Chef Katrina on Elite Marketing Pro, Blogging Mastery, and Cooking

Chef Katrina on Elite Marketing Pro, Blogging Mastery, and Cooking

Chef Katrina on Elite Marketing Pro, Blogging Mastery, and Cooking

Chef Katrina is one of the fastest rising stars in Internet Marketing. Here’s my interview with her about Elite Marketing Pro, Blogging tips, and Cooking.

Thanks so much Katrina for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me! I know that we have similar backgrounds of both being in the restaurant industry as Sous Chefs before we became full-time marketers.

So, sticking with cooking terms, here’s the first question:

When you teach people new to blogging about products and services to promote on their blogs, do you recommend putting all eggs in one basket, or diversifying?

When I work with first time bloggers, my goal is to find out what their vision is. Once they have the vision, it’s time to hunt for products and services that would benefit their audience and come as a natural recommendation from the blogger.

An example would be a blogging coach. Some natural recommendations might be the hosting site, domain, email auto responder, plugins, and tools they use to create their site.

Many of the services we use do have affiliate opportunities. That is the secret to monetizing a blog.  

I noticed that you’re on the leaderboard quite a bit over at Elite Marketing Pro. Is this a marketing platform and how does it help new Internet Marketers and do you suggest using it in conjunction with a MLM opportunity?

I joined Elite Marketing Pro over 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. I was tired of being a consumer of info products that didn’t really help me build my network marketing business.

I always felt there was an ingredient missing in all the training I got. And there was. It was the mindset of a marketer and what it really means to market any business.

I absolutely recommend Elite Marketing Pro to network marketers because it will be the first time they are introduced to the world of marketing. People first and foremost buy education.

We see it with private schools and colleges. People are willing to pay to learn a skill that will help them. So why not pay to learn the skills of marketing so that you can recruit without recruiting, increase your value, and profit even when people don’t join you in your network marketing opportunity.

Once you learn marketing, you can basically print money anytime you want. Just send out an email.

The relationships I have formed from the world of internet marketing have been incredible. I have gotten speaking engagements and been asked to run communities. There is no better marketing training than the one found inside Elite Marketing Pro.

The leadership team is incredible. So much so that last year they hired me to manage their entire community and affiliate program. I’ve been teaching and training their marketing system to people all over the world. It’s been inspiring.

I understand that your favorite social media platform isn’t Facebook or Twitter, but is Pinterest. Can you explain why that is and what the future looks like for Pinterest marketing?

OMG! Pinterest is an incredible platform and I am shocked how few businesses use it and do promoted pins. With over 41% of e-commerence driven by Pinterest, why wouldn’t you want to do business with buyers?

Now I do have a word of caution. Pinterest is unlike any other social media platform. When you market on Pinterest you have got to leave all FB marketing training behind.

The mindset of a Pinner is about inspiration, education, and DIY. The people that use Pinterest want to be inspired. You are asking them to include you in their life choices and big events in their life.

Image truly is everything and once you learn the strategy I teach about how to promote pins on Pinterest. Engagement on your blog could triple and the average Pinner spend about $179.36 on an order. That is double what an average purchase is on Facebook.  

The future of Pinterest marketing is the ability to promote a pin and still have it be shared and promoted organically long after the ad spend is complete.

I could go on and on about the incredible advantages to Pinterest. Guess you will just have to buy my Pinning course. 🙂

Let’s stick with people in the restaurant industry looking to escape. You and I both worked 12 to 14 hour days, standing stationary on back-breaking floors, how would a cook, waitress or chef escape restaurants like you did with internet Marketing?

For those in the restaurant industry I think we have an unfair advantage of being massively successful online.

At our core, we are all about customer service and helping people.

If you find the right product or service, add Elite Marketing Pro training, every person in the industry could quite their job and create a lifestyle that would allow them to do anything they want.

To escape the restaurant industry they would have to be committed to their goal.

The first year of being an entrepreneur is not easy. Yet, at the end of that first year, by following the marketing training I got from Elite Marketing Pro, I became a sought after speaker for blogging and branding. By the 2nd year I replaced my income, and in my 3rd year I’m on track to make more this year than I ever did as a Sous Chef.

I would love to teach more people in the restaurant industry how to quit their job and learn the skill of marketing. Once you learn marketing, you will never go hungry.  

What was your favorite station on the hot line?

The Grill, hands down!

What’s your favorite cuisine and dish?

I’m a sucker for Mexican cuisine.

You mentioned during our messaging on Twitter that you have a huge new branding project ready to launch. Can you tell us what that is?

I decided to be a Chef in my marketing and I am updating my Blog and brand to reflect more of who I am. Chef’s are blunt, no B.S., and to the point.

I feel like people sugar coat marketing. I’m on a mission to create simple marketing recipes that truly help and support people in the business they are creating.

I’ve been working with a lot of local businesses and want to make that my focus. I want businesses to learn the basics of marketing so that they can stay in business and support their family.

This in turn creates jobs and supports our communities at a grassroots level.

I want to inspire the american dream of building successful businesses.

I want people to succeed. Whatever small part I can play, that is my gift to the world.

This has been truly awesome, Katrina! Thank you so much for filling us in on the happenings of a chef in the world of internet Marketing. I know that you just helped a lot of dishwashers out there! 🙂

It’s been an absolute pleasure hanging out with you today. I hope others get inspired and take on the world of being their own boss or joining an opportunity that can replace their income.

Thank you for having me today. And your signature quote is what kept me going when I thought I was ready to throw in the towel.

That signature quote is:

“You Can Have Everything in Life That You Want if you Just Give Enough Other People What They Want.”

~Zig Ziglar

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