How CBD Oil Helped Me Work From Home Full Time

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How CBD Oil Helped Me Work From Home Full Time

CBD Oil is becoming a massive industry, especially for MLM. Here is How CBD Oil Helped Me Work From Home Full Time.

Having started MLM in 2014, I thought of myself as a pretty knowledgeable network marketer.

I watched hundreds of videos and read dozens of books on MLM and recruited 4 to 6 people a month consistently.

I also heard from some of the top MLM leaders state that a true MLM leader can go into any MLM company and rise to the top.

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To me, that translated into “a true leader can sell any product, whether they believe in it or not.”

So, I carried this belief around that you could literally not have any belief in your MLM product and make tons of money.

In fact, I would kind of be cynical if a new distributor wanted to wait to get their product first before promoting it.

I was a believer in jumping in and running with the product and business links before the product even arrived.

But, my views have dramatically changed since then.


Because CBD Oil became a product line in my primary MLM company and I saw something that I have never seen before. . .

People were clawing their way to get into a CBD Oil company ASAP.

People were raving about the miraculous benefits of it.

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People were over filling network marketing companies and maxing out the company’s resources and causing huge expansion and growing pains.

Network marketers who had little or no success prior, like myself, were seeing 10X numbers of new orders and reps.

I went from living on a small income from MLM and supplementing with credit cards to life-changing income.

Suddenly, I could make more than the minimum payment on credit cards, and my wife and I went from eating rice and beans for a year to eating sushi two nights a week.

So, I had to ask myself a very humbling question:

Does the MLM product actually matter?

And, I would say God yes!


Here’s my business in June 2017 (right before I started promoting CBD)

hempworx numbers june

In a 9 day period in June, I got 34 leads and 2 upgrades.

Here’s my business now:

hempworx cbd oil sales september

In a 9 day period in September, I got 105 leads and 15 upgrades.

Last two days I recruited 4 people per day!

You could say, Summer is usually slow for MLM, and that is somewhat true, but in August, when CBD was fully live, I recruited 30 people, breaking my all-time record by 12.

This isn’t luck.

It’s called promoting a product everyone wants.

CBD Oil isn’t just another “man-made” potion or lotion that you typically see in MLM, it’s a powerful natural compound from the hemp plant.

It doesn’t just smooth out wrinkles or help you lose 20 pounds. . .

The results of top CBD products are coming back from ordinary people who have awesome testimonials.

Here’s a couple:

cbd oil testimonial

hempworx cbd oil testimonial

So, How CBD Oil Helped Me Work From Home Full Time

It is a no-brainer that if you want to promote something that is really changing lives and is completely organic and natural, CBD Oil is your product.

I have been using CBD Oil for 3 months now and have noticed my social anxiety, OCD, and back pain are almost gone.

I also sleep a lot better.

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