An Entrepreneur Guide To CBD Coffee

Legal marijuana is taking the country by storm, and with this new trend, everyone from doctors to entrepreneurs are exploring the benefits of this plant.

At the moment, twenty-nine states have passed laws legalizing recreational or medical marijuana. Even with federal hesitations, the movement is pushing on, and a majority of Americans are in support of even more legislation allowing the use and distribution of marijuana.

More and more consumers are starting to see advertisements for food, drink, and even cosmetics that use different parts of the marijuana plant to enhance products.

So what does this mean for entrepreneurs? While the hustle and grind of working for yourself doesn’t usually mesh with the effects of marijuana, entrepreneurs are finding that some of the latest uses of the plant are actually boosting productivity during the workday.

What’s this latest trend? CBD-infused coffee. The combination has become a hit with people who are looking to stay awake without the stress and anxiety that comes with the startup life.  

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the Hemp plant. Researchers credit CBD as the compound in Hemp that offers users pain and anxiety relief. CBD oils are extracted from the flower of the plant and are distributed on its own or in food and drink.

So Am I Putting Marijuana in my Coffee?

CBD comes from the Hemp plant, which has only trace amounts of THC, and is one of 110 cannabinoid chemicals that can be extracted. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical that gets you stoned, that mainly comes from Marijuana, not Hemp.

While THC and CBD both work on the same receptors of the brain, CBD has less of an impact and results in a less intense feeling of euphoria.

Putting CBD in your coffee won’t get you stoned. Entrepreneurs who feel more productive after smoking marijuana should stick to consuming it the old-fashioned way (if it is legal in your state.)

Forty-six states have laws regarding consuming CBD, so most likely, you’re ready to go. Just grab a cup of CBD-infused joe and see how you feel during the workday.

Benefits of CBD for Entrepreneurs

As much as we would all enjoy rolling a joint at work, most people cannot be productive after smoking marijuana.

We might feel great behind our desks, but in reality, we wouldn’t have the gusto or energy we need to network, pitch our products, and cross off all of the items on our to-do list.

CBD is a great alternative for people who enjoy the effects of the marijuana plant, but don’t want all of the stoner symptoms. Plus, it’s a great excuse to enjoy another cup of coffee!

CBD puts you in a better mood

CBD allows us to feel the good feelings from marijuana and feel productive and active throughout the day. The cup of coffee that gets you through the morning just became a whole lot better.

A pilot study showed that CBD had a positive effect on people who normally felt uncomfortable before public speaking. Other studies suggested that CBD consumption boosted anandamide, a chemical in the body that helps to relieve depression.

CBD balances out caffeine to produce less jitters

Depending on how much anxiety you experience throughout the workweek, you may need to cut off your morning coffee in order to prevent anxiety attacks. Caffeine can have a serious impact on .

CBD and caffeine have one job in common; they interact with adenosine. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that tells our brain when we should go to sleep and when we should stay awake.

Both CBD and caffeine affect the release of adenosine, but in different ways. You may have already guessed that caffeine interacts with adenosine by blocking the chemical from being released.

Without adenosine, our brain will tell our body to stay awake. CBD balances out the effects of caffeine and allows more calming neurotransmitters to be released throughout the body. The best blends allow us to stay awake, but stay calm.

CBD may be able to help you stop smoking

What goes well with a coffee? A lot of entrepreneurs may say a cigarette, but taking smoke breaks throughout the day can quickly halt productivity in the morning.

Some studies suggest that CBD can help to curb nicotine addiction. A little CBD in your coffee may get two jobs done at once; you can enjoy an energizing drink and work on your smoking habit!

How to Consume CBD-Infused Coffee

Infusing CBD oil and coffee beans can be a complicated process, so it’s best to buy CBD-infused from the professionals.

Craft blends are available for purchase online or through individual coffee shops. If you enjoy CBD, talk to your favorite coffee shop about carrying CBD-infused blends.

Many entrepreneurs, individuals, and even scientists advocate for more research and use of CBD oil, but there is a lot of work to be done before we know everything.

Be careful before ordering CBD-infused foods or coffee blends online. Read reviews, test the blend out with a cup of joe or two, and talk to your doctor about CBD oil consumption. Just because the entrepreneur at the desk next to you is enjoying CBD oil in their coffee doesn’t mean the blend will have the same affect on you.

Other Ways to Consume CBD Oil (For Non-Coffee Drinkers)

Want to use CBD to boost productivity, but hate coffee? Luckily, the rising popularity of CBD is encouraging businesses to infuse the chemical into a variety of different food and drink. CBD can be found primarily in sweets like chocolates or candies, but you can also purchase CBD-infused teas or energy supplements.

CBD oil is also available in capsules or droppers so users can consume it without any food or drink. Professional athletes like Jake Plummer and media personalities like Joe Rogan both advocate for the pain-relieving effects of CBD oil. If you are new to CBD oil, this is a great way to try it out and see if you feel any effects.

CBD-infused coffee is just one of the many ways that entrepreneurs and individuals are taking advantage of the marijuana plant’s rising popularity. If you hop on the CBD entrepreneur trend now, you may find yourself ahead of the pack (and get more done at work!)