Why Changing MLM Companies Doesn’t Improve Success

Why Changing Network Marketing Companies Doesn’t Improve Success

Why Changing Network Marketing Companies Doesn’t Improve Success

Your network marketing business is like a marriage. What happens if you get bored after the honeymoon? Changing Network marketing companies doesn’t work.

Are you married?

If so, or even if you haven’t been married, you understand that there is a honeymoon, right?

There is usually a physical honeymoon, where you go somewhere nice for a week, and then there is a “honeymoon feeling” that lasts ideally a lot longer.

This is a perfect analogy for your network marketing business.


They are both (marriage and network marketing) serious endeavors and should be taken seriously.

Here Is Why Changing Network Marketing Companies Doesn’t Improve Success

I see it all the time. . .

Someone joins my network marketing business and they are pretty excited.

If they have friends, they usually get them all signed up in the business.

Everyone loves the company, the product, the compensation plan. . .

You are excited because you think you have recruited a big leader into your MLM.

Then, a few months pass and you never hear from your new potential leader.

He or she has become bored, doesn’t know how to generate leads outside of their warm market of friends and family, and they are gone.


Just like that.

The honeymoon has ended.

Or better yet. . .

They lose that honeymoon feeling and their business slows down.

They have recruited all their friends and family and god forbid they have to talk to strangers about their business.

So, they start looking around on the internet for “a new deal.”

They think that switching companies will be the magic pill.

They start to blame the company for their lack of success.

Then, they find a new MLM that is really flashy and has all the bells and whistles.

They all jump into the new business and enjoy the honeymoon once more for a couple months. . .

Think about it.

If you did this with lovers, you would never know how deep love truly goes.

You would only be in the relationship until the lust fades.

Then, you would feel even more empty inside and have to find another lover right away to fill that emptiness inside.

Real love takes work. . .

Real businesses take work. . .

There is no overnight success for either of them.

Sure, you can have fun in the beginning, but surviving the growing pains and hardships of both MLM and marriage is where the true beauty lives.

Love Runs Deep, So Does Network Marketing

I like to say that real love doesn’t happen until you survive a few fights.

Do you remember meeting someone new and not liking them and you fought, then they became your best friend?

Network marketing is the same way.

You will lose a lot of customers and distributors.

That is just how competitive and hard businesses work.

People quit.

We are professional quitters and we are very good at it.

If you don’t believe me, go join a gym after New Year’s Eve, then wait two months.

About 90% of the New Year’s resolution crowd will be gone.

TV is more important than their bodies.

Around 97% will quit network marketing because of a million reasons.

Fortunately, network marketing pays very well and you only need to retain 3% to grow a huge team.

The beauty of network marketing happens when that 3% starts growing a team, then their teams start to grow.

True residual income happens 3 to 5 years, that is money that your organization is making you whether you tan on the beach or not. . .

But, many people won’t see the beauty of MLM or marriage.

They are gone at the sound of the first fight, or when their first distributor quits.

Changing companies and lovers is keeping you shallow and broke.

The real success comes from hitting the ground and bouncing back, like a championship boxer.

No one makes a living from starting over in different companies every six months.

You will never experience duplication and true passive income, which is the main reason to do network marketing in the first place.

So, do me a favor. . .

And, stop chasing the “next best thing.”

The best thing is right in front of you.

The only thing you have to do is take the first punch. . .

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