daily and I will post it into about 50-60 Facebook groups that my target market happens to be in. I also focus on connecting with new people daily. So I post content to my personal timeline and I will go out and follow 100 people in my target market on Facebook.

People will always check out who’s following them and they come back to my profile and see the value I am sharing. They will either opt-in to a capture page (one of the tools I use to generate leads) or reach out to me personally if they are interested in what I am sharing.

I typically generate 5-10 new leads per day from this strategy, but I have had an upwards of 33 in one day as well. The key is to make sure you’re sharing content that your target market wants and to be consistently getting in front of them daily.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

I love Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. I think every network marketer should read it to fully understand the concept of this industry especially when it comes to building your business through online methods. I wish I would have read it sooner because I found it so valuable!


What are your goals for 2023?

My goals for this year are to hit the six figure mark in my business in 2023 and to help as many people as I can do the same.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become” by Jim Rohn because I believe that we are all capable of living life at our fullest potential, but in order for us to get there we need to go through phases of growth and evolution to be able to support those levels of success.

Thank you so much for this interview Cassie!