Certified Safety Professional Salary And Job Requirements

Certified safety professionals (CSPs) have extremely important jobs. The job title covers a lot of ground as well, and each CSP you speak to will probably work in a unique and interesting position. 

These professionals are paid well for what they do as well. We are going to give an overview of what these professionals do, what you must do to become one, and general certified safety professional salary expectations. 

Let’s get started learning more about CSP careers!

Job Description and Qualifications

CSPs operate on most professional issues that have anything to do with safety. Things like risk measurement, hazard control, worksite safety issues, emergency response preparation, compliance with regulations, environmental issues, product safety, and more are all areas where certified safety professionals work. 

As you can tell, the content areas of their work are very vast. This is excellent for those who have varying interests and like to explore different areas of expertise in their work. 

Being a certified safety professional allows you to make lateral moves and dig deeper into different issues. Most CSPs come into the profession with a bachelor’s degree and three or four years of experience dealing with safety on a professional level. 

Additionally, there is a board of certified safety professionals that provides certification in a number of areas. Some areas include industrial safety, occupational safety, product safety, combat readiness, and more. 

Many of the certifications that the board provides can be achieved in different degrees. There are also a number of different countries that the board of certified safety professionals operates in, meaning that there’s an opportunity for networking internationally

Achieving certifications in areas listed by the board of certified safety professionals is an opportunity to expand your career greatly. Additionally, it is generally true that your compensation will increase to the degree that you engage in and complete certifications. 

You can discover more about these certifications in order to receive them and move forward when you start moving forward as a CSP.

Certified Safety Professional Salary

The most up to date information on CSP salary information claims that the median income for a certified safety professional is $98,000 per year. 

The highest ranking CSP professionals were Certified Hazardous Materials Managers and Industrial Hygienists. Those professionals came in with nearly 20% more annual pay than other safety professionals. 

Additionally, those with certificates, on average, earned roughly $8,000 to $10,000 dollars more per year than their counterparts without certifications. 

People will always need professionals to ensure their safety in different areas of life, meaning that becoming a CSP is an important job that will compensate you well for your time and efforts. 

Looking for a Career Change?

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